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  1. Hey Tom, Je kan ook gewoon een curcus bij Canopyschool Texel volgen..... Gr Erwin Baatenburg de Jong. Powered by Performance Designs Powered by PD.
  2. Power is speed and speed is Distance Powered by PD.
  3. and see "current world records" This was set after the weight restrictions. Erwin BDJ. Powered by PD.
  4. 25'' with Louieloops!! Erwin BDJ. Skydive Texel Powered by PD.
  5. The only thing i want to write is get serious coaching and all the pieces of the puzzle will come togheter. Erwin Baatenburg de Jong. Canopyschool Texel. Skydive Texel. Powered by PD. Powered by PD.
  6. But what are the benefits? More view, the canopy flies better? Do you really need this in this kind of jump? Erwin BDJ Powered by PD.
  7. I think you have to ask KasSheeky about this , see know for sure. Erwin Baatenburg de Jong. Skydive Texel. Powered by PD.
  8. Do you need a RDS when your doinig only workjumps?? Tell me why you got a RDS??? Are you training for swoop comps?? Erwin Baatenburg de Jong Skydive Texel. Netherlands. PD sponsered athlete. Powered by PD.
  9. Can you send it again?(pm) Powered by PD.
  10. What is your emailadress? Erwin Baatenburg de Jong. Powered by PD.
  11. I have them also and they are the bomb!! But i needed a couple of jumps to know them. Altitudewise. Powered by PD!! Powered by PD.
  12. Do I hear any Dutch competitors in the house????? Or am I the only one?? Ps ze verstaan hier nederlands! Erwin BDJ Skydive Texel. Powered by PD.
  13. I totally agree with this!!! I changed 2 PD-R reserves 113 for 2 Optimums 126 and they fit perfectly in the Micron V306 which are made for PD-R 113. And the Optimum opens,fly and land AMAZING! Powered by PD.