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  1. I'd rather my wife be a successful person than a successful wife. I guess it's all about what you see as important in the other person. Remster
  2. That could also be a valid argument FOR the name change. Sure. If you consider being someone's spouse more important than being yourself. Remster
  3. I personally hate this antiquated tradition of changing names... You are who you are, and your name is a big part of that identity. Remster
  4. I recharged my phone. Remster
  5. Me thinks you have it backwards. Remster
  6. Awww.... I think in that situation it'd be a question of who plays doctor, don't you? He is a bit of a dog... And you can call me master Remster
  7. Even though I mainly just lurk now-a-days...whomever said that's awesome! can I just openly say Cora? Awww.... I think in that situation it'd be a question of who plays doctor, don't you? He is a bit of a dog... Remster
  8. You can try and explain how you got that strange rash in that special place all you want, but we're not buying it. Remster
  9. You guys need to come to El Tour De Tucson. They have waffles. Remster
  10. Dont worry Steve. I prayed for you, and, during your sleep, He touch you with His noodley appendage. Wait, that doesnt sound quite right..... Then again: Stripper factories for all! Remster
  11. Wait a minute. Did Kallend just use the expression Just sayin'? He must be hanging out with Val and other SDC miscreants way too much. Remster
  12. Can we stop with all this 1st man down discussion? It doesn't have anything to do with this incident. Any facts coming from Perris? I've heard some details in PMs but wont post them since i have no direct knowledge... Anyone with direct information? Remster
  13. Alright.... The hotel you mentioned is no where close to the Gare Du Nord, which is the Eurostar arrival station. It's in Montparnasse, in the 14th, close to the Montparnasse train station, which services the SW of France. CDG airport is in the NE burbs. I don't want to scare you, as in fact there is nothing to be scared of, but you'll need to cross the city from Gare du Nord to your Hotel, and again, from your hotel to CDG. Just plan for it!
  14. You're sounding like some old fart complaining about everything just because he's miserable. I bet most of them wouldn't let most of us hold their jockstraps.... PS: all those Jersey Shore people need to be taken to a desert island so we dont hear about them anymore.... Remster
  15. The 10ieme arrondissement (where the Gare du Nord is located) isnt the most touristy one, but you should still be able to find good places to eat. You may want to go away from the train stations area (both the Nord and the East stations are right next to each other) as it is a bit less nice than the rest tho. Remster
  16. Are you hitting on shah? What size are you? BAWAAAHAAAAA! Remster
  17. So, I'm guessing this is your 1st Shah thread? BEER! Remster
  18. meh, it aint so special And the locals are a bunch of wankers... Remster
  19. Denotes a style/flavor/heritage in a broad sense. Whisky in general is either made in Scotland or the founders of the company were descended of Scottish ancestry and their product reflects that tradition and flavor. Scotch whisky is exclusively made in Scotland, but there it's simply called whisky. (Much like "real" champaign comes from the Champaign region of France.) Americans have a similar thing going on with bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. I find Oban 14 to be a great, middle of the road, not too expensive whisky. And, if you're going to call it "real", at least call it "Champagne" Remster