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  1. 1 hour ago, Deimian said:

    You said that your curv is the most comfortable rig you've ever had. I never contradicted that statement. I am not sure what your point is. If you think my reasoning is wrong, and have the time, please correct it.

    You obviously spent a lot of time looking at the designs. All I am saying is what my personal experience has been with wearing multiple brands rigs. We can talk about ring placement, geometry and such for days, what matters is actual comfort IMO.

  2. I jump a Curv now, I have owned and jumped most other brands in the many years I've been around. I've always paid for my gear: never been sponsored. Vector, Jav, Wings, Mirage, even Reflex and others... 

    The Curv is, by far, the most comfortable rig I've put on. By far. From new, to well used several years old now. Every other owner I know says the same thing. 

    I'm 6'2 by the way, so I'm not sure I'd say Curvs arent good for taller folks.


  3. 23 hours ago, Phillbo said:

    We get dust devils in Arizona on calm days as well. They are caused by the hot air rising. 

    Correct. Eloy, Perris, Snore.. All the "desert" dz's have plenty of dust devils, typically from April to September.  And most often when it's dry and not as windy.

    And if you've only seen 1 canopy collapse, you need to get out more. They happen.

    The video looks more like a gust or general turbulence... Tho who know.. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, wolfriverjoe said:

    Here is what I've heard is one of the more accurate summaries of cases:


    If someone has a better one, or good info that this is not accurate, I welcome correction.

    I've been using John Hopkins (which I trust and does not have the political muzzel the CDC has) for continuous updates. Also Worldmeters, though the data may be less accurate, but has been close to JHU so close enough for me.

  5. 15 hours ago, airdvr said: one gets those kind of percentages on a $1,000,000 listing.  You've been watching too much HGTV,

    Is that what you were told? 

    Interesting ;-) 

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  6. If you are on a moving group (angle or tracking) then absolutely, no tracking up or down flightline for the main part of the jump.

    If you do a solo or 2way, again, absolutely, do not track away along the flightline.

    Any bigger than that, your priority is to turn 180 from the center of the formation, and track away. Not going up and down flightline becomes almost impossible as 1 person will essentially be along the flightline.  This is why having enough separation between groups is critical.

  7. 9 minutes ago, timski said:

    yeah, FF. So just turn blindly huh? I'll just keep flying solo wingsuit, where I feel somewhat safer. ;) 

    You will not find a decent FS coach that will say to look where you are turning. Always look back to the center for as long as possible.  As late a head switch as possible, and then only to look back at the center.  If what you are doing is a center turn, you are not going anywhere, you are turning in place. And looking out early (or at all) will make you drift away.

  8. On 1/25/2020 at 3:11 PM, timski said:

    On a side note, the other day I over heard a student tell the instructor that she didn't think it was good to look first in the direction BEFORE starting the flat turn

    Are you talking freefall, or canopy?

    Because in freefall (and that's what we've been talking about), you definitely do not want to look where you're going when turning.  

  9. In my opinion, the best way to get the skills you need to do well in AFF is serious 4way, with a high quality coach.

    Get a team together, find a great 4way coach, train in the air and tunnel. And study the SIM.

    Where are you located?

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  10. Skydive Arizona, and Axis Flight school in particular, teach disabled people all the time. From slight issues, to people with complete leg or arm amputations. Call them and explain your situation and see what they say.

  11. As a Load Organizer, I'll point out that what you get from a LO is pretty different from a coach.  LO's will try and give feedback, provide tips, and help, for sure, but if you want to speed up your learning, a coach will focus on you and provide a lot more feedback geared towards your goals. When I'm LOing, I have 2 to 10 (sometimes 30) people jumping with me and my goal is not 1/1 coaching. But, show up early, when no one else is around, and you might get 1/1 or 1/2 LOing, for 1 or 2 jumps.

    Look for free events: SDAZ has 4way days where an experienced 4way team will split up and do 1/3 with the same group for the day or weekend for free. I think Perris has something similar. I cannot emphasize how much this will help you in ANY discipline in skydiving.

    Show up weekdays when DZ have weekdays LOs (and early helps too). We're often much slower and will be able to do smaller jumps with more feedback.


  12. 12 hours ago, normiss said:

    2 hours ago Wes posted this:

    He is still in ICU, but sitting up. Still not able to speak (whispering to communicate). Starting physical therapy this week, he's strong, but will stay in the hospital a little longer. I will post more as soon as I get updates from the family. . . They want to thank everyone for all the thoughts & prayers. . . .Let's keep praying. . . Blue skies everyone!!!


    Thanks for the update Wes.

    Get better Jimmy, your friends and family love and care about you my friend.


    Thanks for the update Mark...


    Thinking of you, Jimmy! 

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