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  1. Gug

    Storm vs Lightning-whats the diff

    I didn't jump with storm or lightning but members of my team do. In my opinion, lightning are good form big way and storm are good for competition
  2. The Parachuting School of Besançon Franche-Comté is a modern and active school with between 7000 and 8000 jumps made each year. Photo-060 The school was founded in 1975 and totally refurbished in the early 1990s. Today, the school has a Pilatus PC-6 ( motorized in A34) allowing to take 9 parachutists to 4000m in 15 minutes. The school has a high-quality team composed almost entirely of volunteers to the services of practitioners, confirmed and novices. The parachute park that the school provides to paratroopers is substantial: 18 "school" materials (Module / DCM9 and School) 20 intermediate materials (Advance In / Navigator 240 to 200, Atom Legend / Navigator to Electra 170, Saber II 170 and 150) 20 "Voile Contact" equipment (Vectra / Diamant 180, Talon FX / Storm 150 and 135) All these equipments all have student safety devices (FXC) and intermediate devices ( Cypres 1 & 2, Vigil) and are constantly being renewed in order to have a park suitable for all templates and all levels. 2011_12_08-a-09_03_03_N ° 7030 The specialty of the school is the Voile Contact , a discipline that is practiced parachute open to several and which consists of realizing the maximum figures by hooking with the parachutes in a given time. This discipline of parachuting is pushed upward by Jean-Michel Poulet (11 000 jumps, 12 times champion of the World of Sailing Contact, Director of the French teams and National Technical Director of the French Federation of Parachuting) and members of the teams Of France multi-mediators who train regularly in the school. Animations in Sailing Contact, but also FreeFly , Vol Relatif and Wing-suit are regularly organized with funding from the Ligue Franche-Comté as well as from the school in order to offer parachutists attractive coaching in all disciplines. Contact: 03 81 81 35 58 For weekend 06 75 14 27 07 For the evening