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  1. I saw a jumper at my DZ with his Gopro mounted upsidedown on the front of his helmet. It was right on his forehead. It seemed like it would be less of a snag factor. Also, Im already 6'4" and cramped in the small jump planes. I dont want to be any taller.

    Does anyone know a good mount for this? The standard mount that comes with the Gopro won't mount that far forward on my helmet. (wrong curvature). I was looking at the Hypoxic permanant front mount but Im not sure it would allow for this type of mounting.

    Also, can anyone think of a down side to mounting it this way?

  2. What's up everyone?!?

    I got a Go Pro for Xmas this year and would like to mount it on the front of my Cookie M1. I don't really want it on the top of my helmet because I'm already 6'4" and don't need to be any more cramped in the back of a jump plane. I was thinking about getting this one:


    I like that I could play around with the view/angle. However it does look like a major snag factor. Has anyone use these? Or suggest a better option?


  3. Hey,
    About a year ago a rigger put some of the small tube stoes on my D-bag and left the bigger sized rubber band on. This weekend one of the tube stoes finally broke. I ordered Some new ones and was surprised to find only three of the larger locking stoes.

    I typically use 4 of the larger rubber bands as locking stoes. Why would it be any different with tube stoes???

    I thought maybe I'd just use the smaller tube stoes, but it only came with 7. wtf?

    Do I only use 2 locking stoes and leave the other 2 eyelets unused?

  4. I just moved close to Auckland New Zealand and need someone to jump with!!!! There's no one fun jumping out here!!!>:( And the ones who are only do four way. I WANT TO FREEFLY!!! If you live anywhere around here lets do some fleefryin!!!

    09 298 2563


  5. I just sold my Spectre190 (my first canopy) and now I am downsizing to a 170 and switching to a 9cell. I have had my mind set on a safire2 169 for sometime but after watching the classifieds for a couple weeks I'm begining to think it may not happen[:/].

    I also have been looking at the Sabre170. Any opinions? on any canopies. I have 185 jumps and I'm about 205lbs OTD. I have also looked at a few Crossfires but have been talked out of goin from a Spectre to an elliptical.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  6. So I'm finally going back to my birth place for vacation New Zealand. I'm looking for good suggestions on were to jump out there. I will be staying in the Auckland area but I'm willing to travel for a good coastal view (or any good view). Please let me know if theres a place "I have to jump" while I'm out there. Don't reply unless you have a really good suggestion I know there is a lot of places to jump. Thanks.:):P:D:ph34r:

  7. Im looking into getting together gear for shooting video. I should be up to 200 jumps in the near future and don't know much about lenses. What is a good lens size for a newbie? Is there a good middle ground?I mostly freefly but would love to shoot tandem footage in the future. I own a pc 350. I dont want the subject to look far away and don't want to chase too much. Is this an answerable question???

  8. Last night I had a little trouble sleeping because I was thinking about skydiving. I was thinking about malfunctios and my plans for each givin scenario. In this thought process I imagined a malfunction situation I had never heard around the DZ or in forums, magazines etc.

    Bear with me here: What if the left white loop securing the three rings were to fail (i.e. break) causing the left riser to inadvertently cut-away. Because most rigs have the RSL on the left this would cause the reserve to fire before the jumper would have time to cut-away the right riser.

    If the jumper were to cut-away extremely fast this would not be a problem. On the other hand; with the left riser lose the canopy would definitely collapse and give the jumper just enough drag to put them into a vertical position. This would most likely increase their speed and give the reserve PC enough wind speed to inflate and may intangle with the main.

    Please don't send me a bunch of hate mail if you know more about this. This is all theoretical and I admit my ignorance in this type of situation.

    Has anyone else thought of this? or heard of this happening? please comment if you have any thoughts.


  9. Thank you all for the info. But what is with this "mad Skills" thing everyone is talking about. Who started this whole thing? I'm not some arrogant punk. I said I Have alot of tunnel time that's all. A Simple fact. I Already said I admit i'm being impatient and will wait. I would like to continue to run this thread and receive more advice for the future. But let's not pretend like I'm bragging about myself. I Just need advice/info. I've been seeing alot of newbies with less jumps then my Lowlevel ass jumping camera lately. I Guess I was thinking that the tunnel time could help to get closer to camera flying, (Seems as though I was Completely wrong).

  10. I gotta say DSE it seems hard to take advice from you. Try to be more informative rather than shitting on my question. You say im arrogant about my skills but it sounds more like your looking to glorify your skillz (which looks like you have alot of)rather than give advice.

    "If you can't fly belly really well, relative to others, stay out of the air" ?????

    I had a question about the importance of RW. Who said I can't belly fly relative to others?

    When I got the advice to be proficient in RW I assumed they meant learning 4way routines 'n' shit? I could spend all day replying to your post but i'm a little confused and I think were a little off track.

    My question is: Why is flying in proximity on your belly important for safety when flying camera? I understand it's important when trying to film a subject, but thats not important to me. I wouldn't mind fiming a few solos or high pulls.

  11. Okay thanks for the advice, but I'm still not convinced. When I had fewer jumps I got advice that I should wait to start freeflying. Maybe I was just lucky in the past but in hindsight I feel like that advice may have been a little over protective and may have slowed my progression.
    In this sport I understand that most advice is good but the extremity of the sport sometimes brings overprotective advice[:/]. And thats no funB|.
    I admit that my next statement is from an ignorant point of view but: I don't plan on flying a "camera slot" I just want to see again what I experience on the weekends. I usually do two way freefly jumps and solos. I don't want to be distracted by trying to get the "perfect shot". That might get in the way of the funB|.
    Why is RW experience important? I'm pretty good at proximity flying but I'm a freeflyer.

  12. Since the day I did my first jump I've been VERY intrested in flying camera. Besides jumping I own a camera (pc350) and love using it. But I only have 100 jumps. An instructor I respect, and has watched my progression since AFF told me "I should get into it now". I have a pretty significant amount of tunnel time and I'm starting to learn head-down. Right now I just want to do point-of-view type filming nothing too complicated.

    Should I wait until I have 200 jumps like the USPA recommends?[:/]

  13. This is dan's girlfriend and I would just like to say that dan is the most respectful guy I know and he would never call his mom a BITCH! If you have ever seen the Chappele show on comedy central you would know the the phrase "Evening Bitches" is a joke. I can't believe a skydiver would take things so seriously seeing as how you jump out of airplanes! i would not have been with someone for seven years if he disrespected me! :) Please don't make faulse judgements.:o

  14. I need a new freefly helmet. I want either a Cookie M1 or a mindwarp. Anyone used the M1? The mindwarp seems to be more popular at my DZ probaly because their based in the US. I may be more partial to the M1 because of the dual audible pockets. I don't see any other difference between the two, besides the long wait for the M1. Also I already own a Cookie MXV which is awesome but I dont fly camera yet which makes the extra bulk unessasary.