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  1. Martini

    Something to watch on sunday hungover

    One of the best and most beautiful wingsuit vids I've seen in years. And a Birdman video, who'da thunk.
  2. Martini

    flyby canopies ettiquette

    What's really fun is to buzz a canopy from behind and drag a foot on the topskin as you go by. Another fun one is to fly up behind the canopy pilot and flare the wingsuit just in time to grab the lines and stand on his shoulders. There are lots of variations, be creative.
  3. Martini

    Triathlon Hybrid, OK for Wing Suit Flying?

    Yes. At least no less safe than any other canopy.
  4. Martini

    Hey you...

    Bah humbug. My suit's better than your suit. Happy fucking Christmas my ass.
  5. Martini

    Can I fly a wingsuit again?

    You're asking people who have no idea of who you are or how you fly? Ask instructors at your DZ to evaluate you not strangers.
  6. Martini

    Talon Squeaking Noise

    Both of my Infinities had that problem, a few drops from a can of rig oil took care of things.
  7. Martini

    USPA fear?

  8. Martini

    Cocky/arrogant skydivers.

    You asked, the guy said no. He's not obligated to cater to your desires. Sounds like you're the arrogant one. You've got a lot to learn about skydiving and people pal. If you stay in the sport awhile you'll find yourself giving the same answer as the "cocky asshole" did, then maybe you'll understand what's up. You have a hundred jumps, chill out.
  9. Martini

    Tonysuit Wingsuit mod for the Eagle.

    Anyway can anyone tell me what Tony does to the wing if you send it in and get it mod for $150.00? Yes, Tony can.
  10. Martini

    downsize too much?? diminishing returns

    What a fascinating concept, really can you imagine that there could be such a thing as overloading a wing? How's the bowling league going for ya pal?
  11. Martini

    Whats a fair price?

    A fair price is whatever someone is willing to pay. I own several, average I have paid is around $300-$400. Low jump #s and good lines make it worth more, patches devalue it. Look at the classifieds, ignore ads asking $1000 for an old Sabre.
  12. Martini

    Falcon & Sabre Glide Ratios

    Wow, that's weird, I just posted a response but it disappeared..... Anyhow, there isn't any good data or consensus on the glide of the Sabre. In theory wingloading within reasonable limits shouldn't affect glide, only speed. If you do some testing I'd like to see the results, I have several Sabres but haven't had the time to measure glide. I doubt that it is identical for my 107, 120 and 150 but it should be similar. I have a groundlaunch that could be doable at 2.5 but I'm guessing that we're talking more like 2.0 for the Sabre.
  13. Martini

    4 way exit from 182

    3-ways are easy, 2 on step 1 in the door. 4-ways similar but as I recall the last guy dives out with the 3rd exiting from a crouch. Mock it up, it's messy but possible. Even with a small step you can get 2 people outside. Haven't done 3-4 ways from the 182 for a few years but they're actually pretty fun. I've done solos exiting on my back while standing on the step with my back to the strut, I wonder if it's possible/safe to get a wingsuit in the crotch position?
  14. Martini

    Unisex skydiving

    I'm intolerant of intolerance myself.
  15. What an excellent post Sam, the responses should be fascinating.