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  1. Went and looked up the Leading Edge website...right...see..that's just not fair. Men are too simple minded and gullible for that. Not fair..must buy.... Drewfus McDoofus
  2. Well..that went south in a hurry. Not a new DZ record but definitely worth honorable mention... Drewfus McDoofus
  3. Just intro them by name, let the people figure it out for themselves. I wouldn't put a label on the person or the relationship. Just say, "Mom, this is Raislin" or what not, as the case may be. Usually you would have told them before hand who they are in your life, no need to clutter things up. That's what I always did. Drewfus McDoofus
  4. I had a dytter and a pro dytter and never had that problem. Mine was installed the same way you had yours originally. If I were you I would wait not more, put the thing permanantly in your freefly helmet and get a new one, your life is worth it. Drewfus McDoofus
  5. If you really want to be accurate, go visit your local dz and ask to see the equipment, have how it works explained. You can go to and find a dz near you. Where you hail from? If you are at all near Salem, OR I will talk you silly for a few beers... Drewfus McDoofus
  6. Chris was a good guy. He was the new student moving through the progression, the bartender where we hung out after a long day of slamdemns, he was a constitant positive force at the dz. He will be missed. Bummer that... Drewfus McDoofus
  7. My latest favorite for headdown practice goes as such: a) Lurk anything. b) If not, then go out in a stradle, switch to daffy, touch your fingers together under your legs, behind your back, in front of you, then honk your own nose. Back to stradle back to daffy, repeat. Make sure that the horizon doesn't move and that you aren'y rocking either. Good times. Drewfus McDoofus
  8. Amen, my brother, good times. I got my video helmet back together so maybe we get a little inside love on the next one, eh? Good times. I looked at the weather earlier, looks like best chance to jump may be in Eugene manana. That's probably where I will cruise. Rats, means I need to pack the beast, pisser. Ora le and outtie! Drewfus McDoofus
  9. I believe that either an optic or a batrack will serve you best though I have heard good things about the hawkeye as well. The main thing is comfort. Oh, and that it matches your freefly suit. Drewfus McDoofus
  10. Tried riding piggyback on a guy in a bird man suit, good time. I got on the outside of the door holding his left riser cover then sortra plopped on when he hopped out. Good times. Drewfus McDoofus
  11. Agreed. you have more questions than experience at this point. I use a dremmel tool when I work on helmets. I am on my third setup, you learn a little every time you put one together. The best resource is your friendly camera geek at the dz you jump at. My answer to your questions: buy a ring site and post from whomever you want, the concentric ones are nifty but pricey. Get a post and mounting hardwawre from Brent Finley, best I have used yet. Mount you still in the middle, I reccomend using a velbon qra635 quick release on it. I also put a laser pointer next to it so I can check my ringsite inside the plane. Never used a pc, I am a trv man myself. Does that help? Also, put the whole mess in the closit until you have 200 skydives, this shit can kill you if you aren't careful. Drewfus McDoofus
  12. You are right, there is not clear cut answer. If you are planning to jump camera, then get rid of it. I had a friend who was jumping a moderately loaded saphire and when he cut away his RSL sent his reserve freebag between his legs (he was spinning violently on his back). He landed without a problem and was ok, alittle shaken that's all. Drewfus McDoofus
  13. I like your website, you are obviousely deeply disturbed. Will you marry me? Drewfus McDoofus
  14. Personally, and this is just me, I never film the deployment sequence from in front for that reason. I like to scoot over to the main deployment handle side to get a shot of the student or TM pulling the rip cord. I have seen other videos where the pair do surge forward and that, along with the teaching feedbakc (after all the first tandem is part of the road to getting off student status), is why I shoot that portion from the main side. Just a thunk! Drewfus McDoofus
  15. I didn't say it was too low to chop just that it was kinda low to chop. Personally, I would be more comfortable making the decision by 2000 and YES I know the USPA says 1000 is the action floor. Drewfus McDoofus