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  1. Hi Joanne, First off welcome, second you don't need to post the same same message in three different sections, we will try our best to answer your questions... I am still a skydiving virgin with only 80+ jumps, I've had landings where I come in downwind and I land hard and sprinting then end up falling over on my face (during my aff course) and Ive had landings where I don't take one step and could land on one foot on a book. Your landings will change over time, you will progressively get more consistent, I haven't had to PLF in over 60 jumps. Yes, I've had fast running landings but thats the nature of the sport. There are things you can do to help prevent that if your worried about your knee... Larger canopies tend to fly slower, as a student they will have you on 280 sq ft canopies which fly like cargo carriers. What I would recommend doing is going out and doing a tandem skydive if you haven't already done so, ask questions at the dropzone (DZ) and let people know your situation. You wont find all the answers off a website, you gotta go try things for yourself. Its very possible skydiving changes your life... I know it did mine. Good luck and Blue Skies. Get High, Blue skies.
  2. Whats the legality of jumping from a friends Cessna no where near a DZ? I'm gonna guess its not legal but man do I look cool flying onto the beach in front of tons of floozies. "Where'd you come from? Oh my God your so daring! Do me do me!" On a more serious note if its unrestricted airspace aren't I just accountable for myself? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I kinda don't want to go to jail...yet. Get High, Blue skies.
  3. Hey, Im gonna be in New Orleans this up comming week and was wondering if anyone could give me a ride to go do some jumps? Im staying with a buddy in close proximity to Tulane and Im trying to go the 27th or 28th. Anyone going and would like to give me a ride that'd be awesome. I'd help pay for gas. Let me know. Cheers. Get High, Blue skies.
  4. I'm a beginner to skydiving. Just finished up my AFF 2 months ago. I was lucky enough to find a used Tri 190 from someone on I was a little skeptical at first because it was a 7-cell but to tell you the truth if you have any skills whatsoever spotting you will never have any problems getting back to your DZ considering 7-cells have less glide then 9-cells. Another thing I cant get over is its openings. As I was progressing through my AFF and solos I would cringe when it came time to pull, even though my rig would be as tight as possible on me the openings would always slam me. I would have bruises on my inner thighs from the student gear. My 27th jump only two after graduation I got to finally jump my own canopy and wow what a difference. A tri will snivel and take its time opening which at first is a little concerning but so soft. Under canopy it flies great. Even though I am still considered a "Rookie" I have no problems jumping when others are grounded because of wind. The Tri really does a great job of being stable in windy conditions (one of the main benefits of a 7 cell canopy). It's very responsive with riser turns along with toggles. All in all if you are looking for a great starter canopy that will be very forgiving for a great price, buy a Tri.
  5. Is skydiving perceived as a normal thing to do? Hurling yourself out of an airplane 2.5 miles in the sky? Of course your going to be nervous. I have 50 jumps and I still get butterflies. But keep in mind being nervous is what keeps you safe. Its when that goes away you start getting reckless and put yourself in danger. I'm more scared to jump with people who have 500 jumps then with my buddy who just got his A license. If you walked around your DZ and asked veteran jumpers what to do if you land in a tree or power lines. i bet most don't know the correct answer. Be safe, jump within your boundaries and have fun. The butterflies will go away. Blue skies. Welcome to the rest of your life. Get High, Blue skies.
  6. Lost my license for a few weeks, looking for anyone who lives in CT in the norwalk, danbury, stamford, wilton, new canaan etc who go up to the ranch to jump, Id pay for gas, im trying to go anytime this weekend, either saturday, sunday or monday, the more the better. Thanks! blue skies, Ryan Get High, Blue skies.
  7. Congrats to safe jumps and blue skies Get High, Blue skies.
  8. So I just got my A license 3 days ago... Ive been packing my own parachutes since my solos. I rented gear from my DZ and jumped it today, had one great opening, nice long snivel and soft opening, it was a sabre 2 210. My second opening was not so good. I pulled and what felt like .2 seconds later i was at a total stop 120 to 0 in a second, the inside of my thighs are black, my double knotted shoelaces both came undone (done know it it was from the jump or the opening but anyway) my helmet strap came up over my nose and almost flew off my head. I had the slider properly placed and uncocked. I think I figured out the problem maybe someone else would be able to help clarify... Since I'm a newbie packer i have a hard time keeping the nose of the cocoon tight when im pushing all the air out of the canopy... by the time I go to do my S-folds the top of the roll is almost always undone and the lines are 3-4 inches apart and I distinctly remember it being loose and messy that pack... up until that jump I havnt had a problem. Do you think that could have been the reason it opened so hard? I'll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow. That sucked. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Ouch my life. Get High, Blue skies.
  9. Everyone thank you for your help. Looks like my next jump will be numero 25, after that ill jump my own rig and hopefully everything will fit. key word hopefully. thanks again and blue skies. Get High, Blue skies.
  10. I just purchased a used Talon 2 from a skydiver. He was 2-3inches shorter then me... the container feels good when i have it on, but the metal rings that connect the leg straps to the container itself are right on my hipbones... is it going to smash my hipbones when it opens and be super uncomfortable or will that ride up a bit and out of my way? Id hate to jump it and have it be mega uncomfortable and unusable? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. ps. 1 jump away from A license... so excited Get High, Blue skies.
  11. Alright so I've checked a few threads and still have a few questions. I'm a new skydiver working on my A license. SOOO... I had (key word had) some extra money lying around so I decided to buy my first container. Its a Talon 2 T7 with a 210 reserve already installed. I am 215 lbs out the door and am considering buying either a 190 main or 210 main. Can anyone help me out and let me know which one would be better overall for fit and safty wise... I mean I understand the more canopy over your head when you first start is better. The last owner of the container said he flew a 190 no problem, would a 210 fit? Basically I am wondering if the T7 d-bag and closing loop is capable of housing that size parachute. I'm just lost. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated. Blue Skies.
  12. yeah ive had 5 jumps now, they are using large canopies for training which i like. Like i said before im not in the sport for the parachute ride down, i want something stable and forgiving that i can have a lot of control over. I am a poor college student and have come to the realization that skydiving is going to take over my life (both physically and financially) which is fine, its an awesome rush. so right now im looking for used complete rig for cheap since all my funds at the moment are currently dedicated to the aff course Get High, Blue skies.
  13. alright, very new to skydiving currently working on getting my USPA A license. I am looking around and doing some planning on a rig and was wondering what size chute i should use. I am 6'2" and weigh 190, I am not looking for a fast chute since im not in the sport for swooping or trick flying, I'm in it for the freeflying. Can anyone give me some insight on chute sizes, how that all works etc. All your help is greatly appreciated. blue skies. Get High, Blue skies.