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  1. Maybe she didn't have to to call the police and cause the boys are not going to stand around while the police show up. Sometimes one has to act in thier own interest and safety. It seems as though she or a neighbor did call the police after the boy was shot. You don't think someone has the right to defend their self? The story does not say that the police have not been called out before on account of these boys. As far as backing the woman up, according to the article her neighbors did back her up and say the shooting was justified. Someone even called the police to post bail in case she had been arrested. True. I guess his GSW will rack up some street cred.
  2. Obama almost has as many votes as GW in this poll. That's pretty bad considering he's not even through his first (and hopefully last) term.
  3. I've never really agreed with the term "hate crime". What's the reason for having that label? Is sentencing more severe for hate crimes?
  4. Holy shit, dude. Yes, we all know that your motorcycle and other low profile, open-face motorcycle helmets will work fine. I was replying to the OP asking about the huge full-face helmet from the link he provided. I edited my post to be more specific.
  5. A motorcycle helmet like the one you posted has too much surface area for skydiving. You may be able to see your handles while on the ground, but try doing that while flying belly at 120+ mph. A larger surface area means more resistance to the "wind". After reading through your other posts, you should take davelepka 's advice. Found here: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3952961;#3952961 Edit: Added "like the one you posted"
  6. And justifiably so. True, but I'd rather approach a bad guy in my home with a gun pointed at him.
  7. You must have missed this part of the article...
  8. Truer words have never been spoken. I've never met you, but judging by your avatar pic, you do.
  9. So what? I can find that same shit in the bible. You post this as if the bible mentions nothing similar. By the way, I think Islam is a sham -- a religion with cowardly men who marry young girls, sell their daughters and cover their wives. But I don't exactly have anything nice to say about Christianity either. I just think shit like this is more prevalent/accepted in Islam than in any other religion.
  10. I finished just fine. Hand Finish? Hand wax?
  11. The shock-factor doesn't work. Most might, at most, say oh shit when we see someone get plowed over on World's Scariest Crashes or Most Shocking [event here] tv show. The drama added value to this video.
  12. Glad to hear some good news! Now if only the same could be done for Afghanistan
  13. You're comparing the idea stateside enlistment to medical types being exposed to XXXX without any safeguards, one extreme against another. Ofcourse they're exposed to it, but there are many guards and measures in place to ensure they don't get it. That's why there are not any epidemics of medical staff getting diseases or radiation poisoning. Sort of like skydiving, it is inherently dangerous, but there are measures in place to ensure that people going in are rare exceptions and not the rule -- same with people in the medical field being exposed to [insert here].
  14. Please, don't ever post that ever again
  15. I admire what the Patriot Guard Riders do -- whatever their reasons may be for doing it. I think funerals should be treated as private gatherings/parties/events; anyone uninvited could go off-grounds to protest, off the cemetary lot.
  16. FYI, I'm not sure what the website says, but it takes about 3 months to get receive record from the feds.
  17. I've never heard a good arguement against gay marriage. Score another one for equality.
  18. On 95 in Va/MD cops are like friggen' pace cars with a mob of pissed off drivers in line. As soon as he pulls off on an exit its like the start of a Nascar race. Cracks me up everytime
  19. I'd like to read her response. Should make for a good laugh