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  1. Awesome! Just a quick question then in regards to why the questionaire was put forth here on, which has limited participation by the whole wingsuiting community. Versus sending the questionaire out to all members of the USPA, say like in the form of an email. And is it still possible to do that? No one can say they were not aware, or were not notified. Maybe even include links to the compelling data presented to the sub-committee. That way all individuals can participate in the questionaire and if they want by contacting their representative BOD directly. The current method might leave some to believe things are happening behind closed doors,without their knowledge and involvement. The burden of the final vote would still fall on the entire BOD but they would have the benefit of a broader dialogue.
  2. I never forget my leg straps. and lately its impossible anytime I put on a wingsuit some Qualified WSI tries to grab my Crotch. Qualified at what? Ass Banditry?
  3. Because his instructor didn't do that. You were in the room when his instructor didn't tell him to put his leg straps on? No one ever told me, they did tell me once a decade not to forget. A decade ago. I can't remember what was breakfast yesturday. I'm doomed to forget a decade old reminder about some gear thing or other.
  4. Dan failed Dan. He was told no and then drove across an entire state instructor shopping. An entire state! If somebody of low experience calls Ralph for a deal on equiptment that they shouldn't have and they know it then they pile in it is not Ralphs fault.
  5. We don't teach wuffos to wingsuit,...... or do CRW or do VFS. Your point is not exact.
  6. How do you know he is not a prodigy.... Bazinga!
  7. Because you said I'll never guess I'm going to pick the improbable as I've never been to Z hills. Jeff K? If My answer is right then let's not forget he was new then. I think he would be afraid I would ridicule him If he did go to the WSI side. I know lots of people have a boner for him. I don't. I alright with him. He flys 10 times better than any factory WSI and does not walk around telling us were all fucked up. Mad props for that.
  8. I need WSI like I need Hole in my canopy.
  9. How can you tell who is a WSI.... Oh don't worry he'll tell YOU! Tell how much experience he has and how fucked up everybody else is and a wonder were not dead along time ago. Tell you about his near death malfunction after a breakfire on a sabre 2 190 @ 5000ft. OMG. Flat spinsville.
  10. Quoteand right back to name calling. wingsuiting will die a slow painful death if we continue down this path.[/reply Hey your killin me now.
  11. What color do you want your Phoenix-fly destroyed wingsuiting T-shirt in. I'm going to have a bunch printed and sell them as more and more DZ s ban us.
  12. Are you dense? I'm not talking about Tony. When I grow up I Wanna be Tony. I named my 3 daughters after Toni. Not only does he make the best suits ever. The ones that hold records. Do XRW, long distance record RW, highest altitude RW. Base speed race record RW. He does his own stunts. Flys a man's canopy with a wingsuit ( not recommending that you girly men try what Tony does). He sews his own suits then goes out and rocks them. One day I might buy one. So he is too busy to be pestering my BOD with crap Keep up the good work Tony, you rock!
  13. Corporate attacks. Field rep. Represents the brand whether you like it or not. Boss of training division. Fired all of the trainers a few years ago until they could recertify under the new standard. Now he wants to fire people that never worked there. I type this with little to no hate measurable with modern technology.
  14. Opinion denied! I'm right. See jarnos post above.
  15. I see spot is an easy target because he dares say the things that several people dont want to hear. But sticking your head in the sand isnt the answer either. Agreed post the videos of his presentations to our board of directors on the phoenix-fly website right next to the videos of Robi & friends carveing sick lines down the big mountain.
  16. The facts are the facts. It is not an attack. BTW You are so over wingsuitets remember?
  17. It's because he is Too close to the tail.
  18. once dropzones, small or big, start tagging the dicipline with the word 'dangerous' we enter a whole other downward spiral. Dropzones are not tagging us dangerous. Phoenix fly did that. Not the girl sewing suits but the BIG chief instructor. It's all in his report. You didn't get a copy?
  19. Recently -on another thread - posters were complaining that USPA had no teeth and DZOs were not grounding enough people for stupid stuff. Now the DZO of Snohomish grounds one group BEFORE they kill anyone, and a few people slander him. Silly! Hypocritical! I was one of those "other post" posters, not complaining mind you ,but stating simply that enforcement of the rules happens at the local level. Not that there is not enough groundings. I have to respect this DZOs reasons for not catering to specialized offset jump runs as a personal and local decision. Not hypocritical ! As long as the reason is sound and not based on fear mongering coming from the wingsuit community itself I have to give the guy a break. Are the local WS pilots happy about that, maybe not. Don't confuse the two.
  20. Dave like you I believe most USPA instruction is pretty good. Also like you my experience witnessing wingsuit instructors of the current status has been positive. It jives with your own personal comments to one of the board members in the instructors forum. Now unlike you I've been very vocal against one self proclaimed expert after another claiming we all need sweeping changes in the wingsuit instructor realm and that they are just the ticket to get us there. Now let's refer back to yours and mines experience with the status quo instructors. I've been at this long before our current self grandized experts have even been jumping. Nine years later and the proposed new better way is the same old. It is not dynamically different than what is in the SIM now. I'm sick of it. If they had a better mouse trap I'd listen. It's all secret. Smoke and mirrors. Do I think the USPA will do harm? No. Do I feel we need to be exposed to possible un needed complications. Oh hell no! Keep in mind my feelings are along the lines of your comments in terms of what should be a priority in the USPA resource allocation. You know canopy training issues,Airport access. The not low hanging fruit. Sadly if this does not pass I can see he who's name should not be spoken taking concerns straight to the FAA.
  21. I believe every factory manual says to stay closed up until past the tail. I can even find it in French. What more do you want meditation?
  22. Currently I Try to be very aware of aircraft speed. Mostly because of the canopy I fly but when I do fly wingsuits I need to judge this for any outside exits. Steves jump run was reported to be exceptionally fast by close mutual friends who exited in his 4 way group. As for these photos being used to prove bad and unstable exits happen Ok. They also show plenty of clearance from the tail. I've personally been closer on a tracking jump from the camera step. If these shots were out of a Pac or caravan, granted they would have more hysteria potential