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  1. In Oregon you can ride in the road; you're riding a vehicle. We have had a rash of bike/auto accidents here in the Portland-area the last few weeks; including one fatality. Jerry Baumchen In all of North America, as far as I know, cyclists can ride in the lane. In fact, it's often the recommended place when there isn't a wide enough shoulder to allow a vehicle to safely pass to take the whole lane to make sure drivers don't try to squeeze by you. Remster
  2. Remster


    Now the "next guy" can't blame the "last guy" for all the BS that's about to be brought up in the investigations. Remster
  3. I've always had an AAD, and almost all of my jumps were made with one in (there may have been the odd borrowed gear jump after a cutaway kinda thing here and there), BUT, I do not want to see them being mandatory. There's enough reliance on them in some people's mind, I don't want to see that institutionalized. Remster
  4. Sigh... Maybe it's just a rumor... Remster
  5. The only one that is in project phase in Fliteshop. And I really don't know where they're at with the build. Considering competitive issues, I'm not surprised they would keep things quiet until they're ready to go. Remster
  6. Rack this one up to substantiated rumor (ie, I talked with a guy who knows something...) We know about the new tunnel project in Scottsdale ( Apparently, that tickled iFly: I have been told that parts have been ordered for 1 tunnel in Tucson, and 1 in Phoenix. Competition may not lower the prices, but at least it's pushed some development! Still: till the foundations are poured and parts that look like they belong to a tunnel show up on the site, it aint happening yet... PS: that will be 4 tunnels in AZ... 5 if you count Yuma that no one can fly in (booo hiss!). Take that TX! Remster
  7. Having seen "leaders" go up line of flight for a good 10 seconds before turning into the direction they are supposed to be following, yeah.. sure... I'm sure that makes him a pro eXtReMe athlete. Remster
  8. ***The Court finds the noise produced by Mile-Hi’s operations is not offensive, annoying, or inconvenient to a degree significant enough that a normal person in the community would consider it unreasonable for those individuals who choose to reside in close proximity to an airport. The Plaintiffs are concerned about noise during daytime and early evening hours, which they believe impacts the use of their backyards and leisure activities. MileHi planes do not typically operate after dusk. Though the Individual Plaintiffs may at times find the noise to be irritating or frustrating, the Court finds the gravity of harm to Plaintiffs in this matter is not significant or severe. An individual may also find it irritating or frustrating to listen to the sound of motorcycles and trucks on nearby streets, to hear lawn mowers throughout the day, to hear children’s yells or laughter in a back yard, or hear the loud playing of music from a neighbor’s home. But simply because a certain noise level is irritating or frustrating to a small group of people does not equate to the noise being significant enough that a normal person in the community would find it as offensive, annoying, or inconvenient. Awesome! Remster
  9. I think the query is more re: why the top corporate executives generally haven't been prosecuted individually. The real answer is that while top corporate executives may very well face individual criminal liability either due to their own direct wrongdoing, or indirectly via the "Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine", the top executives at the top (current and former) banking houses have enough financial resources on hand to pay civil penalties, and are sufficiently in bed with those occupying the upper echelons of government, that they effectively immunize themselves from being prosecuted. Why, for example, were Angelo Mozillo (Countrywide) or Kenneth Lewis (Bank of America) never criminally prosecuted? Well, that's why. So it's the top execs of small- and middling-sized companies that get nailed (with occasional sacrifical lambs like Madoff), while these guys walk. And so it goes. No, but seriously, why is it? Remster
  10. No maybe it means the other instructors are busy doing tandems and AFF, and they don't have any to spare for the guy that decided to take up golf for the past "few" years. We just had this guy at the DZ last weekend. No log book, no jumps since a surgery in August... So he went on a 1/1 with radio. We did not let him live it down. And Merrick: Get on with it! Remster
  11. If you need to be told, you obviously havent tried to find out... Remster
  12. Well, we are talking about Harper... Remster
  13. Pffft... 9 dead. Your pussy american biker gangs are pretty pathetic. " It has claimed more than 150 lives" PS: I absolutely don't get why "normal" people what to associate themselves with criminal gangs. But whatever. Remster
  14. Are you a US resident with a USPA membership? Then you have 3rd party insurance. Whether or not Skydive Spain accepts it is their business tho, or if a specific jump follows the limitation of that insurance. Really, you should look into what you pay for when getting any membership. Remster
  15. Thanks... I couldn't find that pic on their site. Remster
  16. Where do you a bio-yoke'y looking thing in there? I couldn't find one... Remster
  17. Absolute bollocks. Being tolerant of religion/race/gender doesn't mean you have to be a fucking zen monk when someone is being a twat on purpose. I know that you know that really, so stop being so intentionally obtuse. it fools no one. No shit sherlock. How does that have any relevance to the discussion? I can't believe the usual suspects think that people need to be tolerant of their idiocy...... and their racist behavior and their intolerance for anyone else not goose stepping to their favorite fascist drumbeat. Fuck that.... I would rather administer a foot to their nads to get them to pull their heads out of their rectal orifices for just a few minutes while they cry like a whiny little twatwhistle. So let me get this straight. Conservatives are supposed to be tolerant, and watch, as the liberals woosify the country, and be told that we are the intolerant group, while you fantasize about physically abusing the waste areas of their bodies. My my my that is tolerance at its apex. Liberal style. Nope a swing and yet another miss. Conservatives are incapable of being tolerant... always have..... always will... its a conservative thing.... from sheet wearin to so many other well worn and celebrted "conservative" activities. Oh and that other thing seems to be the only way to get a conservative man to focus on something since his mind is right there in the little head.... I see, so, not a swing and a miss. The basic idea here is that you condone physical violence against all conservatives. How very tolerant of you. Troll troll troll your boat Gently down the Brazos If you see an alligator, Don't forget to scream Really. How is it trolling when the logic clearly shows that you are admitting to advocating violence toward conservatives? It is what yall do round these here parts..... you need to focus... all yall Which parts? The nads or the rectal orifices? I'm not sure why, but I'm suddenly in the mood for some chipotle Remster
  18. You see it in angle/atmo/flocking jumps. Only very vertical ones, I'd imagine. It's not my kind of flying, but having seen Craig Girard keep up with a jumper at track off, with a slide slide, I wont underestimate the skills of much better jumpers than me! Remster
  19. You see it in angle/atmo/flocking jumps. Remster
  20. 1- Hilarious look! 2- It may be on Flickr, but that does not mean its "Stock" unless it's posted in one of the commons under an adequate license. Remster
  21. What is alarmist about "Gravity data show that Antarctic ice sheet is melting increasingly faster"? Haven't you kept up with the new definition of Alarmist? As long as it says global warming is chapping, it's alarmist. Remster
  22. You can achieve anything with enough motivation. And vodka. Remster