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  1. I will try to not make the mistake of being a KIWI again :P
  2. I made an order from cookie directly last week and so far have found their customer service to be shocking. I received an email on Monday 6th Feb stating that it would be dispatched in 1-2 days. As i had still not received it or heard anything today i sent an email asking if they had a tracking number or anything. I received a reply stating that it hadn't actually been dispatched as they didn't have any in stock and "stock should be arriving in the next day or 2". I then queried whether they were certain stock would be arriving in the next day or 2 and just received a reply stating "That is what i have been told". I believe that a company needs to communicate more with customers than this
  3. 1.) What made you want to go skydiving -- A couple of my mates had done aff lvl1 and i wanted to go. 2.) What did you feel prior to jumping out of the plane -- More scared of failing the level and having to pay another $400NZD than jumping out of a plane to be honest. 3.) What was the free-fall like -- very much sensory overload until i took the 2 deep breaths :) 4.) When you touched down how did you feel -- how long til i can get enough money to do another one (did 2 more levels 2 weeks later) 5.) Anything else you want to say about skydiving -- if you can start off with enough money to do you whole aff do, as you will want to do it.
  4. lol... 1 problem there, tom cruise was never normal...
  5. yeah but "solar-power" is not free energy.... and it would probably be more efficient to just use solar panels
  6. c'mon 3 million magic beans is a wee bit excessive... maybe email him back and say its on special just for him at 2million magic beans
  7. try just clicking and dragging the controls on the map to your location then hit update and see whether it works
  8. there isn't a recommendation i have heard of that works for everyone although by doing a quick search of the forums about this Brian Germains article on the PIA website comes up a lot. If you search the forums you will probably find the same, also talking to your DZO will probably be able to give you a better idea then the people on here as they have seen your landing ability
  9. i also get the same, when i use zoom & pan to get to my location i also do not see a way to save it and when i go back to the page i am back in africa again -- Edit -- it is now saving my location
  10. the other option is when they click "contact person" the scam information page comes up and then at the bottom of that is a confirm button. Also maybe somewhere in the classified ad having how long the user has been a member for. Chances are if they have been a member of the forums for longer than a few months they are (Most likely) not a scammer, an alternative to this would be how many forum posts they have as this can also show whether they know anything about the sport.
  11. upon trying to load the dropzone locator at i get a 500 internal server error error... i have tried this in firefox and internet explorer with the same result.
  12. based on the Talon 2 instruction manual the reserve/main container volume is 550/650 respectively, if you compare this with the 2008 Volume chart based on those volumes it can take a Pilot 210 or a Sabre2 230. For what size you should get, talk to your instructors as they have seen your canopy skills and are best to comment on what size you are ready to fly. You can find the Talon 2 instruction manual on the Rigging innovations website.. the container volume information is also there Good Luck with your new rig :)
  13. Jump #30 2nd jump on my own rig. skydive was going good... pulled my chute, canopy opened no problems. Released brakes and my right toggle came off the line :S its a docile 170 so didn't cut away and just steered using my rear risers. Unfortunately didnt think logically and find out where the stall point was using risers high up in the air. started my final circuit and hoped to do a left hand circuit due to still having a left toggle and it requiring much less effort to turn but someone was in the way so ended up doing a right hand circuit on my risers doing a very uneffective flare due to not knowing how much it required (and not wanting to stall it). after a hard landing started getting an earful from dzso until i held up my toggle :S. Next time i jump i plan on seeing what the rear riser stall point is when i am high up in the air :) (Thanks to it being fixed by the DZSO)
  14. i recently found a PD packing video on here and it said just stow one with catseye and treat the second one as a 'd' line while packing