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  1. 9 minutes ago, timski said:

    yeah, FF. So just turn blindly huh? I'll just keep flying solo wingsuit, where I feel somewhat safer. ;) 

    You will not find a decent FS coach that will say to look where you are turning. Always look back to the center for as long as possible.  As late a head switch as possible, and then only to look back at the center.  If what you are doing is a center turn, you are not going anywhere, you are turning in place. And looking out early (or at all) will make you drift away.

  2. On 1/25/2020 at 3:11 PM, timski said:

    On a side note, the other day I over heard a student tell the instructor that she didn't think it was good to look first in the direction BEFORE starting the flat turn

    Are you talking freefall, or canopy?

    Because in freefall (and that's what we've been talking about), you definitely do not want to look where you're going when turning.  

  3. In my opinion, the best way to get the skills you need to do well in AFF is serious 4way, with a high quality coach.

    Get a team together, find a great 4way coach, train in the air and tunnel. And study the SIM.

    Where are you located?

  4. Skydive Arizona, and Axis Flight school in particular, teach disabled people all the time. From slight issues, to people with complete leg or arm amputations. Call them and explain your situation and see what they say.

  5. As a Load Organizer, I'll point out that what you get from a LO is pretty different from a coach.  LO's will try and give feedback, provide tips, and help, for sure, but if you want to speed up your learning, a coach will focus on you and provide a lot more feedback geared towards your goals. When I'm LOing, I have 2 to 10 (sometimes 30) people jumping with me and my goal is not 1/1 coaching. But, show up early, when no one else is around, and you might get 1/1 or 1/2 LOing, for 1 or 2 jumps.

    Look for free events: SDAZ has 4way days where an experienced 4way team will split up and do 1/3 with the same group for the day or weekend for free. I think Perris has something similar. I cannot emphasize how much this will help you in ANY discipline in skydiving.

    Show up weekdays when DZ have weekdays LOs (and early helps too). We're often much slower and will be able to do smaller jumps with more feedback.


  6. Great job saving your life! What a mess!

    As a general comment, I will tell you that you probably did not pull your reserve 1/10th of a second after you cutaway if you beat your skyhook. You pulled them together, or even probably the pin was pulled before you had actually cutaway at the risers. Practice practice practice having a clear 2 action process: Cutaway, then Pull.  Not cutawaypull.

  7. Quote

    I'm looking at a pic of a custom Reflex that a (now-deceased) friend used to jump and it has the reversed risers - was this standard or an option on the Reflex?

    No. Not when I ordered mine.

  8. Quote

    I don't recall much wing-suit organizing but maybe I wasn't paying attention

    You probably were too drunk from the non stop beer truck ;)

    Seriously, you can party as much or as little as you want. The after jumping scene by the beer truck is pretty mellow.

    There are a couple of official Wingsuit LOs now at the DZ. They should be around for the boogie!

  9. Jambandman

    I apologize in advance if this is not the correct place to post this and I would be happy to post elsewhere if need be.

    I am a fun jumper at Mile Hi in Longmont and I am seeking a serious mentor/friend who is willing to help me to continue to progress in my skydiving career. I enjoy meeting up with others to jump with at the drop zone, but I am pretty specific and goal oriented when it comes to what I would like to accomplish in skydiving. My eventual goal is to be a coach and AFF instructor. With that being said, I am looking for someone who jumps on a very regular basis and is willing to coach me with that progression in mind. I would be happy to pay for some jumps, and would not want to capitalize all your time. I consider myself pretty dedicated to the sport and wish to jump as often as possible. Like I mentioned earlier, I appreciate the spontaneity of jumping with others that I meet at the dropzone, but with some specific goals in mind I would love to have someone to jump with on a much more steady and regular basis who has more experience then me and would like to impart their knowledge on an eager student.

    I have 67 jumps as of Saturday, I received my A license in late August, I have all my own gear and I pack my own rig. Thanks for your consideration!

    You jump at a busy, fairly large DZ with lots of experienced jumpers there. I would look for a mentor in person at your DZ. Go there, jump often, hang out after the jumping, make friends, and you'll probably find a few people that meet your criteria.

  10. Elpnor

    So which company is doing the balloon jumps this year at eloy, and how often are they available? I was thinking about running down there for my bday, and wanted an idea of my chances of some silent freefall. I love skydive az in the cold months

    Not active in summer. I think They'll be back in Oct.

  11. Iago

    ***So it looks like we just need to get rid of the Skyvan and use a different airplane with an large rear door. What other options exist other than a C130?

    CASA would be the next closest I could think of. 32 jumpers. Slower on the climb. Tougher to use with lots of small groups since the jumprun tends to be faster and the drop gets strung way out.

    But you can chunk some wicked formations off that huge ramp.

    Great for boogies, but you need a hundred fun jumpers to keep one turning so not so great for daily use. Just my opinions.

    Don't know if it's possible to make new Skyvans, but they did start making otters again due to demand.

    Casas need 2 pilots. Another strike against them, tho they are f'ing fun planes for sure.

  12. nolhtairt



    Eloy AZ has about 5 Skyvans

    You're so cute....;)

    I think it's 7 now. (but yeah, mostly used for military, and boogies)

    I just received notification that I'm talking out of my ass.

    That's 8 skyvans.

    Don't they lease a few out to other DZs for boogies?

    They sometimes lease out both Vans and Otters.

  13. Quote

    Are you looking to start a brand war?! Seriously, both are very well built.

    I bought 1 bev suit. Lasted less than 2 season. Went back to Tony, well onto my 3 season with this suit and probably will last a couple more. YMMV.