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  1. paddler123

    Skydive The Farm

    I was nervous about my first skydive, as I was completing my first AFF level 1 training/jump. After completing a day of training with Andy (who COMPLETELY rocks!!), I felt 100% confident that I'd been trained well. While a super fun day of training (which is a tough momentum to keep up for 8 hours!), the focus on safety really gave me confidence in what I was about to attempt. My fear was still there, but I was confident in what I'd been taught, as well as in the expertise of my instructors & safety of the equipment. I wouldn't have jumped on Saturday had I not been so confident in my trainer & instructors. It was the most amazing experience I have had thus far in my life, and I am SO thankful to Andy, Mike G, & Val for making that happen for me! You guys kick some serious hiney!