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  1. Pardon my french, Merci beaucoup! -- Hook high, flare on time
  2. What a fantastic event Paige and Ari did a great job organizing everything. Attending this event would have been worth it by itself, being able to raise money for breast cancer is a great bonus! Was very nice to meet a bunch of cool new people, and to catch up with some I haven't seen for awhile. The girls were rocking! Very fun to watch. I'm still impressed by Shannon nailing her sitfly immediately. On the guys side, I was by far the least experienced flyer and was worried about holding everybody back, but Ari had a great plan to keep it fun for all. Thanks to Ari, Ramsey, and Danager for the coaching and help! I learned lots of cool new stuff. I'll definitely be putting this event on my calendar for next year. -- Hook high, flare on time
  3. Theodore, I'm sure you're still wearing that contagious smile. 15 minutes with Ted I've been thinking about my last skydive all day, you remember that crazy 'dock' Eric shot of us.
  4. Fuck, oops, I honestly tried searching, guess that's what I get for having an internet connection half the speed of a fart. -- Hook high, flare on time
  5. Recently, I found myself at a new exit which I found to be a bit low for my FF tastes so I decided to change over to an unpacked jump. Luckily for my slack-unpacked-ass there was plenty of room for me to take my rig off and change over, but there are also a couple of other interesting exits in the area that are pretty much unpacked/SL only, for me. I suppose what I'm really looking for is setup ideas to be able to climb conveniently (hopefully with standard deployment system intact,) yet still have a relatively easy way to convert to unpacked, with low-ish exposure to those not involved, while sitting on a narrow catwalk without taking the container off. In case it matters, I jump velcro. P.S. I always carry a couple of lengths of break cord with me, now. Thanks in advance. -- Hook high, flare on time
  6. Sure, if we can convince them to let me use the plane. Also, remind me to show you a trick I have so you never lose it again. 'bout 30 miles south of Jax in a truck stop with slow pumps... yawn, Tired of driving Anything happening around Deland area tonight? -- Hook high, flare on time
  7. I am crying now that I read this because my PM folder is empty, I feel SO un-loved Alleluia and that is does darlin'!!!
  8. Arriving SLC at 8:30 AM on Friday Leaving SLC 8:30 AM on Monday Anybody else have a spare seat around those times? Will chip in for gas/etc -- Hook high, flare on time
  9. I dont think there will be any simularities between your heli jumps verses a base jump... Out of curiosity, how much base experience do you have? -- Hook high, flare on time
  10. Thanks, Kevin. Looks like it's pretty much a cut and paste of the BM manual except for suit hook-up. -- Hook high, flare on time
  11. but www.matterclothing.com and www.flyyourbody.com aren't working for me. Do I have the wrong/outdated websites or something? Does somebody have training info for mono-wing suits? One should be crossing the DZ this weekend and I was hoping to take it for a flight. Thanks in advance. -- Hook high, flare on time
  12. Where did you end up getting them? I checked the parasport website/other US gear stores and I couldn't find them. Getting low on SkyBands and hoping to find a replacement. -- Hook high, flare on time
  13. 100# for the coreless sleeve -- Hook high, flare on time
  14. Wassup Matt, heard your flockin pretty hardcore now, good to hear. Getting some goooood times from my GTi now, bigger suit should be here any day now. SM1: I found out that if you tie a bungee cord around the yoke it does as good a job as I could.
  15. How about a light-weight nylon circle (large enough to cover the mesh plus some) with a grommet in the center. Thread the bridle through it, pack it at the bridle attachment on the canopy, and after deployment it floats to the PC and kills the drag. Off the top of my head it wouldn't work with velcro closed rigs though. -- Hook high, flare on time