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    Are you going to invite them into WCR? We could increase our membership by 33.333333333%
  2. Heres the video from the 11 way fun jump we made on sunday. It came together for exactly 2.8 seconds!!!
  3. I emailed the PDF file to your personal email for you to review and confirm. I get them forwarded to me by my company.
  4. I heard TM's need to have 3rd class medicals so I thought I'd post this good news for you. If you are under 40 a Third Class is good for 5 years (60 Months) Now. Second class remains at 12 months and a First class has been doubled to a year (doing a happy dance) I'm posting the FAA's info note below. This should save you around $100 for beer. InFO Information for Operators U.S. Department InFO 08046 of Transportation DATE: 7/24/08 Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards Service Washington, DC An InFO contains valuable information for operators that should help them meet certain administrative, regulatory, or operational requirements with relatively low urgency or impact on safety. Subject: Pilots under age 40, airman’s medical certificate duration periods extended Purpose: To announce changes in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) § 61.23(d), effective July 24, 2008. Background: The FAA last revised standards for holders of an airman’s medical certificate in 1996 when it extended a third-class medical certificate’s duration period from two years to three years for pilots under age 40, with no evidence to date of adverse effects on aviation safety. Discussion: Since 1996 the FAA has reviewed relevant medical literature, its own aeromedical certification data, and accident data, and has found no compelling evidence that the U.S. should not conform to the standard adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in November, 2005. That revised standard extended the duration period of medical certificates from two to five years for private pilots under age 40. The FAA also explored the possibility of extending the duration period of the first-class medical certificate, with similar findings, namely that there is little or no evidence that extending that duration period for pilots under age 40 would have any adverse effect on aviation safety. Accordingly, § 61.23(d) will reflect the following duration periods, effective 7/24/08: First-class medical certificate 12 months for pilots under 40 6 months for pilots 40 and older Second-class 12 months regardless of age Third-class 60 months (5 years) for pilots under 40 24 months (2 years) for pilots 40 and older Recommended Action: Directors of safety, directors of operations, schedulers of pilots, and pilots themselves should be aware of the extended validity periods of airman’s medical certificates for pilots under age 40. For more information go to For More Information About the Content of This InFO: Any questions regarding the content of this InFO should be directed to Judi Citrenbaum, Office of Aerospace Medicine, 202-267-9689.
  5. Put on my glasses and agree, fingers are crossed for good luck...Although we have determined this to be the international symbol for linetwists.
  6. I really need more information. Does the plane have landing gear or have they been ripped off?
  7. I'm building 100 pound weight vests for all of you so I can go