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  1. I need a new freefly helmet. I want either a Cookie M1 or a mindwarp. Anyone used the M1? The mindwarp seems to be more popular at my DZ probaly because their based in the US. I may be more partial to the M1 because of the dual audible pockets. I don't see any other difference between the two, besides the long wait for the M1. Also I already own a Cookie MXV which is awesome but I dont fly camera yet which makes the extra bulk unessasary.
  2. Ok thanks, Anyone know if the freezr has problems with seeing handles??????
  3. I would like to buy a full face helmet specifically for winter here in Colorado. I prefer open face but would like to protect my face from how cold it gets here. IS THIS A GOOD REASON TO BUY A FULLFACE? I was thinking either a MAMBA (Bonehead) or a FREEZR (Paratec) any sugesstions? Also i'm planning to use it for mostly freeflying.