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  1. New DZ operating at Chicago Midway intl? Who wants to check it out?
  2. Rigger160, you tell everyone what unit you are in by your user name.
  3. I jammed a fingernail into the hood of my c**t and cut it once ! Ouch that was painful!
  4. If this guy gets elected governor.
  5. Since you guys were doing the stickers in Nashville and Murfreesboro, why would you, (a) behave in such a manner that you would get naked, apply the stickers to yourself like that, (b) Then allow yourself to be photographed like that, and (c) allow that to get posted online knowing that you guys are under litigation in the two cities and they are waiting for you guys to do stupid stuff like that, and you have so much to lose in your military career? Why? And I don't want to hear about it wasn't you, or you were drunk or even bored! Need you wonder why these guys are hammering you in the dirt constantly? As others have said, You bring it on yourself. Driver1 said you guys are masters at screwing yourselves, He is absolutely right about that!
  6. This video on was brought to my attention and I thought you guys might want to work your magic to get it removed. I wrote a letter to the producers at ABC to inform them about what kind of company they were promoting. This is the link so if you guys are interested, you can send the producers a letter as well.
  7. Well, I came back from vacation in Pensacola and stopped in Nashville to get gas and lunch and I could not believe my eyes when I got off the interstate and counted 6 of those Skydive/1-800-505-JUMP stickers on Stop signs and even a guard rail, ALL AT ONE INTERSECTION! Then I got home this evening and My son yelled at me and told me to turn on Channel 4, and to my surprise, they were talking about that very subject! What is it going to take to put that company of criminals out of business?
  8. Well, I noticed this last year about this same time, so it's nothing new, but the signs are back! I am assuming that it's those AST guys again just like last year, so I figure they are being smart-ass because of the news story that ran last week. It does appear that in addition to the signs, they are also putting up stickers as well this year and it also looks like they are trying to be sneaky, they are putting the stickers on the backs of Stop Signs and on electrical poles. In Kentucky, both are a direct violation of the law, so that may be something you Tennessee guys may look at in conjunction with your new law. I can't do anything about it since I live in Kentucky, but maybe some of you guys in Nashville can.
  9. Nutritional value Semen is primarily composed of water, but has been shown to contain trace amounts of virtually every nutrient the human body uses, including DHA (an important omega-3 fatty acid).[1] It has somewhat higher amounts of commonly deficient minerals such as potassium, magnesium and selenium.[2] A tablespoon of semen contains approximately 20 calories.[3] One typical ejaculation contains 150 mg of protein, 11 mg of carbohydrates, 6 mg fat, 3 mg cholesterol, 7% US RDA potassium and 3% US RDA copper and zinc. [4] The protein content of semen is roughly equivalent to that found in the egg white of a large egg.[5] Health benefits Seminal plasma contains minerals such as zinc and calcium, both of which are known to inhibit tooth decay. Semen also has antidepressant properties because of epinephrine[6] and various mood-altering hormones that it contains, [7] and it has thus been called "Nature's Prozac."[8][9] Seminophagia provides the body with testosterone, which is important to maintain muscle and bone strength. While women need a smaller proportion of testosterone than men, it is just as important to female health as it is to male.[10] Testosterone reduces the risk of heart attack, protects against stroke, and can even treat diabetes.[11] Testosterone is particularly important after menopause. When testosterone levels in the blood increase in testosterone-deficient women, bone density usually improves, and women generally report that they feel better.[12] In addition, there are at least two published studies with findings indicating that regular semen exposure is able to reduce breast cancer risk "not less than 50 percent."[13][14] This effect is attributed to its glycoprotein and selenium content.[15] These studies involved vaginal sex, however, the gastrointestinal tract is much more conducive to facilitate nutrient absorption than either the vagina or the rectum. [16] Seminophagia's greatest benefit may be the fact that semen contains a substance which conditions a mother's immune system to accept the "foreign" proteins found in sperm as well as the resulting fetus and placenta, keeping blood pressure low and thereby reducing the risk of preeclampsia. Regular exposure to the baby's father's semen, especially orally, may thus help make a woman's pregnancy safer and more successful, because she is absorbing her partner's antigens.[17] Although some writers in the past, such as Havelock Ellis and, citing Ellis' sources, Marie Stopes, have said that consumption of semen is good for women's physical and mental health and prevents lesbianism and nymphomania, this has been seen as a way of reinforcing the patriarchy: women's dependence upon men.[18] Here's the scource for where I found this.
  10. I have a question, Does 1 800 Skyride pay sales tax in any of the states that they advertise in?
  11. I have not figured out yet what The Farm has to do with the videos that were posted from Clarksville?????
  12. I don't have a dog in this fight and I am certainly not going to set here and waste my time arguing about who's right, but It sounds like you do know about the legacy of the Skyride ownership, so with all due respect, I would like to ask you to educate us. I would like to know for myself if there is more to this whole thing other than the fraudulent websites and scammed customers. Thanks, Lori...
  13. As I posted before, the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle Newspaper report that clearly demonstrates that the Cat Aids thing WAS a scam! Here it is again. We all know about the affiation issue.
  14. Forgive me for bringing up old news, but, I noticed that Loneflyer did a post a couple of months ago, then Jumpdude got in there and replied, then the post got removed and he asked why, Billyvance said that it was just "hidden". Then I later learned that Loneflyers post was "Irrelevant" Well, A couple of weeks ago, someone posted a thread in the Bonfire that was a newspaper article about the operation over at Clarksville attempting to conduct their "Cat Aids Boogie" (?) and having raised funds for the Clarksville Humane Society, then they didn't hand over any money until they were pressured to do so. From what I read in the post by Loneflyer before it got removed, it looks to me like that information was VERY relevant because it offered proof that they did not give any money up as advertised, (???). Here's the link to the newspaper article, check it out and see if you agree.
  15. Hand fall asleep again! Or your batteries ran down,,,,,
  16. I would have to say that it really sounds like you are referring to the Skydiving Centers that are owned and/or operated by the company called Adventure Skydiving, AKA 1 800 Skyride, or Thrill Planet, all based in Cedartown, Ga. There are three that I have found with minimal research that are owned and/or operated by them, Cedartown, Ga, Clarksville, Tenn. and Pennridge, Pa. I would also recommend to stay away from any Skydiving Centers that do business with them as well. I have found that there are several in Texas and California that accept their reservations. Be advised that this company is a very crooked company and the information that everyone is putting out here is very valid information.
  17. Well, I guess you have your answer already, this place is definitely owned by ASC, 1-800-Skyride, Adventure, or whatever they are calling themselves this week. They are the same people who tried to falsely answer my question about the Skydive Signs back before Thanksgiving. I was just asking a simple question, and could not believe the lies and personal attacks that these people do just as they are here in this thread. After a couple of months of research and learning more about the whole fuss about this company, I have to agree with Cspencefly, BillyVance, Chaoskitty, Jumpdude and several others who have posted here in opposition of this company's business practices and even their very existence. After all the information I have studied over that last couple of months, it amazes me that they are still in business. I'm not one to get into an arguement with someone whom I do not know and/or have never met, but I must say that the people who are in these forums are doing a good job. That's all I have to say, Thanks....
  18. Ok, I was able to get the info that is on those signs, And I must say, they are everywhere! The signs read like this; SKYDIVE Gift Certificates 1-800-505-JUMP That's all it says on the signs. Is there a company called just "Skydiving"?
  19. Has anyone seen these signs that I keep seeing in the Areas around Nashville? They have a big word "SKYDIVE" on them and just below that is "Gift Certificates" and a phone number. I live in Bowling Green and work in Nashville and I keep seeing those signs. Does anyone know who is putting up these signs and who they are advertising for? It' don't tell where or who they are. Does anyone know if this is those guys down and Tullahoma, Tn or those guys over by Russellville?
  20. Well dern! if it was porn, I'd love to help!