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  1. Hello everyone, My name is Eric Vigneault, I am in charge of sales and marketing for Ouragan Suits. There is false information circulating about Ouragan Suits and I would like to clarify the situation. In a thread that was posted here on DZ.com, it was written that our machines were auctioned off and that Ouragan was no longer in business. Unfortunately, many people actually think that we are definitely closed or going to very shortly. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE ...and the author of this message never contacted us in any way before posting his message online. The commercial space we are leasing for our business was recently sold. The new owner decided to do well overdue renovations. Because of that, we had to stop production for a 3-week period. While this was going on, we had problems with some of our machines. These machines were auctioned off and we bought new ones. We are now in our newly renovated office and production is 100% back and operational! Now even though we could, we are not going to pursue this matter any further than writing this message, but since more than 1400 of DZ.com readers saw this faulty message, we would like your help to pass along this rectification to the skydiving community in order to correct the situation. On a more personal note, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my Best Wishes to all of you for the Holiday Season…and lots of blue skies for the year to come! Regards, Eric Vigneault Ouragan Suits Inc. Sales & Marketing
  2. pumperdude Ouragan Suits www.ouragansuits.com Eric Vigneault (Sales & Marketing)
  3. There's no new company, there's only one!! These are old machines we got rid of because of a dispute over them. I invite you to call us at work (877) 960-3030, we"ll be happy to talk with you! And the only thing happening that's got to do with us in Montreal is Skyventure Mtl... ...opening soon! Eric
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Eric, I work for Ouragan Suits at marketing and Nancy’s good friend. We had to part ways with one the associates and we are currently renovating our building to serve you better. Now does that sounds like an auction? Come on!!! Don't you love it when things get twisted on a forum!? Thanks to our extraordinary sponsored athletes at the last Nationals (Arizona Arsenal Gold, M.Andy Malchiodi with SoCal Converge 2nd at the gauntlet in the tunnel and a world record, and a Silver for Team Solstice ) we are doing better than ever before! Looking forward to serve the world skydivers for many years to come Thank you Eric Vigneault Ouragan Suits spokes person
  5. You're right, when we were in the transfer process, things were a little hectic for a few months. We have been working together for more than 18 months now and we all having a blast! We've been keeping quiet for a while, that the way we want to do things now, we want to show instead of telling, slowly, but surely. We're currently developing our distributor network, that way we'll be closer to our customer and more accessible. Our current delivery time is 45 days max, most likely it'll be under that. Eric
  6. I'm Eric, I work at sales for Ouragan... First we don't have any suit above 450$ If people want to add complex designs it's up to them, the more complex, the higher price, as simple as that. Kefran was one of our main designer, he chose to go back at the DZ full time, he's the main camera flyer, like any skydiver he lives for the sport, we wish him well. We do have two other designers and Nancy's is still one of the owner. I find amazing sometime to hear/read about bizarre thing like were done! Where does that come from!? Any how, we're doing great in skydiving and other sports now.