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  1. Muenkel

    Blame Bush

    As opposed to the "idiots" who cannot write a grammatically correct sentence. Hi Jeanne. It's been awhile since I've been here. Hope you are well.
  2. I've been out of the sport due to injury since 2003. I learned of Gary's death from his obituary in my local paper and am deeply saddened. Jumptown was my home DZ for a brief time. I took AFF there. Gary was instrumental in my instruction. He was my teacher in the classroom and the next day when I did my first AFF jump, he was my ground instructor. My first AFF jump is the only one I have video of and he is prominent in it. I gave him quite the scare on that jump. He was operating the radio from the ground. My radio failed. It was either off or the volume was down. Under canopy I could not hear him. To his credit, I remembered what he taught me in the classroom the night before and successfully landed without assistance. I landed about 100 yards from him. It was a PLF and I just layed on the ground for a bit thinking to myself 'What the hell just happened?'. Gary, not knowing if I had bounced ran his ass off toward me. I heard him yelling to me to please give him a signal that I was OK. At that time, I gave him a thumbs up. In a very nice way, he reemed my ass for not immediately letting him know all was well. Just seeing him at the DZ gave me confidence. He was truly the best of the best! BSBD Gary! Thank you so much for being such a great instructor. If it was not for your skills, I do not know if I would have been able to make that landing without harm. To Dianne, You probably don't remember me but I do remember you. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Gary was a good man. Chris Muenkel
  3. I haven't visited this site in a while but alas, I pop in and once again find an anti-Catholic thread. The vast majority of the posts in this thread are completely ignorant of Catholic doctrine and the posters have obviously never picked up a Catholic Catechism and actually read it. The ignorance in this thread in regard to this topic is ridiculous, particularly by people who consider themselves to be so immensely intelligent. This is akin to me, a Catholic, who does actually read the Catechism giving my opinion on how Buddhism should be practiced. Nice to see nothing has changed in SC. I'm off for another long sabbatical. _________________________________________ Chris
  4. Ditto! There's enough proof dinosaurs that the earth goes back millions of years. Which, btw, is the reason I believe this whole global warming crap is a scam. There's a thread subject switch for ya.
  5. And Tom sees the agenda! The Kool Aid drinkers from all sides of the aisle are not seeing it. This is probably the most dangerous time in our nation's history. _________________________________________ Chris
  6. The Muenkel type. Seriously, I'm mostly fiscally conservative, somewhat socially conservative. As for presidential elections, unfortunately we usually have only 2 or 3 candidates. Since I have been old enough to vote, I have never had a candidate that I agreed with 100%. I just prioritize the issues and pick the one that fits the closest. _________________________________________ Chris
  7. First: 'Joe the plumber' did not jump in as a politician. He simply asked then candidate Obama a fair question when Obama was campaigning in his neighborhood. The shit hit the fan when Obama answered the question in the manner that he did. For damage control, 'Joe the plumber' had to be destroyed. Second: While Palin certainly is very good-looking, it was not her main draw with millions of Americans. Many were drawn to her due to her charisma (sounds like some other candidate) and her ability to relate to the average American. She also had the ability to not come across as an elite Washington insider who normally have blinders on. The left is not relentlessly attacking her for no reason. If they did not feel threatened, they'd forget about her. She's still not forgotten which is unusual for a VP candidate for the party that lost. _________________________________________ Chris
  8. Despite only 32 responses to your poll so far, I'm happy to see that 91% always or nearly always vote. _________________________________________ Chris
  9. Right now we're in the midst of a massive power grab. We just may get Obamacare despite the polls seriously going against it. Congress will pay the price before Obama does. _________________________________________ Chris
  10. The beginning of it stopping will be election day of 2010 (or technically 1/1/11). It will completely stop on Inauguration Day 2013. _________________________________________ Chris
  11. That Karma is actually a sharp looking car. I'd like to see the stats on it just for curiosity sake. I would never buy one simply because Gore is behind it. _________________________________________ Chris
  12. Huh? You know I was just playing with Cocheese. I consider him a friend. _________________________________________ Chris
  13. Try reading my 2nd sentence and you'll realize how incorrect your statement is. _________________________________________ Chris