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  1. Yeah, that's clear. I was not emotional. Just wanted for you to clarify what you meant by pig. Ok You clearly don't get me if you think I get pissed over flags. I would? Why would I die for a flag? Its only a piece of clothe. Burn it, spit on it, wipe your ass with it....its not my money Dude, chill out. You're getting all emotional over my post. All I did was ask you what you meant by pig. No need to go on about flags and semantics
  2. Since you clearly seperate the two, 'pigs' and the few 'good ones'. What's your definition of a 'pig'?
  3. I agree, there is a place for that. Its called the salt flats, not a public road.
  4. Yeah, except "shutting down mosques with direct ties to terrorism" is really Code for "shutting down all mosques, and not allowing any new ones." ***[snip]*** I thought of that before I posted, that's why I added "direct" ties to terrorism. As in, if you knowingly host or directly finance terrorism. You do agree, right? I'm all for that. Especially if the church directly finances paedophelia.
  5. How about shutting down mosques with direct ties to terrorism and taking away guns from criminals. That should prevent violence.
  6. +1. For the east coast I like Seven Springs in PA.
  7. What if the transporter has a malfunction? There could be a reserve transporter with automatic failover capability!!! I like your idea!
  8. Speaking from experience? Got that swass taste in your mouth too many times?
  9. Yup, lots of people do believe that one. Good thing I don't
  10. I'm not surprised. Iran is becoming to be on par with North Korea for their ridiculous accusations.
  11. Related Articles: Top military official: WikiLeaks founder may have 'blood' on his hands http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/07/29/wikileaks.mullen.gates/index.html?hpt=T2
  12. I really don't recall all the airlines I've flown on, but definately remember the worst. Georgian Airways and Aeroflot Georgian Airways -- Half the seatbelt was a buckle tied to the belt, no A/C, and horrific body odor. Despite me speaking Georgian (not fluent, but good enough), because I have blonde hair Georgians insist on speaking Russian to me, which I can't speak for shit. As for Aeroflot.....
  13. What do you think created the supernatural? I have no idea, and probably never will. That's why I'm agnostic, I simple don't know. But also, that's why its the super-natural.
  14. Except, it happens literally billions and billions of times every day. It just happens at a scale you can't see with your naked eyes. I see where you're going with this. What happens billions and billions of times every day? All I'm saying is that there is nothing, that we know of, that is created from nothing. There is always a force involved. I believe that something super natural created the natural.
  15. I lean towards being agnostic, I don't deny the existence of a supreme being; I think that something, some supreme super natural being that falls outside of our laws of existence had to have created the physical world. I simply don't know. Physically, you cannot have something from nothing. So the only explanation is that something not "physical" created the physical.
  16. Maybe its something in the water, the culture, or the abundance of young/horney foreigners and locals who gather in the same party streets every night, but it happens. Not saying it doesn't happen in the states, its just easier in some countires than in others. And Jerusalem is one of those places. My mistake, I misunderstood you. I thought you were implying that his story is BS because it sounds too far out there, you know, the whole rooftop sex and all. Which is why I started on the whole "just cause you haven't don't it" thing. I took your sarcasism as "this shit never happens". Yeah, the dude seems pretty heartless, but the chic who cried rape is even worse.
  17. What does Jerusalem or Eastern Europe has to do with it? Nevermind, you just don't get it. And I'm not talking about prostitutes. Ok, that's you. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know. Or she could be a dirty smut who had rooftop sex with a dude she just met. Are you saying that doesn't happen? That people don't meet random sex partners? Also, if his story is BS and he did rape here, how did she get his mobile number?
  18. I take it you've never been to Jerusalem? Eastern Europe? But, yeah, I agree. The dude is an asshole and she's a dirty smut.
  19. Not a good generalization, but still a bit funny. The illegal alien part, not the generalization part.
  20. "basically we are going up into the sky and we'll be doing a very simple dance, I'll teach you the steps now"
  21. They always claim to have nothing to do with it, whatever "it" happens to be at the time. The official report. Can you point me to any evidence that they did not do it?
  22. Really? So if I offer a muslim co-worker a chicken sandwich and knowingly lace it with pork, you're saying that has nothing to do with religion? But yeah, dude was wrong, but the punishment does not fit the act. As for the girl, she's a dirty smut, IMO. Where was her religious hat when she was bangin' his, whom she just met, brains out in some alley or building?