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  1. Typo: he/she can wait until March 31st 2019. 18 months Should have been: he/she can wait until March 31st 2020. 18 months
  2. We only enforce National rules. So if you want to make a claim towards a manufacturer, it is your own responsibility to adhere to their recommendations. The reason for 18 months: In Denmark we have an annual inspection, that can be performed between October 1st through to March 31st. If someone gets a check October 1st 2018, he/she can wait until March 31st 2019. 18 months. After several tests and data from manufacturers of canopies, we see that time spent in the freebag has zero impact on the fabric or the opening characteristics of a reserve. But packjobs has a HUGE impact on the lifespan. Therefore we allow jumpers to let their reserve stay packed for as long as possible. If the rig gets wet or the packjob starts to shift (mainly larger rigs) it is the jumpers own responsibility to get it repacked.
  3. Denmark 18 months for licensed jumpers and 6 months for tandem and student.
  4. Why did you pull the reserve as soon as you felt the risers go? "as damn fast as you could"? The mechanics, unless I've misunderstood the concept, is that you wouldn't even need to pull the reserve handle. Seeing as the Skyhook handles it for you... Don't get me wrong.. I still practise my EP's pulling the reserve after cut-away, but pulling the reserve that quickly, you risk pulling it even if you "slip" on the cut-away. Meaning a 2-canopy-out situation.
  5. I've considered it. But decided not to, due to rolling shutter effect. If you haven't heard of it, do a youtube search. Try doing some quick panning on the ground with the camera and see if you are willing to risk having the roll on your video. It might not be a problem for you. Especially if you are always mellow with your camera movements.
  6. That doesn't sound right. I have 3 sets of UPT risers with Louie Loops. All of them with the grips on the back of the front risers. Mine are from 2012, so unless they've changed it, it should be the same. Maybe post a Picture?
  7. Martin86

    Slow suit

    Bev Suit makes the Majik style competition suit. Ordering it with the polycotton material on the front and a loose fit should do the trick. Special advantages: -Has big giant grippers that create extra drag on arms and legs -The Majik booties also has a lot of drag. Sewn in heavy cordura and with a "flat front". I'm also around 5'9" and used to be about 230lb (exit weight) before i lost weight and the reduced fallrate when i went from a Symbiosis to a Bev Suit was remarkable.
  8. I saw a 4 year old do a tandem in Denmark. We don't have any rules about age when it comes to tandems. Parental consent of course..
  9. I pretty much plan my work around my skydiving calendar. I other words: I told my boss that skydiving is more important than work.
  10. Do you or anyone you know regularly jump L glass? Quote I only use the 17-40mm f/4L USM lens on a 40D. It's a heavy bitch, but i feel it's worth the extra weight.
  11. Katana 120. Has really nice openings, and can be flown nice and quiet. When you want to, you can let it rip and swoop like crazy. Martin
  12. I'd say that the safest AAD would be the one that YOU feel comfortably about. As far as i know, all the AAD's have had "unfortunate incidents". Important thing is that you use whatever makes you FEEL safe. Extra features is nothing if you don't trust your device.
  13. Then it is likely that you are right about the straps being too tight.