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  1. Here's a better version of Evolution's Round 3:) Derek Orr CSPA 6620 D-633 IA,IB,IPFF,C1,C2 & Master Course Facilitator
  2. Not necessarily relevant to the discussions going on here but I thought I should point out that Jason actually did more than 150-200 jumps. He has about 800 or so and was a CSPA Coach 1, Coach 2, Instructor A (IAD) and PFF Instructor before he stopped jumping. Jason was an exceptional and well respected coach and instructor. He was one of my coaches and was instrumental in keeping me in the sport by taking me to Eloy and spending some time coaching me. He also volunteered much time with the Alberta Sport Parachuting Association and contributed to some projects that CSPA's Coaching Working Committee where working on. I thoroughly enjoyed being one of the "subjects" of his work and have fond memories of driving him down to Montana for the LP boogie a few years after he stopped jumping...and I managed to get him back in the air for some jumps too:) His only other time at LP years before also resulted in him being in a raft dive picture on USPAs calendar one year. I understand he might in the course of his research on BASE he might have gained some first hand experience as well:) Derek Orr CSPA 6620 D-633 IA,IB,IPFF,C1,C2 & Master Course Facilitator
  3. In November 2005 I had to pleasure of teaching Chris the Skydiving School Instructor rating in Calgary. Attached is a picture of him crashing at my house during the course. Chris was someone I had known a bit through various Drop Zones, however the experience of teaching him the course let me see him shine as a professional instructor/teacher. Chris truly excelled on the course and was passionate about our sport and the process of instructing. He provided insight to his peers on the course through his experience as an instructor in the military and his sense of teamwork was evident and appreciated by all on the course. At the time I was dealing with many personal issues in my life related to a failed relationship, betrayal and a broken heart, Chris was kind enough to share some similar stories and offer some words of wisdom and support. I was able to share with him stories of my cousin Paul who was a member of the same regiment as Chris and how Paul had ultimately & tragically killed himself as a result of what he saw in the former Yugoslavia during deployments there in the mid 1990s. I ran into Chris when I literally bumped into him in a hallway at Skydive Arizona in February before his deployment overseas, we had a brief conversation about his goals to take more advanced skydiving courses from me upon his return from Afghanistan and after catching up on some stories I shook his hand and wished him good luck and good hunting overseas. I recently smiled and told everyone who would listen when reading the media reports about Chris and the Macleans Magazine issue with the gorgeous girl in it that he and his troops admired. Its hard to comprehend that that man is no longer with us but I will certainly never forget him and his memory. Chris was a charismatic and passionate skydiver, solider & patriot, he will not be forgotten. Derek Orr Chairman, Coaching Working Committee Canadian Sport Parachuting Association "Knowledge Dispels Fear" Derek Orr CSPA 6620 D-633 IA,IB,IPFF,C1,C2 & Master Course Facilitator
  4. Rigger Rob was not talking about Rob Laidlaw and Tunnel AFF. He was talking about a Canadian DZ that has approval from CSPA to run Tunnel-PFF for Canadian students. This is a pilot program for CSPA that could eventually become an approved CSPA training program. Derek Orr CSPA 6620 D-633 IA,IB,IPFF,C1,C2 & Master Course Facilitator
  5. Hey Rob the SARTECHS did great, we had a busy camp of doing everything from basic PFF up to 4way training. And the guys were able to do some informal information exchange with the allied military groups that the article refers to. Thankfully they did not have to many "customers" for their paramedic skills. Thanks again to Betsy! for her support and bending over backwards for us and the other military groups Derek Orr Derek Orr CSPA 6620 D-633 IA,IB,IPFF,C1,C2 & Master Course Facilitator
  6. derekorr


    Hello there I'm looking for info or comments from anyone that has been to the boogie in Africa (Kenya) Thanks