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  1. oh look at me, im a chickie on the internet talking about sucking dick so all the guys will pay attention to me and respond to me and make me feel wanted and loved. yeeeaaahhhh for me
  2. One day I aspire to have greenie powers!!!! teeeheeeee g Dammit. What did we miss?
  3. Are you the right guy? Well, are ya mr. 9 jump wonder tough guy?
  4. I agree with you. Very valid point. Perhaps all of you selfish rude fuckers who seem to think he is whining and feel compelled to tell him to shut the fuck up should perhaps be a little more courteous to others. I will fucking push you off me if you treat me as a recliner, I will slap you in the back of the head if you think you have the right to do as you please without taking others comfort into consideration. Much like you couldnt care less about my comfort I couldnt care less about yours, so when you get a fucking elbow to the back of the head or I tell you to get the fuck off me remember one thing...I have just as much right to tell you to fuck off as you do to lean on me. What I really get a kick out of is you fuckers who feel the need to get on the plane without being fully geared up....Nothing worse than someone treating you as a recliner then halfway up to altitude feeling the need to inconvenience everyone because they have to fucking do up their leg straps.... Get with it people and try to be a little fucking courteous. Of course it is tight on the plane. I do not believe the OP was referring to cramped quarters. He was referring to you fuckers who think you can just do as you please in these cramped quarters without taking anybody elses space into consideration.
  5. Or this speaks troll. Your profile shows you have 1600 jumps and 7 years in the sport, and you don't know that demo's don't happen on the dropzone. Hmmmm. I smell a trouble maker here. When did I say I dont know demos dont happen on the dropzone? What I said was I can understand the cause for concern if a DEMO ON A DROPZONE went wrong and thus endangered the existance of said dropzone. Hmmmm. I smell someone that did not read the thread in its entirety.
  6. Wow. Some people take shit so literally around here. Think about it, I know it is the internet and all but if you put just a little bit of thought into I am sure you can get the point.
  7. So....My girlfriend and I are talking about what happens when someone catches their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or whatever cheating on them.....I told her if I walked in on some dude banging her I would not be pissed at him, I would only be pissed at her. And yes, in this scenario the guy does know she is in a committed relationship. My reasoning behind this is that "he" did not cheat on me, she did. I explained to her that he was just taking advantage of an opportunity and therefore I have no reason to be pissed at him. She thinks this is fucking crazy. I told her the same applies if the role was reversed. If she caught me banging some chick she has no reason to be pissed at her, only me. Who would you be pissed at in this scenario? Am I as fucked up in the head as she thinks I am or does this actually make sense?
  8. I guess I will have to put the burning of the house to the test, see if I am being irrational. Think my babe will forgive me if I wear my little boy short's for him. What do think babe?? edited to add: enough with the fucking hijacking hyjinx
  9. Smart Ass I happened to stay home today not feeling well, expecting my bf to be nice and not take advantage of the fact Iwas wearing[email] my nite shirt. edited to add: how wrong is that for your fucking girlfriend to post from your user name!!!!!
  10. The other thread about being banished from a thread got me thinking....who has been banished from this site permanently and what was it they did to make that happen??? I personally know one. Maybe we all could learn what not to do. Im sure some good stories could come out of this.
  11. You know, the more you post about the subject, the more you show how little you really know... What are you talking about???? I bring up a very valid point. Skydiving is not the only sport in the world that has incidents happen that affect the general public. When ever has the USPA issued a press release to the general public to dispel fear, concern or just in general to make a statement about a public demo that went wrong??? When for that matter has anyone in the skydiving community tried to do such a thing. You can try and improve internally within the sport but the topic of this thread is that of the publics perception as a result of something going wrong. The skydiving community doesnt do dick about that perception but bitch about it internally with other members of the sport. If there is such concern get off your fucking asses and start appealing to the very masses that you are so concerned about being turned off by these black eyes!!! I am sure someone will suggest why dont I do it. To be "proactive" and respond to that inevitable comment is because I am not the one who gives a shit about what the public thinks of our sport.
  12. According to the poll someone owes us a boobie shot!!!
  13. So my girlfriend is wearing a loose fitting tshirt with no bra, she just bent over giving me a clear view of the boobies. I commented "Yeees, I just got a shot of your boobs!" She responded by telling me to shut up because it is not like its the first time seeing a boobie. I tried to explain to her that no matter how many boobies have been seen by a guy everytime he sees one it is exactly like the first time seeing one, they are just that cool to us. Obviously this only pertains to nice boobies. She doesnt believe this to be the what do you think? Is it true that us guys just love boobies so much that seeing one is like seeing one for the first time over and over again?
  14. I've had demos denied by people pointing to these incidents. Killiing and injuring bystanders is never a good thing, either. Or is that okay in your world? Nope, not okay in my world. Never said it was. Shit happens. Shit will always happen in this sport, until people stop jumping from airplanes then people will continue to die when jumping from airplanes. As far as the whole demo thing goes, shit happens there also. If someone doesnt take out a spectator, then perhaps someone will hook it in in front of the crowd. There is always a chance something will go wrong, and sooner or later something will go wrong. As much as much of you would like to think there is a solution to this so called black eye problem, there is not. Risk can be minimized but not fully removed from the equation. I asked a question earlier in the thread that nobody responded to. When was the last time the skydiving community took the media head on and issued a response to a certain incident??? The fucked up thing about the skydiving community is that it is very reactive. For those that are concerned about this shit how about being proactive for a change and getting the word out to the public and explaining to them the reason sometimes things go wrong and reassuring them that some of the incidents are very isolated??? Oh yeah, thats right, its easier to just complain about it instead of doing something about it.
  15. How have you tried? How about this, I for one have never seen a headline like this: "Official Skydiving organization (USPA) responds to recent skydiving incident that took place at X place" "Skydiving community works to educate public on the sports safety to address recent concerns over incident" "Skydiving gear manufacturer issues press release to address concerns over skydiving safety" "Skydivers unite to dispel myth that all skydivers are fuck ups, alcoholics, drug addicts, sex fiends and reckless assholes" etc.... etc...... There are ways for organizations to get these messages out. Who within the skydiving community has attempted to ever do so? The media is a powerful tool, if a group allows them to constantly report without any rebuttal then that group has absolutely no reason to bitch about anything. Exactly. So whats the point in worrying about it?
  16. Thats where I believe the misconception lies. Why is it bad press? If someone dies, someone died. It is what it is. Can the media skew their reports? Sure. The media does that with EVERYTHING, not just our precious sport. There is no witch hunt being conducted against skydiving. There is no conspiracy. There is another world out there that makes its living reporting the good, the bad, and the bizarre. I have never seen a report that has ever warned the public not to skydive because of an incident. I have never seen a report that blatantly made up lies with the purpose of preventing anybody from doing it. Sure they get their facts wrong, as mentioned above that is the nature of the beast when it comes to the news. The paranoia in this sport is what I find absolutely hysterical. Unless you find a way to hide ALL INCIDENTS from the media, the reporting will never end. Until the skydiving community steps up and starts addressing this so called "black eye" problem by EDUCATING the general public it will continue to exist.
  17. You are a little late to the game there buddy. That is the exact incident I referenced in my original post. Who said anything about that being really funny? SHIT HAPPENS PEOPLE. IT ALWAYS HAS, AND IT ALWAYS WILL. This sport is not fool proof. If you people are so concerned about "NEGATIVE" publicity as a result of an accident, how about getting off your asses, off your computers and launching a nation wide campaign to teach the general public about how "safe" our sport really is. First off, you would be lying to the public if you did do such a thing, and secondly it is much easier to sit here on the internet and cry and moan about the so called negative reactions from whuffos everytime something happens. So how about it. If all you people are so worried about these "black eyes" how about a little damage control? How about doing something about it? How about addressing the issues head on to teach the public that you cant die or get injured by jumping out of an airplane. Come on people, man up.
  18. Our sport is dangerous. People die in our sport, that will never stop. The publics perception of our sport being dangerous is dead on, it is accurate. Accidents or not, the general public knows you can die doing this. For christs sake, we are jumping out of fucking airplanes. People here seem to think that every whuffo out there is on pins and needles wanting to bad mouth our sport because of an incident, hate to tell you people but that is not the case. Incidents or not, the general public KNOWS YOU CAN DIE IN THIS SPORT, and guess what....they are absolutely CORRECT!!! Is an accident water cooler talk? Sure it is. Is it forgotten about 12 hours after it made news, hell yes it is. When was the last time you people gave a shit when someone died rock climbing? I would bet for the majority of people you have never given a shit. And if someone dying rock climbing prevented you from ever partaking in the sport then perhaps you should have never considered it in the first place. Fact of the matter is IT CAN HAPPEN. The exact same applies to skydiving. This sport is a very tiny, little miniscule corner of this vast world we live in. Get over yourselves, 99.999% of the population couldnt care less.
  19. Still waiting on real examples of the harm all these black eyes have caused.......
  20. Hate to say it but I couldnt care less if you can never do a demo there again. If the demo was done on a dropzone and the dropzone was permanently shut down then I can understand concern. Your example is a very poor one.
  21. Nope. 12,590 or more. Thanks for allowing me to clear that up.
  22. If you are a dorkzone regular, it means that 100% of the female population are unattainable for you.