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  1. Due to bad weather no loads on Saturday. A few hop-n-pop loads on Sunday, one even featuring an experienced suit flyer. Only one load to full alti that Jari and some of the guys were able to get on but not one new suit flyer got to fly with an instructor. Energy was positive. There was a good turn out, plenty instructors available, several new guys with their own suits, and a handful of anxious newbees purchasing some of the Demo suits. Plus just about every veteran wing suit flyer from the region. Several of the local instructors would make themselves available during the week through the weekend hopefully the weather will get better soon. Glen.
  2. Skeerdy Cat, skeerd of night jumps, skeerd of CReW and now you are skeerd of your first Birdy-man jumps. Whatya skeerd to talk to girls up close too? Skydivers aren't sposed ta be skeerd all the time. Stop that negative energy will ya. As fer looking cool in your suit, with all the downtime this weekend I was asked by a tourist couple to pose for a picture with them. Imagine a pic of me in my bird-suit holding hands with grandma and grandpa now thats COOL................Glen
  3. I thought all canopies leveled off with induced speed unless you fly the round out with various amounts of maintained front riser pressure and harness input followed by a little bit of rears or straight to toggles transition? Glen.
  4. Hey Viking although I didn't see you land when you were out at perris and can't comment on your flaring style. I think you will be ok. specially down at Otay, thats practically sea level. During my AFF they had me on 290's down to 260's and finally a 235. In the following 15 jumps I was on 235's 200's and 190's , and I couldn't tell the difference between any of those untill someone slipped in a ZP spectre 190 ( @1=1 on me ) and said this one is going to open much slower, you make like the flare better too. You have got more jumps than I did and should have better conditions than I had to work with. Don't worry you can handle it. And I could recommend going to a modern ZP fabric canopy ASAP dude, its much better all around. Glen
  5. Chuck what size pilot chutes do you use? Glen.
  6. Ok I was really asking for my greedy self. I have a cobalt 120 @ 1.6 and I'm looking for a little more. Would the H-mod do it while still giving a margin of the standard 120 approach and flare? No one is pressuring me to downsize. In fact nobody cares but me. A while ago when I was demoing,renting and borrowing any main I could get my paws on in several sizes. I had a dubious flirtation with a cobalt 120 that would do perfect and effortless barrel rolls. I spent a few good days deploying at 13K and just really playing hard with that main and loving it! That canopy was just about new, maybe a handful of jumps. I have since acquired a cobalt 120 that opens and flys great but it isn't the same. Someone might say its perception and it is all in my head. Other people I have discussed this with say its a result of hand workmanship at Attair, no laser cutting. I do believe it is night and day. Although my new main had about 50 jumps on it when I got it and had its brakes lengthened 1" by its previous owner, I don't think these are reasons enough to account for the difference. I thought about the H-mod but if it really isn't noticeable on a 120 @1.6 I could just save that cash for more hop& pops from 13K. I do know its kinda silly to alter a product that performs wonderfully. I may sacrifice one facet to strengthen another. Thanks for indulging the curious. Glen.
  7. [Just a guess, but I bet you would probably have to get a smaller container if you go down two sizes to the 105.I would just keep your current main and work on your canopy skills until there is nothing else to get out of it, then consider trading down to a smaller size. Chuck Blue D-12501 Team Atair Swoop Instead of downsizing down the road. Would getting his main H- modded after he puts on 100-200 jumps on it fulfill him? Does the H-mod do as much for a lighter loaded main as a heavier loaded main. It is said flys one size smaller, flares one size bigger. Is this true across all loadings? Just curious. Glen.
  8. [I'm tired of watching new jumpers go off to the dark side without ever giving RW a chance. Maybe the dark side isn't sooooo dark after all! We must have a lot more love to share. Why just this last sunday while going up on a solo Fast free fly ( something you can't do in RW) I picked up a curious stray, oh and where were you then*. Oh and you should see their log book entries after they get touched by the darkside." Dear diary I have been awakened by something amazing deep inside". hell, we the deciples of the dark even shared a hybrid co-mingling with some of the belly brethern. I would even fly with you even if I have to dress skinny suit big helmet no prob, just ask linda I was there, where were you*. I agree the walls have to come down......Glen. * I know what you did last Sunday.
  9. Almost all of the very experienced Free fly guys (Flyboyz and whats left of the teams at Elsinore)use a pullout, so do the team extreme canopy guys. Its mostly about not haveing a premature PC out. Although I heard JC discribe it as an out of sequence deployment with your container open without your PC fully inflated at full bridle stretch. Its all about how you will use your gear. When do you want the most protection?.Glen
  10. You may be able to have your rigger make your pc smaller. They sew two passes at a smaller diameter after its turned inside out and the excess is hot knifed off. The kill line is adjusted and presto. BUT not all pc's can be done this way AND I would only have a rigger who can build pc's from scratch or has prior factory pc fabricating experience do this. Upside, its only about an hour worth of labor. I had it done and I'm pleased with the results.
  11. I've posted this before. Cobalt ordered by a friend in winter of 2002, six weeks for delivery . I ordered mine in May the start of the season, the Boogies the crazed spending, twelve weeks ( thirteen if you count the week long vacation my dealer was on when my canopy came in, hey but everybody deserves a vacation.) But I know how frustrated you are its hard to rent, or impossible , for things like Demos and night jumps.
  12. [The Sabre 2 is designed to open a bit slower then the orginal sabre. What can I do in packing to have it open a little faster? Without yacking myself?
  13. I know how you feel. Mine took 10 weeks, Ordered in May. Worse I had to sell my old parachute to get the Cobalt, all this at the beginning of the season. Renting became a pain and ended up falling in love with a cobalt one size smaller than the one I had on order. The day I got it I ran into a guy who ordered his new, one size smaller than my, cobalt in january, only took 3 weeks to get his. He didn't want his, too much for him. Deals were made hands were shaken and now I got two fairly new cobalts. Sheesh.
  14. If you are going to load it over 1:1 then stay with ZP material. If you go with F-111, it can't have too many jumps on it before its worthless to you and even less in resale. A modern ZP canopy can have a thousand jumps on it, be on its third set of lines and still fetch two thirds of its original purchase price depending on its condition and what is preferred in your region of the world, PD or PDF or etc. So look locally at ads in your region get a feel for what things are going for there. I'm a big believer in good used gear. But if the gear is in good condition that line between new or used is blurred. Sometimes a used canopy me be so sought after that you may not be able to find a decent one in your size range at certain times of your skydiving season and will have to buy new. Other times there are plenty people downsizing or getting out that you'll have many options. If you get something respectable it will last you for a very long time or untill you decide to try something different or downsize. Then it will get you some good resale or trade in value.For this reason I would try to get a modern design canopy, something like a spectre over a design that was around ten years ago. As far as patches or repairs go have a good rigger look it over and ask them what they think its worth. And ask to jump anything before you decide. good luck
  15. Oh, all the way-too-over-the-top geek aerodynamics you'll see me sometimes spout when talking about canopy control comes from my previous preoccupation with Flight Instructing. I've taught a few folks how to land in airplanes and a lot of that transfers readily to parachute skills as well. Ya I thought I smelled " Aerodynamics for naval aviators" in a few of your posts about a year ago. Do you still actively instruct? And I know what you mean about the overglorification. If its not buffered with the respect for the skills required and the long road to get that level of experience then that attitude is a recipe for disaster. I love the short field, Bush pilot, stol approach of a Porter. But there is something beautiful, almost ufo like, in the flat no flap, 90 knot over the threshold landing of a fast glass homebuilt like a Lancair or EZ. I want to be proficient at both. I guess I'll never be happy with just one canopy, or happy with just one airplane for that matter.
  16. Hey Quade, Just curious, You are not currently a fan of high speed landings But were you in the past a fan or practitioner of hooks or carving approaches? Again just being curious. Glen.
  17. the most important factor in deciding whether or not to double wrap rubber bands, Tube Stows, Sky Bands, etc. is whether they are tight enough to hold the lines. If I am packing a canopy with skinny lines and I only have large rubber bands in my pocket, I routinely double or triple wrap them around lines. It has been years since I have seen a bag lock. What about the locking stows? Mine are what I would call soft, but I would never double stow them cuz it has been drilled into my brainnot to.Or should I be expirementing with double stowing the lockers? I have been getting brisk openings.
  18. Thanx guys this sounds promissing.
  19. I have been invited to do some crew by the local dogs. I have a vector 2 sized for a 190 that I have been told ( because of the longer thicker lines and risers) might be right for a lightning in the 143 range. So far all of the feedback has been positive about this combo, but I'm curious about what you guy's think? Is the Vector 2 harness, pin protection etc, at least a decent rig for starter crew pup status? If not what are some desirable crew container features? Thanks in advance....... Glen
  20. Michele I had the same problem on my first spectre. Shitty landings 60% of the time and after a just about perfect record on everything I've ever jumped since starting AFF from the big skymasters to a demo spectre 190 @ 1:1. It couldn't have been me ? I had to induce a little extra speed in the form of a shallow turn or hang a little double front riser ( not something a person with a handfull of jumps wants to do close to the ground BTW ) just to insure I didn't scream through the flare past any ground effect into a facial PLF. I had people watch my landings and they said I was doing everything right except that nasty part at the end. And didn't recommened low turns untill I could land that chute. It turned out all I needed was to get rid of a really humongus non-collapsing pilot chute that was spoiling alot of my glide, which 7 cells have little to waste. After installing a kill line PC not only was the canopy flying fast enough for a proper flare but on the first attempt I shot back up into the air. I didn't take long to adjust after and not having to do stupid things to gain speed for a flare was really a confidence enhancer. Now I believe that the DEMO gear your on has all the modern goodies like collapsing PC's? Could YOU be doing anything to kill your glide and speed required for flare early in the final approach ? Breaking or starting to flare too soon? I personally don't think going to the sabre2 will help. In fact it may compound your problem by being semi-elliptical enough that any un-even toggle input starts to turn you one way or another hard during your flare. This happens to everybody and it is an issue even on a spectre. And thats where you learn to tame that, on a canopy that isn't so sensitive to turns. But a sabre 2 is a good ride and I recommend you demo one later. After many more jumps. You may have better luck on a 9 cell but not one that turns too easy. I love the spectre but many people who don't DO like the flare of the original sabre ( I can't stand to be spanked on openings ). It does have better flare and its not too turn happy. If you can demo one and have the packers do it up as spank resistant as possible That may be your ticket. Don't give up, get experienced people to watch you land and try different gear or UP size if you can. After you lick this problem you can get some more confidence and skill , fly in proximity to others and tippy toe it on the grass in front of Jacks digital.
  21. I got a couple a jumps on a spectre 190 and choose to buy and put a hundred jumps on a 170 @1.1loading. I loved it! Best all around canopy, Fantastic first canopy, forgiving of sloppy "still learning to pack" jobs. And rock solid stable when you learn to pack and deploy properly. Like someone else said I regret having to sell it to play with elipticals. In a perfect world I would have a 120 for bird-man jumps and a 190 for a pro rating and demo work as part of my "everysize campaign". Not the flare of a 9 cell unless you induce a little speed. But that doesn't stop most of shit-hot camera flyers that use them. I hear Bridgett liss is not to shabby on hers either
  22. All right break it up, break it up Dan. Enough playing with funky loadings ( most impressive BTW ) and send me MY 135. Its been eight weeks now. I'm starting to get attached to square1's demo 120 and thats getting expensive. Glen.
  23. I love my slinks. I've heard of people using them to attach the pilot bridle also. You don't have too pull the slider down past em but if you have 1" risers your slider might descend past your slinks on a grommet or two. In fact a couple of high velocity slider grommet to fingernail taps have made my much more aware of where I put my hands and when during deployment. Reasons for pulling the slider past the links and behind your head , High permance canopy riser spread and less wear from a flappy riser. Although it may not stay there unless you have some method to hold it down ( velcro strap or rubber band around your reserve cover flap.) it could creep back up. Reasons for not camera flying, less chance of tangle and better visability.
  24. Flight in chop- Xaos- 5 Crossfire w/mod- 6 Crossfire2- 9 Diablo- 10 I would have thought that any x- braced canopy would out perform all nonbraced canopy in choppy air. First of all I really like your personal canopy comparison And I would like to see more of this from others. I do take into account they are personal "impressions" but important to me nun the less.