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  1. 16 years old, buying 5 cases of Rainer beer at the corner store next to the dropzone. Nothing more than a wink from the store owner because he knew "they" would only let me have 1 or 2. I had the same gear as the skygods just more ripstop tape. All the skygods would ask me to fly "base" for their 4 ways, and tell all the out of town females that I was still a virgin. losing my virginity in the peas a couple times a month. needle and thread in my gear bag so I could sew on my new patches "right away" shot and half cutaways spending my last dollar and waiting two months for my "french boots" I was the king of the world "STP" sticker to cover the hole in my helmet $150 for my homemade pigrig and duct taping my altimeter to my arm Yes, things were different
  2. Damn! How about just a list of names with pictures? I can probably "man up" and ask for the numbers. Thanks everyone for all the great info.
  3. 1. My baby finished grad school. 2. 1 year from very successful back surgery. 3. Been going to the gym 5 days a week. 4. lost 35 pounds. 5. Only have 125 jumps in the last five years. 6. New condo on Daytona Beach 7. Feel 20 years younger, and I am ready to get naked and jump off of something. 8. Am a west coast guy , and know nothing about the "Skydiving Capital of the World" I am going to blow the dust off a couple of rigs this weekend and go visit my new Home DZ. I have a bunch of Questions. 1.Who wants to do 2 reserve repacks? 2.Who is the the first person I should get to know? 3.When is the "tamdem mill" the slowest 4.Is it ok to have a rig that has no pink on it? 5.What does altitude cost? 6.Does anyone have a list of phone numbers of all the 40+ Sky Goddesses? Any information would be wonderful. TIA
  4. Alright Moses, i've had just about enough of your old fuddy duddy attitude. Why can't you be like Twardo? He makes me laugh and is old school cool. Albeit i suspect hes a jew. Not only can he land his canopy on a penny but he has his own variation on a swoop and chug. The swoop and coin pocket i think they call it. We have 2 kinds of skydivers, those who when first jumping out a plane were pushing their personal limits so once they get their A they dont really progress so fast. Just falling is enough for them. Then the GoFast drinkers, the pot smokers and ones who listen to music far too loud; who cake walk AFF (me) and get into cool and edgy shit (me again) and progress in leaps and bounces. I suspect that back when it was a "sport" that you were in the first group i described. Now you see us young rock stars coming up you think your voice is the most relevant? Humbug i say, humbug. Listen to your elders? Fuck that, listen to anyone with common sense and that person can be a 200 jump wonder (like me again! ME ME ME) or a 200 year old round jumper. Was it you that made that T-shirt i hate so much? "Most sports take one ball, mine takes both!" Reeks of cheese, like this thread. Edit: SO YES I BLOODY WELL DO THINK THAT. AND THE WHUFFOS ARE IMPRESSED WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Infact im doing way more for this sport than anyone, USPA medal for me i say for public relations. ...and it's just such whippersnapper attitudes that exemplify the pussification of the sport we 'old timers' loved, and miss so much! Gone are the days that yes, ya could surely die dramatically doing something gloriously dumb in the sky, but gettin' 'hurt' meant a nasty cut from one of those sharp beer can tabs that were always laying all over the place. Can't believe how these days beer runs are replaced by roadtrips for band-aids and blow-up casts. You kids can't even go IN right! We did have like you said 'two kinds of skydivers' back then ~ living and dead. Oh yeah junior that's right, the hardcore dayz...back when men were men, the acid was pure and the bambulance never left in a big hurry, with those freakin' blinky lights on. These days can't swing a dead cat without hitting 2 or 3 guys limping around the packin' area while spitting out 'poor me' tales that always include something about 720's and corner digging...boofuckingwho! Back in the day...'dive loops' were the side strings on the bottom half of some blond bimbo's bikini. ~Took me damn near 20 minutes to figure out what the fuck some punk rocker on crutches with a red 'Go Fast' got milk mustache was talkin' about! well no shit pinhead...what say next time stay ya off the front risers there Hop-a-Long! Just land the gawdang thing in a way so's ya can do it again, hopefully stay out the hospital and Hell, who knows... maybe pay some taxes! ...and WTF...??..Cake walk through AFF??? Why if you board short wearin', spike hair gellin', pink gear jumpin' spoiled lil' brats ever got more than elbow deep into the asshole of the beast, you'd be Sumo slammed into the realization that the path was blazed and black-topped for your comfort & ease by a generation of jumpers firmly believing there's no such thing as 'automatic openers' or TOO MUCH VELCRO. The reason we made the damn thing easy enough for ya to cake walk through is because we did the math, between the booze the drugs and the gutter sluts we were gang bangin' after hours out in the peas. ...we figured the Skydiving version of generation next would either be sporting too many fingers or too little brains to keep 'our' sport alive, you better thank GOD we took the time to it dumb it up, because I'm here to tell ya ~ ~ though clearly much has changed around here, it ain't the gloves! So go ahead Skippy, shun the wisdom and choose not to follow the path of righteousness and safe travel...instead blindly continue to toggle whip your ever decreasing numbers, natural selection will as always prevail. With age comes experience, knowledge and understanding, we can see now where we went wrong...we watch feigning interest, - and with few real expectations, we wait. We know eventually all the ponds will be drained, the snot-rag sized canopies will go the way of the T-bow and the sport's evolution will take still a different direction. Next time we won't make it so easy for the N00bs, that way maybe they'll live a little longer...or at least lose the limp! Wow, this has to be the single greatest post in the history of dropzone.com. I am speachless. You are a GOD among men(and children)
  5. I have owned too many rigs to count, and have never named one until last month. I got a new rig, and on the 3rd jump found myself in the middle of an evil spinning Mal. I finally found my pillow behind my ear. I looked up to see a pretty new white canopy, I had never seen before. I instantly named her "fuck me you beautiful bitch"
  6. 1.3566 2.18 3.1 sleave lock PC, 1.10' rip PC, 10 streamers(9 ropes and rings), 1 total blow up(strato star no reefing) Yeah it hurt. 4.crew, 1. line over
  7. You are a "Jumper" at the DZ, and you are a "Skydiver" at work
  8. You need to look outside SOCAL, My 100 year old grandma lives in a wonderful place in Idaho, and "Our part" is only about 10k a year
  9. A real gentleman would offer to do it for her.
  10. The vacuum alone, of a body gettin' sucked out the door can just play hell with the Flux Capacitor... I got my Flux Capacitor stuck in a vacuum one time, what a mess.
  11. I always hate to have to spell this out..., but let me tell you the 2 things I know for sure. 1. you don't have to have a degree from Harvard to know that if you lite something on fire and breath the smoke on purpose, it might be bad for you lungs. 2. If you get out of a flying aircraft you might break a leg or die. Oh yeah and, FUCK OFF
  12. OK, I will go along with that... but 30 years ago I would have said "you get rid of the door and seat with a pair of vice grips and a phillips head screwdiver"
  13. Best case scenario is you get out of your friend's plane without doing too much damage to it, and all those years of jump pilot training he's had are finally put to good use. The spot's good and the parachute works...so you land spectacularly in front of who ever it is yer trying to impress and get the standard reward of a warm beer & a sloppy handjob. Worst case scenario is you bugger up the bird, miss the exit point, malfunction the main and streamer the reserve into some power-lines across the highway...knocking out power to a major metropolitan area, and while hanging from the power line get hit by a bus...end up going through the windshield killing the diver who veers off the road and over a cliff killing all the nuns and orphans aboard. So...to summarize: it's can be done and can be fun. If ya fuck it up, you could get hurt or seriously dead...your friend will probably lose his ticket for a while if not forever depending on the severity of the pooch screwin'...and if ya have look look for advice on something like this, you're not ready to try it. That is not what you would have said 30 years ago!!!
  14. Well yes she would say....oh wait I don't have an ex unless you are referring to my girlfriend in high school. I haven't talk to her in 25 years though. I should look her up. I noticed that you got involved in this thread, not to add content, but to say something snide to a poster. Is that who you are IRL?