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  1. Once again you have put your blinders on wene it comes to AST. Amy was offering coach canidates for a course offered in Waverly TN to sit in on the fjc she was conducting. When that got canceled she offered to work with any one to prepaire. You MF always stir the pot without a clue!!
  2. I'm sooo sick of hearing that. At first it was funny,but after 5 years it drives me nuts. I'm looking for a comment to respond with,can't seem to come up with one. Something that says fuck off and die without offending much.
  3. I'm comming out of Clarksville. I am counting round trip time. You know as well as anyone the trouble we've had here since Ft. Campbell club shut down, and Paris was closed for two years.JR still has'nt been able to get back on his feet. I understand what your saying,but what's the alternative?
  4. We may be dealing with the devil, but it's all we have. Six hours to Cullman gets old, regardless of how great it is there. It's only been two weeks, but so far Chuck and his people have been more than accommodating to the local skydivers and any body else that shows up. I know the history,but we want to jump,can't help it, we'll have to wait and see what happens