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  1. brucet7

    Fall rate before opening

    You might try a larger sampling than two jumps before drawing too many conclusions.
  2. brucet7

    Sky Down Skydiving

    I was in Caldwell for a class reunion. The weekend was a little slow, not a lot of people, but I enjoyed my time with Paul (DZO) and everyone. They have a 402 which was great to jump from and we (they) organized a cross-country jump which was a blast. Totally randomly, the exit spot was over the house I lived in when I was in high school. I don't get over there often, but when I do, I will have my rig and stop and jump again.
  3. brucet7

    Buying a used canopy

    I started by talking to the S&TA person, the rigger, and several instructors. They not only gave good advice, but actually did some research and found me mine. They then checked it out and handled the payments between us.
  4. brucet7

    Typical NOOOB question

    There is no rush to spend $8000 on new gear. Most new jumpers start on used equipment. There are several places to find it, including here on The staff at your DZ can no doubt help you. You will be learning, and downsizing as you go along, so let someone else pay for the new stuff. And there is some good stuff around for $3000. And congratulations. Keep jumping.
  5. brucet7

    Skydive New Mexico

    I was in Albuquerque visiting family and brought my chute for a day of jumping. I arrived and found my way to manifest easily. I was greeted quickly and several people welcomed me. After the requisit paperwork, an instructor showed me the landing areas, talked about pattern, and because I jump a sea level, some help on landing at 5200 ft. As I entered the aircraft, I felt confident that it would be a good jump. The only negative I had was with the pilot, and I personally had no problem. He spotted us short, and was lower than expected. An instructor on the load tried correcting the issue, with some success. I will bring my gear the next visit to ABQ and I will be sure to visit Skydive New Mexico again.
  6. Windows Movie Maker doesn't do too badly and it part of XP or Vista, which ever you have.
  7. brucet7

    Lost 100 pounds and this is my reward

    Congratulations on the jump and weight loss. I did the same thing, rewarding myself after a 60 pound weight loss. I started at 310 as well. The weight limit was 250 where I learned.
  8. brucet7

    My New Canopy

  9. brucet7

    First Landing

  10. What the are looking for is a letter you receive from the IRS after being determined to be a non-profit organization. You receive that letter by applying for it with the IRS. It is not easy or quick to get, but you should have no trouble since you are part of an educational institution.
  11. brucet7

    1st Jump - Skydive Tecumseh

    I want to warn you, it doesn't go away very soon. I have trouble staying at work.
  12. brucet7

    1st Tandem

    Congratulations. Way to Go!
  13. brucet7

    Out The Door

  14. brucet7

    My License