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  1. I say save your money and use the natural oil in your skin, simply pull the cables through your palms a few times. Or, sprinkle some cement on your hands before each jump so you can harden up and deal with a hard pull!
  2. I've just started packing my first new rig and going throught the same dramas as everyone before me. From what I understand the dbag is part of the container and not the part of the canopy. It's sized so that when you put the canopy in it it will be roughly the right size and shape to fit the container, changing the dbag will just swap one problem for another, ie closing the container. I'll wish you luck if you wish me luck in return!
  3. Do you get people starting "skyhook" conversations with you? I've had one day jumping mine and had a few mention it I'm guessing because of the handle embroidery, gonna get over it
  4. I know this is an old thread but i just got a V308 (from Bigway) and an OP143 with Safire 139. They are super tight and not that fun to pack but packing sux anyway! The rigger packed the reserve short and fat to give as much room in the container as possible for the main and its fine. Best part is this WILL be my last container ever like he said, not the best business plan for return customers but great for me
  5. I'm not going to agree or disagree but this is my story. Straight out of my AFF with about 25 jumps i told the owners of the dz i wanted to buy some gear. I am 70kg and he said he knew of a great rig with a saber 170 in it and i should buy it. Looking back now not only did i pay too much but after about 50 jumps i looked really closely at the info on the canopy (it was really worn and hardly readable) and noticed it was a 150! And this guy is a really respected guy in Oz and i guess i was a dumb newbie. Anyway, i'm still walking luckily but didnt find the 150 to hard to deal with.