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  1. melstarr

    Ali & Mel

    hey jim, yes, alli and i were asked to be filmed back in december 06 by a film crew for voom hd tv :^) they liked the story that we were sisters that liked to skydive together and our involvement in the pink mafia. it was a very fun experience for us, but i feel so cheesey watching myself on film. a little preview is here.... just click the link, then click on TreasureHD under 'select a channel', then scroll on left to 'magnificent obsessions-find yourself' alli is in the preview. thank you bee-ttina for referring me to this post. gosh, i haven't visited here in a while... i surely do miss it! love & hugs to ya'll* xoxo ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  2. yaaay! we're looking forward to the Motus Boogie :^) xoxo ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  3. dee, thank you for the amazing writeup. it brings the biggest smile (and tears) to read your little story about our unforgettable Dale-man. ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  4. thank you so much for the comment Andrea! we missed you so much this year honey!! i will pass on the good words to jase :^) sending our mommy-doll hugs & kisses, xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo from your mafia sisters!!! ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  5. oh bolas! i couldn't stop laughing at the pic of you and i!!! and yes, i love the b/w photo of you with your infamous hat :^) good times with our Bolas!! ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  6. VIDEO Here! -- you'll need a 'Real Player' to view video (it's a skydive sebastian thing :^) **ALLI will be editing a video with an audience perspective. i'm sure she'll post as soon as she's finished** Thanks again to all who contributed to the FUN!! We had a BLAST!! Love & Hugs to Everyone :^) xoxoxo ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  7. and now, for your viewing pleasure... the Finale of our Pink Mafia Boogies (at least for another 2 years :^) the CIRCUS Photos by J. Jerusalem ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF! Already miss you and kim-doll :^( have a wonderful day, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  9. THANK YOU to all of our AMAZING performers who worked their freaking a$$es off: Kim, Angela, Alli, Emmett (our MC too) & Trace! through the stress factors, bruises & sore muscles... WOW, we pulled it off & rocked that B*tch out!! i'm so darn proud of ya'll- cheers to another Pink Mafia entertaining success :^) THANK YOU to our wonderful stage manager, Jeff & lighting assistant, Jairo! without your direction jeff, we would've been cooh-cooh for co-co puffs! THANK YOU to our audio provider, DL, those speakers were the heart of our operation! THANK YOU to our fabi photographer & dj: JJ, our videographer: Kazu & our all-around assistants: Jim H, Jim R & Austin! THANK YOU to our Pole dancing winners, Jessie, Lexy, Laticia & 'Random Girl' ;^) Jess & Lex have new L&B pro track & pro dytter! THANK YOU to our devoted groupie, who we love from the bottom of our heart as he is always a good sport with participation: BOLAS! thanx so much for the Beautiful Pink Roses & working the crowd!! THANK YOU to skydive sebastian's amazing management, Amanda & Uwe, you allowed our event flow nicely with your kindness! THANK YOU to our BEAUTIFUL friends who drove thru the rain & withstood the cold to stick around for our performance.... Tara, Thomas, Kyle, Graham, Tammy, Amber, Jorge, Gator, Austin, Cynci, Roger Ponce's Big-Way... just to name a few :^) THANK YOU to our Supportive audience who squished up like sardines in the tent to avoid the rain, remained patient & Cheered like football fans - and were so generous to help us out financially with your delightful $tips$!! I personally had so much fun through the night: - spinning on the pole & silks while my wig almost flew off - freestylin on the mic with andre to that crazy-head jungle music - assisting in our jeff's birthday lap-dance - dancing & popping around with alli, trace, angela & kim - spanking all the misbehaving clowns, you know who you are - watching kim-doll show that pole who's boss ONE WORD: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! PHOTOS coming soon!! xoxo from me&jj* ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  10. yes, thank you to all who pre-Registered :^) it's late, j & i are packing up our bazillion bags/boxes-o-stuff - woohoo! it's finally here!!! we can't wait to see you all tomorrow* Yaaay! jeff, bolas, jessie, tara, jairo, jeff & pops - thank you for posting, can't wait to see ya'll (pops, wish we could see you). everyone please be safe in your travels 'k'. love & hugs to you All ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  11. the weekend is approaching quickly, woohoo!!! everything is coming together kiddz! yaaay! all the sisters are so excited :^) the dropzone has been working really hard to accomodate everyone, it's so darn wonderful* a reminder: save a few bucks & pre-REGISTER here! we can't wait to see you all - love from your Mafia Girls!!! ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  12. in a filipino dish: kari-kari :^) yummy p.b. sauce with veggies and oxtail* ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  13. yaaay for the pole!! after a few planned performances, the pole & stage are OPEN to Anyone!! t-shirts just arrived today... i must say that i LOVE them! EVERYONE will love them :^) **if anyone has any questions, remember you can call on me, alli or trace!** XOXOXO ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  14. YAAAY mcducky!!! hmm, i will ask my friend jake conrad, as he's traveled from NC to sebastian. also, my friends marion & chris from CSS. thank you so much for the post! ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister
  15. Ladies and Gents, you can Register Online HERE!! BRAINS: i REALLY think you'll like the shirt design we came up with... our BOYS will especially love it too! you'll see... i can't wait to see you and kim, yaaaaay! TRACE: thank you so much for ordering our pole & stage --- i can't wait to play on it!! KIM: i can't wait to see your live performance! i've always admired pictures, now i can see it Live!!! yaaay! miss you so much my lil banana-bitch ;^D if anyone has ANY questions, PLEASE email me, i'll be happy to help! you can also PM skydivertracy 'k'. LOVE YA'LL, it will be grand! ~ meL* Pink Mafia / Tunnel Mafia Sister