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  1. uberchris

    Altimeter Options for Wingsuiting?

    https://www.crystalfontz.com/product/cfal12856a00151b-128x56-transparent-oled-screen https://circuitdigest.com/microcontroller-projects/build-an-arduino-smart-watch-by-interfacing-oled-display-with-android-phone A smartwatch, an arduino unit, a bluetooth controller, and some custom software to interface to the tiny transparent OLED screen....... I wonder if depending on bluetooth during a skydive would be feasible, especially if you could house all the actual hardware inside a small box mounted on the outside of your helmet, which routes to the OLED screen inside your visor.......
  2. uberchris

    West Virginia Bridge Day

    http://www.basejumper.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2980947;page=unread#unread the boycott was about a whole lot more than fingerprints and background checks. fuck WV this year. see yall in twin.
  3. uberchris

    Original Revolve & GoPro Hero 2 Mount

    i dont have a picture of mine anymore as i sold the helmet, but essentially i popped the bolt/nut off where the helmet visor is bolted in place, stuck on a gopro mount, drilled through the gopro mount, making sure to make the diameter of the hole slightly bigger than the diameter of the bolt so that it would sit flush into the gopro mount and not interfere with the camera sliding into place, and reattached everything. since you then have absolutely no way of that mount ripping off in the event of an entanglement, i bought an aftermarket chin cup cutaway handle and rigged it up. i dont know if im making any sense, but look at your helmet and where the visor bolt is and youll see what im talking about.
  4. uberchris

    mars m2 aad

    im doing the same next month, especially since its now TSO'd for rigging innovations rigs. 1000 bucks, with zero maintenance/battery replacement with a solid lifespan? im sold. unless theres proof of any type of safety issues, im onboard.
  5. uberchris

    Smart 120 - PDR 126 pack volumes

    no. call the companies, and ask about pack volume and dimensions. i dont have a clue how they match up to be honest, but i would just call them both this week.
  6. uberchris

    North West SkyFest 2014

    moving up tomorrow, see you soon!
  7. uberchris

    LEAD TIMES and poor customer service

    sucks to hear. because this is all i hear from many, many people ordering from PF, and have dealt with the same experience myself. i appreciate how aerodynamically awesome the PF designs are, and i appreciate how much experience robi and his crew have combined, but i simply will not do business with a company with this many flaws. somethings gotta give, but so far it hasnt, and therefore.. i am a squirrel customer, never to return to PF products.
  8. uberchris

    [Video]Alone in blue

    so cool bro! rock on!
  9. uberchris

    Exciting new technology

    im really not sure those grippers will be big enough for some. do they sell them with models 14" and above?
  10. uberchris

    Searchung Guy/WS School for Deal

    trade for a NICE P3 with only about 40 flights? =)
  11. uberchris

    Advice on container

    i wish i was a freeflyer, because im not necessarily utlizing it for its real design but even doing nothing but wingsuit flying this is hands down the most comfortable, amazing, sexy ass rig ive ever seen or owned. i dig javelins as well, but with military discount i got a rediculous deal on a VC1, and was sold. i definitely recommend the curve, however they are not very forgiving with range of canopy size - for instance my VC1 was built for a 120 and with my pilot 132 in there i had to slightly lengthen the closing loop and theres no way in hell i could get anything bigger in there....................some of the containers out there can accomidate canopies from 120-150 for example.......... anyways enjoy
  12. uberchris

    Byron Ladies Boogie July20-21

    you bet your ass ill be there! the track comp is this saturday as well, correct?
  13. uberchris

    wingloading choice

    i got a GREAT deal on a canopy that is loaded pretty damn high for my experience level, but so far i havent told it to kill me yet! that is all 1.6, safire2
  14. not sure how current or correct this is http://rigginginnovations.com/files/Docuemnts/Other/PIA%20Canopy%20Volume.pdf
  15. you and everyone else bro. it took me almost 8 months to get through AFF, and thats without having to repeat any of the jumps. ive been skydiving for 7 years now (mostly not skydiving for that time), and have just now gotten to where im jumping just about every weekend and getting all custom gear and new suits. i found myself working in a SHIT paying career back when i started, and over the past few years ive transitioned into a different and better paying career, and my life has slowly evolved, all because skydiving was the change i needed and the challenge to make me figure out how to get what i want in life. if you want this sport bad enough, you will find ways to make it happen, even if that means living out of a tent at your DZ packing tandems for a living or whatever. its all up to you, good luck!