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  1. Salt.. There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  2. Define some? more than 50%? Less than 50% There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  3. Assuming for a moment some kind of bell curve of drive and talent that is the same for every income/wealth/racial/ethnic/religious group, it would follow that a smaller % of a group with greater obstacles to overcome would succeed than from a group with few obstacles to overcome. It takes much more drive to get into Yale from out of the ghetto than to get into Yale as a legacy admit. But it is possible yes? There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  4. Ok I should have been more specific. Let's keep it to this country for right now, and maybe expand it to the whole world later on... There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  5. I was Just curious what people thought about the old adage about "Poor people do things to keep themselves poor" There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  6. < (sounds like another Skyride thread) As a matter of fact I did ask this question because of the repeated remarks from the pro skyride crowd that not giving refunds is a industry standard, and that the majority of DZ's do not give refunds, and they should not be persecuted because they routinely tell their customers to go piss up a rope. From the number of people who have voted so far I would say that the Majority of DZ's " DO " give refunds... There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  7. I am just curious to know how many DZ's do not give refunds to tandems, and students regardless of the situation? I know my DZ usually tries to persuade them to come back and do it later when weather issues come up or some other unforeseeable problem happens, but a lot of times we get out of town tourists that can't come back another time so the DZ refunds them the money for the services they did not receive. Does your DZ do this or do they just say To fucking bad you have to come back here another time or you just eat the 200 bucks you just laid down... There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  8. It's only one inch long, but it's thick as a beer can!!! Some people call it the ANGRY INCH!!!!!!! There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  9. Why do you guys keep arguing with this idiot????? There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  10. I thought I'd already addressed this.
  11. So if you have a date in Constantinople, she will be waiting in Istanbul.... There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  12. Thanks George sent it to me today.. :-) There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  13. It was what I was going to say as well...
  14. A baby seal walks into a club....... BaDaBing!!!!! There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  15. I used to play shogun Total War a few years ago. There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  16. LOL!!!!!!! You know the first two pages of this thread I was laughing my ass off at rhys, amazed at the fact that there were people out there convinced of such garbage. Now I'm reading this laughing at the rest of you who seem to be convinced that you can convince him otherwise... LOL!!!!!!!!! You guys are great!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  17. If you really want to stick it to chase bank, do what I used to do, and whenever you get junk mail from them take their pre-paid return envelop and tape it to a box just big enough for a brick to fit in, They have to pay for that based on the weight, so it will cost them about 8-9 dollars for a box with a brick in it. I used to just tape the envelop strait to the brick but my postman started whining about it so I started putting it in a box. There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  18. Ok so I'm pretty new to the whole rigging scene (still signing as pending) and I have never seen nor heard of this type of device, nor do I understand how it would be used in closing. Could someone please explain that part to me please? There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  19. Being in an Airborne company in the army we would have some personnel that were not airborne qualified ( we called them LEGS), one of them being our supply sergeant. Our company commander once told him that he needed to get some canopy lights (so we could do night jumps) and some riser grease. So this guy takes off and drives to Ft. Campbell to get this stuff. When he got there, he stopped in at the base PX to get a soda or something, and see's this guy wearing a maroon beret, signifying that he was also airborne. So our supply sergeant asks him, Hey buddy do you know where I can get some canopy lights, and riser grease? The guy who was a total stranger says sure thing buddy you just go right over to division supply and they should be able to hook you right up... There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  20. Because I started this thread and was only interested in discussing the right to vote. If I had wanted to discuss other rights I would have stated so in the title.. There are no pessimist in skydiving.
  21. LOL!!! I have to ask what is Rasczak's Raiders??
  22. because there's absolutely no way that a process would be set up that wasn't politicized. I agree that it would be politicized, but I disagree that equality for the majority would be impossible to achieve. but maybe that is just the optimistic side of me..
  23. Ok I see where you are cumming from now. But I have to disagree with you, I do believe that work builds character, and that any old scumbag wouldn't bother to do what it takes, unless of course he isn't a scumbag at all and actually does care about the country he lives in and wants to take an active part in how it is run. Maybe I should re clarify how it should be earned. Not by any monetary means, or by any kind of educational test, but by service to the country in any form for an amount of time deemed acceptable by the general population. I only used the examples of military, fireman policeman, etc as examples. 1 week, 1 year, 1 month, 100 hours done over 6 months... who cares how it is done just as long as it is done. There are no pessimist in skydiving.