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  1. The only reason you are so adamant on welfare , is because you are too pathetic and useless to take care of yourself.
  2. Kali

    Face Book

    Who gives a shit? Just write em off.
  3. In response to PM:" You really should join one of the right wing fascist organizations.. they will love you... Birds of a feather" You should change your avatar. Every time I see it I remember your face.
  4. In response to your PM: I'm a chick, you fat, pale, sloppy, red headed toad. I just don't like people that think they're entitled to something just because they've burdened the US with their presence. If you're on welfare, good job sucking the life out of the rest of us!
  5. I'm not christian. And I'm not an idiot. Wake the fuck up!
  6. Obama is a worthless piece of shit. As are his supporters.
  7. Just a thought. Having a conversation with someone today about a communist, that hates America. Every move he makes is only to push his own agenda. The only reason he wants to open the border, is to have more people to vote for him in 2012. Most of these people will be here on welfare, involuntarily supported by hard working Americans that do not support or respect this communist.
  8. This would be awesome. Specifically mnealtx. Somehow this guy responds with a stupid answer to every single post. It would save everyone a lot of time and irritation.
  9. Even if you know they are intentionally destroying a great country?
  10. Ra "Sky" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HcsD20HZdw
  11. Marina Bay Sands Hotel- Singapore http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1289194/Marina-Bay-Sands-resort-opens-Singapore.html The hotel itself is ugly as hell.
  12. He's cute! I have four, very similar :)
  13. Kali


    It's not about road rage. It's frustrating but I never lose it on the road. The moron on the cellphone in the left lane, doing 5-10 under is wasting everyone's time. If these people would just stay out of the way and only use the left lane for passing, this wouldn't be a problem. No one is bragging about their driving skills here. We just want the time vampires to stay the fuck out of the way.