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  1. It's been brought to my attention by Dr. Shah, himself, that he's been banned from the Women's Forum. While I don't know what exactly he did to be exiled from such a captivating forum, I do know that while sometimes a bit deusch-y, Shah is usually right about what he's saying. Exhibit A: His 'Size 8' Rule. The only people (with some exceptions) who seem to be bothered by this rule are as follows: 1.) Ladies larger than a size 8. 2.) Men married/dating/sleeping with ladies larger than a size 8. Sure the average size of women in the U.S. is a 14, but that doesn't mean it's healthy or natural, so who can really blame the guy for seeking healthy women who like to take care of themselves? I think Exhibit A pretty much says it all. Which leads me to my next/final point, Dr. Shah is a decently nice, furry little Persian who means no harm. (In fact, I envy the manner in which he takes shit from the women around here.) Time for this size 6 lady to chow down on some Chinese food. Good day!
  2. Not reading through all of these posts, but as somebody who lives in the general area Shah is referring to... I can say that he is pretty on point. Many many mothers choose to stay home and care for their children. Yes, they drive 85k SUVs and yes, their husbands bring home a decent pay check (to live here, as Shah stated, significantly north of 100k). The majority of them are not working from home. And yes, it is the life, providing it does in fact make these women happy.
  3. You don't know who I voted for and it is not any of your business. I resigned because there were too many Republican fags in political prominence. You mean homosexual men forced to deny their natural urges based on a combination of Christian indoctrination and brainwashing? Disgusting.
  4. I'm from NJ... We don't pump our gas. I can say that most gas attendants round up, though I'm sure it's only so that the end-of-the-day total ends in a 5 or 0.
  5. Disgusting. I hate to break it to you, but trash is trash is trash. And, judging by your statement, I'd say you're all too familiar with 'trailer trash'.
  6. Actually I think that the point of Shahs original few posts was that first dates can be low cost without the need for coupons, and that he likes spending the time talking and spending doesn't need to be part of the equation. Thank you! I'm going to go out on a limb here and become the bad guy (or girl in this case)... I spend my days with 22 fourth graders, and can say that without a doubt, they act more maturely than a few of the people in this thread are currently acting. So what if Shah said that he prefers girls who are a size 6 and attractive? NEWSFLASH: That is not abnormal or uncommon. Because I'm not living in a state of complete denial, I know that my physical appearance is what first got my current S/O's attention 3 years ago in Zhills. Of course, he didn't date me based solely on physical attributes, but it got the ball rolling (Jon, you know it's true ). This is simply how the world works. [Disclaimer: Am I saying that women need to be a certain size to get attention? Absolutely not. In the long run, mutual attraction and an emotional connection (and hard work) maintain a relationship.] But to constantly criticize a person based on a few candid (and dare I say NORMAL) opinions is petty, mean, and childish. Ah, the sweet ugly truth.
  7. Now I think I understand where you are coming from, however still misguided. For example, AMEX regularly sends us special offers (not point redemptions) to higher-end restaurants in our area that are affiliated with AMEX. Usually the special offer (aka "coupon") is a postcard good for $50-off our dinner bill so long as we pay with our AMEX card. The most recent one I received (and used) was to The Capital Grille. Even after the $50-off, our bill was still three or four times what I am guessing your total is at Chili's. We can certainly afford the extra $50, but what reason is there to pay $50 more? We do not dine out too frequently, with one exception--also a higher-end restaurant and my personal local favorite. Often-enough our bottle of wine is "on the house" and I am never mortified by the gesture, nor do I insist to the manager I can afford the bottle and demand to prove it by paying for it instead. Well, that's all fine and good, though I'm not much into wine or frills. SO, I think I'll stick to my Chili's and Fridays, sans coupons. Hey, to each his own
  8. You're looking at it with the wrong viewpoint. Don't think of it as being cheap and tacky, think of it as someone increasing their disposable income. Let's say your date has a fixed amount of bills and a fixed income and there's no way he has time to add another job to his day. What's the best way for him to pay for that weekend getaway with this hot chick he just started dating? He needs to increase his disposable income, which means spending less on things like dinner. You just never know the reason why someone might be whipping out that coupon! Believe me, in most cases, I think coupons are great. I am the first to take advantage of the coupons I get, to say Nordstrom or Neim's. But to a restaurant? On a first date? EEK! I understand that there is often a reason behind the use of a coupon... BUT, I'd much rather him cook for us at home, as opposed to taking me out to a restaurant he ordinarily couldn't afford.
  9. Do you maintain your position that you would be mortified if your boyfriend of 2.5 years used a coupon? probably so but not mortified enough to pick up the tab herself I pay as frequently as he will let me, which is probably 40% of the time (and I wouldn't dare use a coupon ).
  10. Yes, it says that I am a 21 year old who has never had to worry about coupons (thankfully). Perhaps, with age, will come wisdom, and I can showcase some of this amazing fiscal responsibility you speak of. Until then, I maintain my position that using a coupon on a first date is BEYOND tacky.
  11. What restaurants do you frequent? Usually inexpensive chain restaurants (Chili's, Applebees), though the occasional nice restaurant, also. Like I said, an inexpensive date (and I do pay often). Fortunately, neither he nor I, feel the need to use coupons at these places
  12. Yes, mortified... Mainly humiliated. I wouldn't be offended, just embarrassed.
  13. No, not simply the reduction in cost. I was referring exclusively to coupons. Paying less, in general, is a good thing... Taking out a coupon in a restaurant, especially on a first date, is however, IMO, tacky. Very tacky
  14. I am, by no measure, an expensive date, but admittedly, would be MORTIFIED if my boyfriend of 2.5 years whipped out a coupon at dinner, no less on a first date! Amusement park, 2 for 1, type deal? Not the first date, but there after, sure. I think it's safe to say that I voted 'no'. Cheap and tacky.