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  1. On 9/7/2022 at 1:11 PM, billvon said:

    A recent study found that people who watched FOX News knew less about current events than people who watched no news at all.

    They quite literally have mastered the art of making people dumber.  Which explains a great many right wing memes.

    What exactly was the recent study?

  2. The law in MD at the time of the alleged offense is what matters:

    Statute of limitations:

    Based on Blasey Ford's account, prosecutors could have theoretically charged Kavanaugh with a crime like attempted rape or unwanted sexual touching over clothing. However, in 1982, those crimes had a one-year statute of limitations. In other words, Blasey Ford would have had to report the allegations to law enforcement by 1983. She did not.

  3. Curious as to how you know TJ Lunardi is "overrated" when he doesn't even know you. Also, what specific knowledge and experience do you have to form an opinion that the Diplomatic Security Service is "in horrible shape and falling apart."

  4. Never thought of it, but if you could attach the photo cell in such a way as to keep all outside light out, it might work. The only problem I see is that the LED would only tell you the camera is on, since the photo cell is getting it's light source from the viewfinder, not just from the record light.

  5. If you have a red indicator light, try hooking a photo cell and a super bright LED in series. Power it with a AAA battery pack. You should be able to get the parts at a Radio Shack or electronics store.

    When you get the parts put together correctly, use gaffers tape to affix the photo cell over the camera's red indicator light. Use a lot so no excess light hits the photo cell. If you can't get the parts, e-mail me at [email protected] I think I have an extra parts put together somewhere I can send you.