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  1. On my friend's birthday we went to Skydive Monterey Bay for a first jump. Early in the morning, my friend called to make reservations, and he was told that he did not need any, just to show up at noon, which we did. After signing in, he was told to just "wait" by some tables - four and a half hours later, we were told the jump would be canceled due to winds. Somewhere around hour 3 of waiting, I asked the office is they could give us a general time line of waiting. They said that even after 17 years of experience, they had NO idea when he would jump as timing was impossible in this business. When I asked if they could tell me whether it would be one hour or five, they said it they could not say. So we continued to wait in the FREEZING hanger...and I am guessing the uncomfortable temperature is a common thing as the staff had a tiny spaceheater. So once the jump was canceled due to winds, we were told that the Company does NOT give refunds. After haggling with the owner, and getting unprofessionally yelled at by her, my friend finally received a partial refund - the Company kept a $50 nonrefundable fee. Though there is no argument that the office's policy is no refunds, and my friend signed the contract, there was a question of customer service. As absolutely NO services had been rendered, (my friend never even got to leave the hanger), it seemed not to much to ask for a refund. No such luck. Though the Company did not LEGALLY have to give a refund (as it is stipulated in their jump contract) it would seem that customer service, or human decency, would dictate that one should. Instead, my friend basically paid $50 to wait all day in a freezing hanger - on his birthday. I would NEVER EVER recommend Skydive Monterey. The wait time is ridiculous (and the owner reassured me several time that on any given day, they can NEVER offer time predictions), the waiting area is freezing cold and uncomfortable (and this all happened in spring - I could not imagine winter!), and the staff was unfriendly and had no concept of customer service skills or what is right. Save your money and go to the Hollister skydiving place.