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  1. Opie


    From a dz.com far far ago.
  2. Opie

    Django Unchained!

    I feel like I just got rick rolled
  3. Opie

    American dining

  4. HA!! No Otters in that neck of the woods. Not even a DZ up near Rhinelander. Baldwin or Superior are up that way (sort of), but Green Bay (Pulaski actually) is closer. Accuracy in "Reality TV" isn't at the top of the priority list. It was very accurate in making that Wisconsin DZ look identical to Skydive Chicago
  5. That the advertising dept. at PD is smoking a little too much weed? I'm sure they impressed themselves at least. p.s. Don't come at me with "No such thing as too much weed"
  6. 1. Noise cancelling earbuds or headphones. 2. Your own music, movie or book. 3. Bring on your own water and snack or food so you're not waiting on flight attendant. 4. Deep breath and relax about delays or missed connections. When things go wrong that's when true adventure begins #1 is my "best" tip but the others are easy to do.
  7. Current max. altitude seems to be 128,100 feet.
  8. I like that Dotan song too. It's getting a lot of play over on the Sirius Alt. Nation station that I mostly listen to.
  9. I got a friend request from him today too and I'm not even posting over here in tandem land. I did notice the profile listed the same license as stayhigh, but who knows.
  10. The bigots seem to have gone very quiet. Maybe they are busy in divorce court since their own marriages have been ruined by the rulings -
  11. http://www.globalplanesearch.com/listing/aircraft-for-sale/Lockheed-AC-130/290 Have a spare $2.7 mil laying around? Affordable cargo monster for sale! -
  12. But isn't that why they pay you the big bucks here?
  13. Whichever one of you here works at NASA I would just like to say Thanks!!!
  14. http://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/headphones/noise_cancelling_headphones/quietcomfort_20/index.jsp If you are open to earbuds instead of headphones these from bose will absolutely amaze you when you turn the noise cancelling switch on. More comfortable that headphones imo. I also have a bluetooth Phiaton set that is nice for it's bluetooth convenience but the bose has a much, much better noise cancellation factor it you are using them for flying. http://www.phiaton.com/ps-210-btnc