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  1. I didn’t visit this site for approximately 18 months (June 29, 2011 to December 30, 2012). I had some time on my hands, so I thought I’d check to see if (and/or how) there had been a change. I’ve monitored the traffic here for a couple of days and read every post. Conclusion: Nothing has changed except some of the poster’s handles. The posters are still rehashing the same old issues. Even ones that have been discussed ad infinitum. There is no evidence of a spirit of cooperation between posters, just a bunch of name-calling and “one-up-manship”. Not even a hint of; “We have the same goal, let’s work together”. I have to go back to the grind (at 03:30) tomorrow, so, I’ll bid you all well and check back in about 18 months. Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  2. Hi guys, Ever get a feeling that maybe you have been "Barking up the wrong tree"? I've be thinking about where hundreds of LE, citizen sleuths, journalist, and authors might have "gone wrong". I don't have any conclusions, but some interesting (I think) musings. Sluggo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just some musings on a New Year’s Eve: Penn and Teller each simultaneously fired a gun at the other through small panes of glass and then "caught" the other's bullet in his mouth. David Copperfield’s made the Statue of Liberty disappear, levitated over the Grand Canyon, and walked through the Great Wall of China. Criss Angel walked on water, walked up the side of Luxor Hotel, caused a Lamborghini to disappear, cut himself in half in full view of an audience and, if that isn’t enough, he got run over by a steamroller while lying on a bed of broken glass. For well over 150 years, magicians (illusionist) have fascinated us with feats that defy explanation. We all know it is an illusion (trick), but our human senses, honed by more than a million years of evolution, work against us and we are convinced what we think we see, hear, and feel is really happening. Similarly, we are all convinced that D B Cooper jumped from a Boeing 727 and parachuted from the plane. He did not convince us that he lived afterward. He did not convince us that he landed on the ground. He did not convince us that the money stayed with him before or after he jumped. He did convince us he left the plane via the aft stairs. If what he did convince us of was his goal, to be successful all he had to do is get off the plane unscathed and un-captured. He did’t need to hang onto the ransom. He did’t need to know how to skydive. He did’t need to concern himself with airspeed, temperature, rainy weather, ground searches, foul weather gear and such. ALL he had to do is convince LE, the airline, the news media and the crew that he jumped over SW Washington. Compared to walking through the Great Wall of China, catching a bullet in your mouth, or cutting yourself in half while a bunch of people watch, it should be a piece of cake. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Excerpt from Reno Evening Gazette, November 25, 1971: The FBI said he probably bailed out of the plane before it reached Oregon. FBI agents and Reno police swarmed around the jet airliner at Reno's airport Wednesday night, but found no trace of the hijacker, his reported bomb or his ransom. After a search of the area around the runway, police were released by the FBI. Harold E. Campbell Jr., FBI resident agent in charge from Las Vegas, said, "There is no indication he is in Nevada or the Reno area.” Police said FBI agents got into each of four cars containing K-9 police dogs. They lined the runway when the airliner landed, but no sign of the hijacker was found. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hmmm,,, I wonder if they found any sign of a man walking through The Great Wall of China? Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  3. Alive, well, and too busy for frequent visits to this thread. I really bit off more than I could chew with the Vogtle 3&4 Project. I'm too old for 70-hr weeks. But, if you make your bed, You have to lay in it! No, not lost intrest in NORJAK, interest is still high. In fact, the direction this forum has taken, definately caused me to be less willing to spend time here. Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  4. Damage to N467US aft stairs: * The canvas “modesty panel” isn’t very sturdy and wasn’t designed for in-flight deployment. It’s there just to keep the ground crews from looking up ladies skirts (go for it FarFlung). All-in-all there was VERY LITTLE damage to the aft stairs. * Photos courtesy of snowmman Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  5. Jo Said: 377 Said: Well, I have found myself in an unusual position. I have to defend “the Blev” AND slam him (in the same post). How did this happen? Well, here goes: Jo, What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Who has put any “hard work” into their posts? Some have posted ABOUT their hard work, but no post is hard work. Converting a huge thread to a .PDF, now that’s hard work! 377, See my previous post. Hey, I love diversity, but some folks have a personality that rubs many (or most) people the wrong way. Something I tried to point out to “the Blev” recently. I disagree with him on almost everything, I think he is very childish (or child-like) at times, but I still owe him a beer and would be glad to sit with him and drink one. All, I’m no lawyer (and I never played one on TV), but, I think when one posts to an internet forum or discussion group they essentially surrender two things: the expectation of privacy and any intellectual rights to the post itself. In the case of, what use or uses “the Blev” intends is between him and DZ (Sangrio et al). Well, that’s my two-cents. Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  6. I’m pressed for time but I just have to say this: It’s statements like that (and many more) that cause me to form the opinion that you are immature and suffer from illusion of central position. (Remember when you stated that you thought I should shut down my website because I put-up a link that some kook posted to?) georger and I have had some (strong and heated) disagreements over the years, but his worth to the NORJAK investigation is “orders of magnitude” above yours. You know nothing about the Sci-team, most posters and hangers-on at know nothing about the Sci-team. Why? Because they work quietly and without all the bragging and hoopla that accompanies your posts. You do not have the faintest idea about georger’s background. You know nothing about his academic credentials, his history with the NORJAK, investigation, his hobbies or likes and dislikes. You have no idea who he communicates with, or where he gets information about the case. The same can be said about several more posters and none posters here at You know why you don’t know about these people? Well Robert… It’s your personality. A different approach might garner some assistance in your “research” (or quest) to prove KC was Cooper, but, no one with any horsepower at all will get near you. So, carry on being a big fish in a very small pond. Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  7. False alarm??? False alarm??? This is the DB Cooper thread on All that artcle means is that Cooper was a thirteen year-old girl, NOT a 45 year old man. You know how unreliable eyewitness testamony can be. She is probably the girl in Jo's prayerbook, or maybe Duane's here-to-fore unlocated daughter (by another marriage). C'mon... use your brain... be open minded!* *Just not so open minded that your brain falls out.
  8. All, I hope the clicky works (I'm on a business trip and don't have much time), but a friend of sent this to me. Maybe something... maybe nothing. News story: Here's a map:,-122.481079&spn=0.439532,1.048508&t=h&z=11 Maybe we will have something else to talk about for awhile. Thanks to KAE Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  9. The "Blev" said: "....and I think people see through this easily." That's not the only thing posters on this thread see through. Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  10. RobertBlevins, Two issues re: your post: It is stuff like this that makes most of the posters here go after you. The implication of your statement is that we should be jealous of you because you have been contacted by (AH of the STM, just so you know that I know what I am talking about) a journalist. I’m happy for you, but I’m not jealous of you. You are probably not like this in person, but on the thread you come across as a person suffering from the illusion of central position (or illusions of grandeur). There are probably (at least) four other regular posters who were contacted by AH. Also, you said: What makes you think a pilot buried it? A plausible scenario: I bought it to use as a tent for an outdoor party ($25 at my local Army/Navy Surplus store) then put it on the trash pile. The bulldozer grading the road (the original road-bed) buried it and then I uncovered it on the second grading. That’s why there was no hardware. What I am trying to illustrate is that a parachute on rural property does not necessarily mean it brought a jumper down from the sky. It’s this kind of un-sapient assumption that creates confusion instead of order. Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  11. Mr. Flung said: Who grabbed the money? The parachutes? Opened the door in flight? And said Cooper put on that chute like he knew what he was doing? Said he was in the lavatory for a long time? Lost the bourbon glass? Left a clip-on tie on the plane? Claimed to be offered three bundles of money? Starting to get that feeling of discovery 377??? Far, I know you are mostly being humorous, but I have asked previously; "Why have we never heard anything about Flight Engineer Harold E. Anderson, and Senior Flight Attendant Alice (Peg) Hancock in the 39.545 years since the hijacking?" Maybe they are the ones living the opulent lifestyle(s). Maybe separately or together? Who knows? Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  12. Here is an interesting (to me) article about some US aviation security incidences and agency responses. Note that the NORJAK entry bears-out what I said roughly 1-million post ago about what people carried on passenger aircraft back then. Keep your culture goggles on when discussing NORJAK. U.S. Aviation Security Timeline By Jane Engle Los Angeles Times Staff Writer June 12, 2011 Here are some significant events and policies in the history of U.S. aviation security: 1955 A United Airlines plane explodes after takeoff in Denver, killing all 44 aboard. Investigators blame Jack Graham for placing a bomb in his mother's luggage, apparently in hopes of cashing in on her life insurance. It is among the first major acts of criminal violence against a U.S. airliner. Graham is later convicted of murder and executed. 1960 A National Airlines plane explodes in midair, killing all 34 aboard. Investigators suspect that a passenger, bent on suicide, had brought a bomb aboard. 1961 Antulio Ramirez Ortiz hijacks a National Airlines flight to Cuba after it takes off in Florida. It is the first aerial hijacking of a U.S. passenger plane. The U.S. government begins placing armed guards on commercial planes when requested by airlines or the FBI. 1969 Numerous airliners are hijacked to Cuba. Two Palestinian terrorists carry out the first hijacking of a U.S. aircraft outside the Western Hemisphere when they divert TWA Flight 840 to Damascus, Syria, after takeoff from Rome. The Federal Aviation Administration develops a hijacker psychological profile to be used along with metal detectors to screen passengers and their bags. Eastern Air Lines begins using this system, and several airlines follow. 1970 Arab terrorists hijack four airliners, including Pan American World Airways and TWA jets, and blow them up on the ground in the Mideast after releasing all aboard. The Customs Air Security Officers Program ("Sky Marshals") is created to place armed officers, dressed as passengers, on aircraft. 1971 Claiming to have a bomb, a man traveling as D.B. Cooper hijacks a flight in Portland, Ore., as it prepares for takeoff. After arriving in Seattle, he collects $200,000 in ransom and frees the passengers. He boards the plane, forces the crew to take off and parachutes away. He is never found. The FAA reports that screening of passengers had produced 1,500 arrests and the recovery of a horde of weapons. 1972 After a TWA flight takes off from New York's JFK airport, the airline is notified that a bomb is onboard. The plane returns to the airport, where a bomb-sniffing dog finds the device minutes before it is set to detonate. Numerous violent hijackings occur in the U.S. The FAA creates the Explosives Detection Canine Team Program. The FAA in December issues an emergency rule requiring all passengers and carry-on baggage to be either screened by metal detectors or searched by hand and requiring airports to station armed guards at boarding checkpoints. 1973 Five Palestinian terrorists open fire at a Rome airport and hurl fire bombs into a Pan Am jet, killing 30 people. They commandeer a Lufthansa jet and fly to Athens; a hostage is killed. 1974 Two people are killed and dozens injured when a bomb explodes near the Pan Am ticket counter at LAX. The 1974 Air Transportation Security Act sanctions the FAA's universal screening rule, which spurs U.S. airports to adopt metal-detection screening portals for passengers and X-ray inspection systems for carry-on bags. 1985 Lebanese terrorists divert TWA Flight 847 en route from Athens to Rome; one hostage, a U.S. Navy diver, is killed in the 17-day ordeal. Federal Air Marshals, successors to the Sky Marshals, become a permanent part of the FAA workforce on international flights. 1988 A bomb concealed in a radio-cassette player destroys Pan Am Flight 103, flying from London to New York, over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people. U.S. carriers at European and Mideast airports begin to require X-rays or searches of all checked baggage and to match passengers and their baggage. 1995 A plot by Muslim terrorists to blow up 11 U.S. jumbo jets over the Pacific in a single day is uncovered in the Philippines. 1996 TWA Flight 800 explodes after takeoff from New York and crashes into the Atlantic, killing all 230 people aboard. Initially believed to be terrorist-related, the crash is later blamed on equipment failure. 1997 The FAA is provided $100 million for more security personnel and equipment. 1998 Airlines begin using a Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System to separate passengers who require additional scrutiny ("selectees"), based on behavioral characteristics and a government watch list of known or suspected terrorists. 2001 Nineteen Al Qaeda terrorists hijack four U.S. airliners and crash two into New York's World Trade Center towers and one into the Pentagon; the fourth crashes in Pennsylvania. Thousands die in the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil. On a Paris-to-Miami flight on American Airlines, Richard Reid tries to ignite explosives in his shoes; he is overpowered. The Aviation and Transportation Security Act gives the federal government direct responsibility for airport screening. The Transportation Security Administration is formed to oversee security for all modes of travel. The government orders random inspections of passenger shoes and limits carry-on bags to one bag plus one personal item per passenger. It mandates reinforced cockpit doors on U.S. passenger planes. The government begins banning certain dangerous items, such as scissors, knives and box cutters, from carry-on bags. 2002 A gunman opens fire at an El Al ticket counter at LAX, killing two people before he is shot to death by a security guard. The government begins requiring passengers to display valid government ID. It restricts access beyond airport checkpoints. A federal program is created to arm and train pilots to defend against hijackings and other violence. By year's end, TSA is screening all checked bags for explosives, prohibited items and other dangerous materials at all U.S. airports. Bags are subject to hand searches. 2004 The TSA abandons plans to test a new Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS II) for millions of passengers to detect potential terrorists and begins testing a Registered Traveler program, in which frequent travelers who submit to pre-screening and fingerprinting are allowed to use faster security lines. 2006 British officials foil a plot to blow up aircraft using liquid explosives in carry-on bags, on flights from Britain to the U.S. All liquids, gels and aerosols are banned from carry-ons; the ban is later eased to allow travel-sized toiletries of 3 ounces or less. TSA loosens its ban on certain sharp objects. TSA announces it will train more than 500 "behavior detection officers" to scan passengers for suspicious behaviors. TSA launches the Registered Traveler pilot program. 2007 TSA begins requiring passengers to remove laptop computers, video cameras and other electronics for separate screening. 2008 TSA ends the Registered Traveler program, leaving it to private companies. The private effort falters. TSA bans lithium batteries from checked luggage unless they are installed in electronic equipment. 2009 A Nigerian is charged with attempting to detonate explosives in his underwear on Northwest Flight 253, en route from Amsterdam to Detroit.. Passengers are forbidden to leave their seats an hour before arrival; the rule is later eased. 2010 TSA deploys about 500 Advanced Imaging Technology units, or full-body scanners, to screen passengers for non-metallic and metallic threats. It begins using "enhanced" pat-down procedures at airports for secondary screening and for passengers who decline full-body scanning. TSA finishes implementing its Secure Flight program, in which airlines submit passengers' names for matching against a watch list of known or suspected terrorists. SOURCES: U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Transportation Security Administration, Los Angeles Times, Aviation Safety Network Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  13. See all attached images from x-script. Note that the affidavits for the SEA Tower (Reels 1-4) all give the hour as GMT but the date as “local”. Note that the affidavits for all three ARTCCs give the hour and date as GMT. Whadda ya think? Human error, conspiracy, time travel? Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum
  14. Jo said: Jo, Let’s get some things straight: (1) I have never altered or distorted ANY map published on my web site or posted on this thread. Never… EVER… If you can’t read a sectional chart, that’s your problem not mine. (2) I got the map from the FBI (actually it was a .jpg file). They gave it to me because I asked for it. I was nice… I was respectful… I asked about usage… I asked about distribution… The map content had already been published (in the Seattle PI {I think}) at a very low resolution (unusable resolution), I asked if I could have a higher resolution version. The original paper map (covered in plastic film to preserve it) was scanned and the .jpg file was sent to me. NOTE: I didn’t demand it… I didn’t threaten them (well maybe I did mention the FOIA). I didn’t accuse them of a cover-up. I didn’t say they weren’t doing their job. I didn’t demand they investigate my deceased brother for no other reason than he told me he was DB Cooooooper. In other words, I was nice to them. You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. And, if you need those flies to help you… you leave your can of Raid at home. OR: If it easier for you, just think of it like this… “Sluggo is an undercover worker-bee employed by the FBI just to sabotage your investigation into your deceased husband who surely was DBC with or without evidence to support your claim”. Web Page Blog NORJAK Forum