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  1. shakeybritches

    1000's of rigging articles

    THANK YOU I haven't been able to find lit anywhere for my bogy! Your link gave me just what I needed! Thanks tremendously....... Shakey
  2. shakeybritches

    Looking for a list of rigging schools

    I am having some difficulty in finding rigging schools. Can anyone let me know where I might find a list of certified schools? Much appreciated.
  3. shakeybritches

    Manufacturer Contacts On

    Thanks PhreeZone, what do you think my next best bet would be, I have tried the site and it is very helpful, however, not being able to find it there, I'm not sure where to go next. Thanks much. (perhaps email riggers at dz's?)
  4. shakeybritches

    Manufacturer Contacts On

    Does anyone know where I can locate hard to find manuals? I have an APS Bogy main and I can't find literature for it. Help?