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  1. Does anyone know what happened to Skydive Skyranch in Silaom Springs Arkansas?
  2. ???? From a business standpoint? Really? Up jumpers are the repeat customers, they are the ones that will come back, draw more business, and buy all the little things you sell. I hate how its all about tandems nowadays, when the upjumpers are the ones that are the repeat customers. I got left at the landing field as I was walking back on my last jump, I was 45 sec. from the van. They couldnt wait because the plane was running and they use a shuttle van to get from one side of the airport to the other. Glad I was not injured. So, I was left until the next load came down. That is how this dz views upjumpers and why I hope to find a better one than that. There is one about 20 min. further, I hope it works out better. So, for the question of the business case for upjumpers, they are the repeat customers, they are what the whole thing is about.
  3. Im not a veteran jumper by any means, just got my A license, bit I did 3 AFF jumps a couple years ago and had a break in between. Came back from the break with the time and means to actually do this now. Anyway, I did the same thing on my first. I forgot to do my practice pulls and couldnt remember what the signal was that he gave me, practice touch. spent most of freefall trying to figure out what he told me to do and just overloaded. Then he gave me a pull signal, I reached back and grabbed the ripcord, they used those there, and hesitated for a moment again trying to recall what the hand signal was that they had given me, and the instructor pulled it the rest of the way for me. All the rest of the jumps have went much better, the more you go, the more it will slow down for you, and you can really concentrate on things you need to do in the jump. Blue skies and good winds!!
  4. Congrats man! Now you're addicted, not such a bad addiction. Guess it depends on who you ask though. ask most everyone at your dz and they will tell you its a good one, thats all that matters anyway. Enjoy the ride, and just relax on the rest of the jumps, you'll be suprised how much that helps. I did my AFF and only got half of the front flip and was still botchy on the turns and whatnot, but when I did some solos and there was no pressure, just time to have fun. It was night/day. Blue skies and low winds!!
  5. Got my license Saturday. I have 26 jumps now, but got my license on my 25th. Man, it feels good. I was at work, work at an airport, and the windsock was dead. We didnt have alot of flights going and we had alot of guys there. Talked my boss into leaving to finish, had to do 3 to do it. Got there, it is a ways away, and it was B license and above. WHYY!!!! Well, that was around noon. About 3:30 the winds died enough to jump. Had to get my hop n pop done, with the spotting. Good times! Was about to do 3 more jumps. The last jump I did with the dzs main instructor, we did a coach jump where he showed me how to do turns with the knee turning 2 people docked, and then turns with the knee in conjunction with a shoulder turn individually. I have that song of Tom Pettys in my head at this point, Learning to fly......
  6. Ok, so I got to do 2 yesterday. Got alot of stuff signed off, so pretty much just need 4 jumps, one of which will be a hop and pop. Cant wait, I will hopefully do it this Saturday.
  7. I did not move at all, they came and took it off for me. Felt useless, just hope it did not do too much or totally destroy it.
  8. Got to spend the weekend at the DZ. Did 7 jumps Sat and 5 Sun. Puts me at 19 now, hopefully I can get some good ones in next weekend and get that much closer to the license. :D Had some issues slowing my fall rate, I hugged that imaginary beach ball all I could and couldnt really slow it down that much. Working on docking now, and will hopefully be able to do some nonlinked exits and some docking with that. Its a fun journey! Cant wait to keep going. I am jumping at Gold Coast in Mississippi right now. I will be going to northern California soon and cant wait to continue it there also. I will miss the DZ here, it has been a real good time, with some good people. I still have a few more trips there, hopefully the weather is good those times. Good times, low winds, and blue skies to all!!
  9. Yep, got a new nickname, Fence! Came in on downwind and had some behind me in the pattern and one to my left coming in on final. I stayed somewhat crosswind going for the bullseye to work on an accuracy jump. When I got down to treetop level the destination point shifted from at the target to past it. I overflew the target and slid the landing to close to the fence. The wind took the canopy over ontop of the fence. I will find out the full extent of the damage next weekend maybe.
  10. NICE!!! Good job on the packing. Good luck also on your AFF. I did about the same thing, went to start AFF and had bad weather, stayed there and got a pcking classs, got signed off before ever starting AFF. I did 3 jumps 2 years ago, so I was starting from scratch coming back into it, they started me on LV2 and I went through AFF in 2 weekends. Keep up the packing and keep watching the differences in camopies and styles. Did you learn flat packing or pro packing? I learned the flat pack and want to see the pro pack, although I think I will stick with flat for a while because you can see it all neatly packed and know there are no twists and it is all tidy. Its gonna be a good time! Blue skies and low winds!
  11. Yep. This weekend will be another one of those hoping to be up ones. I hope the weather goes well for you also. I hope to get as many jumps as I can this weekend too. Will jump both days if possible.Blue skies with good winds everyone!
  12. Sweet! Congrats on getting your license. I know its better to be on the ground wishing, it still sucks though. There is always next weekend, I will be able to try both days then. I hope to make a bunch of jumps then.
  13. Ya, they had a cool kite there. Ya, I soloed the last time I was there, so it's been hard to wait, now I have to wait even longer.
  14. Spent the day at the DZ watching other people have fun wishing for the wind to die a bit. Have to wait another 5 days! Boo on this, hope the weather cooperates next weekend, I am off both days and plan to spend as much time as I can jumping both of them.
  15. Back to the DZ tomorrow to do jump 9- how many ever I can! Cant wait, been waiting 3 weeks to go again. Has been torture doing my first solo last time, but I have managed to gather some of my own gear. I now have an altimeter, jumpsuit, gloves, and going to order a Benny helmet and goggles very soon. Now to get some more jumping in and find out what kind of rig I will need and start looking for it!:D:D:D:D This is a crazy cool journey this skydiving! Blue skies!