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  1. jlevin

    Illustration / how-to for the FS4 dive pool

    Thanks for the tip. The app does show who is in what position, but it still draws all jumbers boxed out and not in a realistic position. For example when doing "L" the tail usually stays to the IC's left as in Fastrax's pdf and not straight behind him as shown in the app and the official documents. The app is still worth $1, though.
  2. jlevin

    Illustration / how-to for the FS4 dive pool

    Thanks a lot! That's exactly what I was looking for.
  3. jlevin

    Illustration / how-to for the FS4 dive pool

    Can anyone here help me find illustrations of how the FS-4 dive pool? I have found Team Fastrax's illustrations of the blocks at http://teamfastrax.com/4way.html, but I can't seem to find anything similar for the randoms. The stamped pictures from the official dive pool don't show how you'd typically do a formation and who is in what position... Thanks in advance.
  4. jlevin


    I haven't had a lot of canopies yet so I can really only compare it to larger Silhouettes and to the Sabre2 150. The openings are really nice. I have never had a hard opening, but the opening aren't as slow as some people say either (except maybe when doing hop-n-pops). The only draw back with the openings is that the canopy sometimes opens off-heading. It flies a lot better than I had expected after hearing what people at my DZ have to say about 7-cell canopies. The toggle turns are almost as quick as those on the Sabre2, but both the Sabre2 and the Silhouette respond better to front riser input. The Spectre's front riser turns aren't bad except they are fairly slow, but whey you try to do a front riser dive the canopy feels unstable and sometimes wiggles slightly from side to side.
  5. A couple of you have mentioned new cameras coming out that may be worth waiting for. What new models are that?
  6. jlevin

    differences between alti-2 neptune2 and l&b viso

    I had a feeling you'd recommend a mechanical altimeter. But I really like electronic gadgets.
  7. jlevin

    differences between alti-2 neptune2 and l&b viso

    This is perhaps a bit off-topic, but do you guys know the difference between a Neptune and a Neptune 2. Is it just software? I can't find any store that sells neptune 2, only neptune. I'm still doing my AFF jumps with student gear, but I've started looking for stuff to buy and the Neptune 2 looks interesting. Is it a good choice for a beginner or should I get an analog altimeter?