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  1. Does anyone know what size of Icon it was I1, I2, I3, I...? Had the AAD cutter been relocated from under the pilotchute to above the pilotchute ? If this is the case, then it sounds a bit like the story we experienced some years ago in Belgium with the PdF small sized Atom harnesses where the pilotchute (type Quick 3.0) had a tendency to hook behind the AAD Cutter if relocated to above the pilotchute... Aliquando et insanire jucundum est
  2. gq108100

    RDS Options for the JVX

    Sorry about the "lapsus"...Tought my English was better, but apparently not... Aliquando et insanire jucundum est
  3. gq108100


    Talk to Mike Vogeleer ( about this matter. He's got approx. 1000 jumps with the mPOD and as far as he's concerned there is no noticeable difference on usage between rubberbands, Lazy Bag and mPOD...Skydiving is not a scientific matter...It's hard to measure line deterioration... Aliquando et insanire jucundum est
  4. gq108100


    The big difference with the "7" from Basik is that this bag is closed with magnets where as the bag from Basik is closed with 2 rubberbands and the rest of the coverflap is closed with 2 magnets...Good idea but mine is better...No rubberbands at all... Aliquando et insanire jucundum est
  5. gq108100


    New revolutionary POD completely closed with magnets. No rubberbands anymore... No tuck tabs... Great openings... Already more than 10000 testjumps and a lot of satisfied customers... More info on :
  6. gq108100

    RDS Options for the JVX

    Hello, I'm the "guy from Belgium" that invented and makes the magnetic bags. I called them "mPOD" (short for magnetic POD). You can find the required info, I'll open a new threat on the mPOD in the rigging forum...