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  1. who says we can't post racist remarks here???
  2. DOMS=MODS (weird, huh?) SUBS-Subscriberss that just works out way too easily.
  3. Right up until the cop says "that was reckless", I'm with you - "reckless" is very vague. I think I'll simply avoid Florida!
  4. I'd bet that he already knows how to beat that drug test. Most smokers learn that one real quick. It's easy and cheap. You're likely to just encourage his drug of choice to change to alcohol. Maybe you should look at why he uses any drug.
  5. The first part of your comment is right on. I sincerely hope people on here would be above such comments, but I don't know the history behind it I suppose. I missed the rape and child assault discussions and would again for that matter. I do think the faceless perspective does have a lot to do with it. I don't follow your last sentence though as I've never had anything to do with moderators.
  6. I've never seen them at the bonfire smacking folks for expressing their thoughts and opinions.
  7. Trying to view this place as a true reflection of a dz bonfire...albeit with a moderator ready to smack us with a stick if they dislike what we say? This place is anything but a bonfire. No matter how much we may try to please the skygods gone webbie.
  8. pick a new, larger, nicer tatt for a cover-up. NEVER have a name inked on your body. Harley Davidson being the single allowed exception. YMMV