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  1. I voted Liberterian this year -- Redpath in Virginia's 10th. He only got 5k votes, or a little over 2%. I was talking to one guy that said he wanted to vote for Redpath but didn't because he knew he wouldn't win, so he voted for his second choice instead. Anyways, I really wanted to see Prop-19 go through. Does anyone think it be on the next ballot?
  2. They fall under the same federal retirement plan as other federal employees. Just because they serve a term does not grant them a pension and lifetime healthcare.
  3. That's impossible. I bettin' it's Joe Smith's crew...
  4. You've misread the emphasis. He said "and not look back and bitch about what happened." Ah, ok. Thanks. That makes sense. When I read his post I finished a 12hr night shift and was beat
  5. Welcome back! You'll probably find yourself unknowingly changing lanes under overpasses
  6. From the OP's source: Maybe I'm missing something, but where does it say he bitched about it and his employer did not approve what he said on the air? Again, maybe he did bitch and maybe his employer did not approve what he said. I would just like to know where you got that from. For what it counts, I'm not a big Hannity fan.
  7. Funny vid, thanks for the good laugh
  8. From the OP's source: I'm fine with that. Sell it for a dollar if that's what it takes. Still from the OP's source: And rights have been stripped away? "Dey took 're jobs!"
  9. Steve, has anyone ever told you that you look like David Morse, the actor? Maybe it is the profile pic, but you look just like him http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=david%20morse&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi
  10. kennedy's posts are usually good to go. But, yeah, I can't stand one-liner OPs.
  11. I'm sure many people join for the education benefits or because the job market sucks, but the Corps has met their recruiting goals for years. For at least the past ten years I think the Corps has met their "quotas". This is nothing new for Marine recruiting.
  12. The Marines offer almost any job that's available in the civilian side. Electricians, construction, mechanics, intel, admin, communications et al, legal, logistics, security guard, police, graphics design, info management, pilot, aircrew, etc... I was a Marine Security Guard from 04-08 and totally agree that Embassy duty is probably the most boring task I've ever had to do. 8 hours a day for 4-7 days a week....bored off my ass, staring at monitors and pushing buttons. With that said, people don't sign up for Embassy duty for the boredom, they sign up for the travel and oppurtunities that come with it. During my 3 years at embassies I went to over 20 countries for work/vacation, did some really cool shit, found lifelong friends, security details for POTUS/SecState, Senators, etc..., and met many contacts for potential jobs. I would venture to say that Embassy duty could be a bad thing for the Corps since most MSGs tend to get out as soon as their enlistment is up When I was in I used to make it a point to stress MSG duty on younger Marines and offer any help needed to get them going in that direction. Embassy duty is definately one of the best kept secrets in the Corps. Everyone knows about it, but nobody knows about it. Its like being an international superstar for 4 years....just don't fuck up.
  13. There's a reason why U.S. VISA "requirements" vary from country to country. Having open borders for anyone with no criminal record we would create an entirely new problem for us. I don't think you understand how many people want to come to the U.S. for the long haul. Good luck obtaining criminal records for most countries. Do you really think the Chinese, Nigerians and other governments are going to share their records with us?
  14. Have you tried Chinese medicine? Green tea cures everything
  15. "Dey took our guuuuns!!!!" BTW, thanks for the link. I needed to renew my NRA membership that expired this April
  16. I probably couldn't restrain myself. I bet they would be singing a different tune if it were their daughter on her deathbed. karma's a bitch...
  17. That's a pretty broad statement and could apply to anything. Maybe you meant all Christians who know of specific instances of it going on and do nothing to stop it are allowing it to happen. Is that what you meant? I would agree with that. But to accuse all Christans of allowing something to happen because they are Christian is not cool. The boycott is dumb. I like Campbels tomato soup! By your logic all Mulsims who don't stop the hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of Mulsim men from marrying and having sex with Mulsim girls (rape?) are allowing it to happen?
  18. The Wiking website doesn't seem offensive at all. I have no interest in joining, but there are MANY historical reanactments groups for pretty much every war you could think of. The Wiking group also reanact WWII battles with other groups that represent American Units, etc... From their site: http://www.wiking.org/
  19. If he would not have paid it there would be a good chance his next VISA would be denied. Uh-oh, OOO-S-A no more. The cop was an asshole. So what?
  20. Ahem . . . read it again. Ok, ok. You got me, lol. BTW, that was a good one
  21. It took you that long to figure it out? Unfortunately
  22. If we had the same defense we had last week against Arkansas (1st half) the score would have been a bit closer. But then again Florida's offense was not as good as Arkansas'....so it might not have made much of a difference Billy, wouldn't that be kick ass if Bama and Auburn both are undefeated come the Iron Bowl? Talk about an historical game! I need to score some tickets