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  1. It was good for quite awhile and I still don't know why it started opening so hard. What I did was send it back to the factory and paid for a factory inspection and some minor repairs before I sold it. It was inspected by them and they said it was fine. I then sent it to a company that sells used equipment and they inspected it and sold it for me. And I was open and honest about why I was selling it. POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  2. My Sabre 2 was fine when I first got it, then began opening hard. I almost always had end cell closure. It got so bad that I had it inspected and repaired by PD. I finally sold it and got a Fusion. No hard openings. Same packer (me). Same body position. POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  3. Your story rings familiar. 6 years ago I was 310. Lost 70 lbs and did my first jump course and now 280 jumps later I am maintaining a strong and healthy weight. Skydiving was a big part of losing weight which no doubt added years to my life. Way to go. POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  4. I would say good choice. I had a similar thing happen with a few more jumps and chose to land on rear risers. Some at my DZ were surprised I didn't cut away. I walked away saying, 'so that is why we practice riser turns." POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  5. I have been thinking about this for a few days. I am considering the other side of the equation. I have almost 300 jumps and coach rating. I have lots to learn about 4 ways and more. I was invited to do a tracking drive, but never having done one and being asked on the way to the plane, I passed. I would love and need coaching to improve those skills. If the coach had less than 200 jumps but done a number of tracking dives, I think that should count as a coaching jump. If asked to be part of a 6 way, any help, and i need some, should count as a coaching jump. POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  6. Core work will help with stability and moving in freefall. Cardio work will help with walking to the trailer and packing. POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  7. I use every solo exit as the chance to practice being stable and being controlled on the hill. Once you start jumping with other people you not want to be the guy who gets out of control. POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  8. I don't mean to be rude, but read the original post and you find the answer to your question. "The actors did not jump but were suspended between two cranes in a harnas. They used 'Matrix techniques' to produce the closeups." POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  9. I haven't done much visiting. I have been asked what size my canopy is, and I assume they looked at me and thought that was about right. One I misspoke and said 130 instead of 230 (my mind was elsewhere). All the check in girl did was ask if anyone at my DZ cared and then yelled across the hanger how stupid my DZ was. Once I corrected my number, she said, "oh, that is not bad." [Granted, there is not the best blood between these two DZs] And once an instructor looked at my rig and said with a smile, "Nice tandem rig." POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  10. GoPro is becoming like Kleenex and Vaseline. Trademarks that come to mean any product like them. POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  11. And the zap from an electric fence is not that bad. I have been zapped a number of times growing up on the farm. (Then again, that may explain a thing or two.) POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  12. I bought a Fusion this winter and have 16 jumps on it and love it. I had a chance to jump one before buying. I might have gone Safire, but didn't jump one so I went with what I had. POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  13. I would think the Pacific Northwest would be good. Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, WA or Portland area in Oregon. Skiing, Snowboarding in the Cascades, Puget Sound and the Pacific, hiking the Olympic mountains and several DZs with some pretty awesome views. POPS #10623; SOS #1672
  14. I wear them on the ride to altitude and take out my right ear plug just before putting on my helmet (I can't hear my Solo with it in). If I am by myself, I leave both in. I don't notice any difference between the two sides. POPS #10623; SOS #1672