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  1. Summary paragraph is at the end. Hello, my name is Jarryd. I started skydiving in 2008 when i was 18 years old. I'm a month away from 25 now. I've made about 600 skydives and have packed an estimated 15,000 parachutes, mostly tandems. I've worked at 3 different dropzones full-time. 3 dropzones with completely different environments with one recurring element of EGO/ARROGANCE/NARCISSISM. I've struggled with this one element, of which i just articulated with 3 words, in myself my whole life. I'm very interested in teaching. I need to start from the ground up. I'll admit i'm going about this the lazy way, starting my own thread and asking for direct information, but maybe this can be made a sticky for general informational purposes for instructors/aspiring instructors. The biggest concept i've learned in the art of teaching is that less is more. Baby steps. Building blocks. Simplicity. This isn't just in reference to skydiving but in every aspect of life/sports/disciplines. I was hoping for the best information to be provided specifically by moderators/instructor examiners/seasoned instructors in reference to the proper training methods of students just entering the sport. This is my personal request because as i've stated before, i'm starting from the ground. Everyone has their own teaching syllabus, i understand this. I understand that nothing beats real world experience. I understand the absolute need to go to proper instructor examiners to obtain the proper ideas of how to teach, what teaching methods people respond to, and what teaching methods people are turned off from. That's who i am hoping to hear from here. Instructor examiners/instructors who have experienced damn near every personality, every concoction of emotional traits. On top of this, i'd like to learn of the obstacles that instructors will face throughout their careers in terms of shaping skydivers who have made it through the aff/static-line/IAD hurdle. Most of all, i want to learn how to deal with/properly guide the most difficult and sensitive element in this sport. The ego. To sum it up, i want to learn how to teach safety at every stage of the learning to skydive process. Most importantly, i want to learn how to properly teach/guide the people who have the largest ego. To be direct about this whole post, i want my arrogance/ego to be in reference to how good of a teacher i am. And i'd like to learn from the instructors/instructor examiners who feel as though they have a right to be arrogant in reference to their ability to teach/deal with the egos' within this sport, including mine.
  2. I'm chronically repulsed by the egos i come across in the sport, as well as the ego in myself that takes over from time to time. I want to stay as close to the simple freedom and joy this sport initially opened my eyes to. I've strayed from that in the last few years, and i want nothing more than to forget about the god damn fucking bullshit and get back to the freedom again.
  3. I fucking hate christmas but no that guy is a whiny little bitch to do that in public
  4. Your direct answer? No, not at all. Your attempt at answering? Absolutely. It is full of wisdom and intellect. It is very progressive.
  5. Okay, but understand that's what a screenwriter would call "an unfilmable." Stories on film and TV happen mostly about things that can be seen or heard because, well, it's motion PICTURES first and foremost with dialogue coming in second (usually when the budget won't allow for expensive exposition scenes). Perhaps if we as a society READ more. It would slow down the rate of consumption and could be more thoughtful as well. I guess this is where it gets strange. I'd like to see the idea of internal conflict illustrated through the primitive instincts. I want to see large battles between 2 different sides, actual battles with guns and swords or whatever tickles your fancy but with different meaning. Trying to kill the negative emotional spectrum. Being at war with the negative emotional spectrum.
  6. Okay, even though this is how I make my bread and butter, I'm going to have to be honest about it -- I believe it's the media. This is NOT a concerted effort on anyone's part. It's not. And I'm not talking about Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck or Rachel Maddow or Bill Maher either. I'm talking straight up media; the comedies and dramas you, me and everybody else watches for fun. Every single one of them is based on a driving force; CONFLICT. It is the alpha and omega of every story. Without conflict, there is no story. And this is exactly how it's been since the dawn of time. What's different is the amount of it we watch day after day, night after night. AND who are the most interesting characters in all of this? The people with the sharpest tongues and quickest wits. AND they all seem to end up being rewarded for it too. Is it any wonder this is now how most people approach life? As I said, it's not something that is intentional. We see it and to a certain extent we imitate it. Well put. But to me, this form of conflict that we try so hard to imitate is played out. Done. Stagnant. It amazes me that these patterns haven't been figured out yet, but i've also discovered that observing simple patterns is one of the most difficult things to do, especially if you are caught up in the center of them. Creating inconsistencies in the consistencies is where progress stems from. Internal conflict is where it's at for me now. The conscious battling the sub-conscious. Feeling the overpowering need to fuck, reproduce, dominate, control, and having the understanding to know these things are hurtful to emotional progression. Societal progression. Our instincts remain so very strong in order to maintain the life of the species as a whole, yet when one individual is able to control these instincts and use their emotional progression to manipulate the world around them to better benefit the quality of life in the immediate vicinity, well everyone is drawn to that. Everyone wants to be around that. And people go through tremendous emotional pain when they experience this, and it gets taken away. And not even if it gets taken away. If it just simply naturally leaves, people become unbelievably sad. But just sad. Not spiteful. Not condescending.
  7. There is a really good book called The Time Machine about a futuristic world that lives in what seems to becomplete peace and happiness that has come about from evolution. Sounds like my cup of tea, thanks for the info. I'm more interested in knowledge than world peace. On the large scale, cosmology enthralls me. On the small scale, quantum mechanics perplexes me. And on the combined scale? Well, black holes just seem otherworldly. I want to know if selflessness can prevail, because with selflessness comes opportunity and freedom. Opportunity and freedom to expand and explore. I want to know the answers to this universe, but i don't believe i have the tools for that. But someone does. Maybe a whole lot of people do. Maybe all we need is a little room for opportunity to prosper, but i'm not quite sure how this space for opportunity and freedom can be cleared out and made ready.
  8. This shit has been floating around in my head for as long as i've been alive. It hasn't been until now that i've adjusted emotionally enough to articulate all of this and make an attempt at satisfying my curiosity, my need to know.
  9. We are the universe. We are a part of this system. There is no separate conscious looking down upon us or pitying us. We're here. We're making shit happen. We are progressing. We've always been progressing. We will never stop progressing. If we go extinct, progression will not suddenly stop.
  10. Life is selfish. Survival means overcoming others. We kill other life so we can eat, can live. That's the old model. We can go back to that at any time, and chances are an extinction level event will force it at some point in order to ensure the survival of the species. But for the time being, we have emotional comfort. We have the opportunity to create something new. I want to see what can come out of these complex emotions we've developed as human beings.
  11. I want to know what the next step in evolution is. I want to know if selflessness can ever become the majority.
  12. Skydivers have the most perspective out of anyone i've met. I imagine others would like answers also, and this seems like a half decent place to get them so long as people can keep their jokes in check.
  13. Why do cheap jokes, spite and condescension plague advanced society so miserably?