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  1. touche, you are correct good sir, i had seen an article on RI's website, and they are in fact "approved for use" and not TSO'd.

    i will do as i always do, and gather opinions from many of my experienced rigger friends to help make my own conclusion. if there arent any problems that have caused misfires and fatalities, due to battery issues or the like, then the price is right for me. i do not swoop and i pull a little higher being that i only fly wingsuit.
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  2. im doing the same next month, especially since its now TSO'd for rigging innovations rigs.

    1000 bucks, with zero maintenance/battery replacement with a solid lifespan? im sold.

    unless theres proof of any type of safety issues, im onboard.
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  3. 5 on a classic
    15 on a skyflyer 1
    50 on a P3

    going to start playing around with an Rbird for a few dozen jumps and then play with the S bird.

    i want to get comfy in a mid sized suit, crank out a bunch of low balloon loads, and then get ready for ITW
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  4. this is marketing for a specific niche at its finest!

    what a fuckin joke to charge 170 bucks for these whacky looking things. i use a pair of cheapo snowboard goggles and theyve done me just fine for a fraction of the price.
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  5. would anyone be willing, please, to send some detailed pictures, and preferably some video (or both), of the UPT semi-stowless bag. i would like to see what kind of pockets, etc. are on it for some rigging projects here.
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  6. The111

    Usually people hate the brandwar posts. But apparently if you make your post in enough of a joking tone, you can flame on and shit on whoever you want, up to and including the dead.

    this is correct. i recently held a seance in the rigging loft basement of the house i live in.

    i was lucky enough to make contact with patrick de gayardon. we spoke about wingsuit designs, and i currently have blueprints of what i will build into the HOTTEST wingsuit ever made on this planet. the secret? its made of different types of fabrics, including rawhydes from several endangered species of animals from different continents around the world, making it illegal in many countries. all manufacturers will bow before me.
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  7. i just dont understand, theres no way this guy was serious, right? i know he kept a straight face, but theres no way that it wasnt a complete fucking joke. and if he was serious, then he truly is batshit crazy and bordeline retarded.
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  8. hookitt

    ***Just ignore the flap when you pack FF handle. They don't work together .

    That is almost correct but not really. :P

    It is false!

    The flap fits between the handle and canopy material. The handle is attached on each of the handle ends. There is a flap size slot for the flap to pass through.

    I have one at home but I'm a day away from being able to take a picture. If none are posted before then, I'll take one and post it.

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  9. where in sam hell is the DOM and serial number on my aerodyne pilot? it sure as shit isnt on the warning label, theres essentially no info on the warning label, its just got your standard stuff on it but no information specific to the canopy. aerodyne is closed for the day so ill have to call back tomorrow.

    anyone know? i heard its on the binding tapes somewhere. im going to go downstairs and inspect it, but in the meantime if anyone knows what im talking about please holler.
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  10. mccordia

    We're at 12-14 week lead time, so your order should be close to shipping. Shoot me an email with your full name at [email protected] and coming monday Ill do a checkup.

    so then realistically, expect about 20-26 weeks for delivery?

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  11. this is why i NEED to upsize my reserve. even an optimum 143 would be better than my pdr 126. i was stupid and ordered a smaller container before purchasing my canopies because i planned to "one day" downsize. at this point in my career id rather go back up to a 150 or a pilot 140 and never go smaller. im an idiot, and i may sell my gear to upsize. it sucks to get caught up in getting your first awesome custom container. i did not think that one through enough.
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  12. theres absolutely nothing wrong with starting skydiving to progress to an intended route, IE basejumping. thats the only reason i started skydiving. i wasnt sure how quick it would or wouldnt happen, but nonetheless, its been a helluva journey since then.

    im only at the 300 jump marker, but i found a kickass mentor who taught me things about gear, rigging, and canopy/rig modifications that not only preserve my life, but that alot of long term skydivers probably are clueless about. im not by any means a badass rigger, but i have experience with insepctions, line modifications, basic rigging, etc. this didnt by any means happen overnight.

    focus on the skills that will help you become a competent flyer. track your balls off, and when you start wingsuiting, talk to your experienced flyers about what to work on.

    when youre ready for BASE, which you may never be, crank out a hundred normal base jumps, work on tracking terminal walls, and then go from there, all while still flying your wingsuit in the skydive environment. find competent WS base jumpers and befriend them.

    take it slow, and seek the advice from qualified base jumpers at your dropzone, youll no doubt find them, but take it at a mellow pace before you become a statistic.

    good luck in your journey, and maybe ill see you at an exit point.
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  13. madjon, please post on the byron facebook page, or on here when you have information on the date of the ash dive. im supposed to be moving to seattle in 2 weeks, but would be absolutely stoked to get on carrols ash load if it happens soon.

    im really gonna miss him, he always had awesome old school stories, a huge grin, and an awesome attitude towards everyone. plus his salsa was unreal. BSBD buddy, ill catch you on the flipside someday.
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