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  1. Switzerland was a no fly zone for Axis & Allies yet Allied pilots managed to bomb Swiss cities and shoot at swiss planes. Can't have been that bad if they choose to land there over germany. Swiss internee reports: Switzerland was not self-sufficient, food was rationed and people had to grow food on every green area that seemed usable, mostly by women and children since the men were called to service. So, lots of swiss would have been happy with a half inch slice of swiss cheese. Cry me a river....
  2. Mach kei saich..das wird scho wieder besser!
  3. I had 6 of them in my luggage not too long ago hehe. Would that be a 6x$300 fine
  4. I can totally see that, those guns are really precise. I was shooting 10m Air Rifles growing up, until 16 then they trust you with a SIG-550 Assault Rifle on 300m, which was more fun :)
  5. The article is not about Olympic shooting, it's about Modern Pentathlon Juniors. The running and shooting is combined into one event, similar to a Biathlon at the winter olympics. I can see why they think a laser would be saver for kids. Plus it looks like it gets kicked out of the olympics soon anyways.
  6. I had to lookup what Modern Pentathlon is. Pistol shooting, épée fencing, 200 m freestyle swimming, show jumping, and a 3 km cross-country run. Must be a "Modern Pentathlon" thing.
  7. Hearing aid....
  8. By the amount of mexican food that is available here, they must be some of the best integrated people ever.
  9. The simplest explanation would be that the lifting charge detonated the main charge. The timing for it is perfect and if you look at it frame by frame it sure looks like the explosion originates inside his tube.
  10. And email addresses he got from the school email system. Watch the video you linked @2:20
  11. Yes, if you just buy a one off single ticket it's very expensive. But there are usually different plans and programs that make longer stays a lot cheaper.
  12. I saw a documentary about that on swiss television. I think it played in Iran, where they have temporary marriages. You sign up for a predetermined duartion, pay the priest and voila you are married and automatically divorced when the time is up. That seems to be used for prostituion, dating etc. So at least some found a solution...
  13. The funniest thing about the whole thing is the commentator that wants to boycott Swiss Miss, lol.
  14. What do I make up? According to the Department of State website, 1 Million American live in Mexico. If you use the mentioned 200 murders then the rate is already lower than here, add the 20 million tourists and it's going to be even lower. That's the only point I'm making....not exactly sure what your point is though.