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  1. Tokter

    Kinder Surprise....

    I had 6 of them in my luggage not too long ago hehe. Would that be a 6x$300 fine
  2. Tokter

    Charlie Chaplain...Cell Phones??????????

    Hearing aid....
  3. Tokter

    Need vote for photo contest

  4. Tokter

    Trains in Europe

    Yes, if you just buy a one off single ticket it's very expensive. But there are usually different plans and programs that make longer stays a lot cheaper.
  5. Since you have access to his computer, do you have access to his email accounts? If so you could maybe use the password recovery of websites he had an account for to send the password to his email....just a thought.
  6. Tokter

    why does it seem that...

    I was just arguing that it's a world wide used term, but you're right that's getting off topic. To me the definition is not clear and I keep checking the "Other" box whenever it gets asked on forms here in the US. C'est la Vie....
  7. Tokter

    why does it seem that...

    It's about as international as the World Series is. Other than the anglo-saxon, who uses that word in any other way than meaning 1 of your quote (of or relating to the Caucasus or its inhabitants). I know it's not used in German like what you highlighted.
  8. Tokter

    why does it seem that...

    how much of that 21% are NON Caucasian PLEASE DEFINE CAUCASIAN
  9. Tokter

    Crime Pays Well In France

    Yes, macaroni salad....
  10. Tokter

    C# help

    I did not know that, that's cool Kim. I'm a C# programmer as well, but of course need more details to say if I can help.
  11. Did you try: Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Speech Recognition
  12. They are inovative, maybe not in the area you care. Their development tools are excellent which allows one to build software like this pretty easily. And i'm looking forward for the next relase of vistual studio etc. There is nothing inovative about an iPad as far as I'm concerned. I write software for a living and there is no other platform other than windows that's suitable for me in sight...
  13. Getting the visa and finding the job will be the problem, once you have that I'm sure you'll get by somehow. You should also check out: A forum for mostly german speaking auswanderer.
  14. Tokter

    Import tax

    I'm not an expert, so what I think to know is: If you order something though the mail and it's for personal use then it's tax free up to $200. If you travel and take it with you then up to $800 is tax free. If the value is over $2000 then the import has to be a formal one, at the port where the goods enter the US... I don't know exactly how much they charge you if it's over $200, I think it depends on the item. You should get the VAT back, but I have only done it in person when I was living in Switzerland and bought something in Germany. You have to let the store know that you intent to export the item, they then gave me a form and the receipt. The form I had to get stamped at the customs when I entered CH. Then the next time you are at the store they refund you the money after presenting them the stamped form and receipt. It's probably a similar process if you order it though mail, but I have not done it myself so far... That's all I know, sorry....
  15. Tokter

    Attn oldschool cellphone experts

    I think in 2008 all wireless provider shut off their analog service. Not really sure by that description but if it'a an old analog cell phone then you can't get service for it anymore.