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  1. Thinking about buying one and I would like to see some openings and landings. Anybody have any to share? All i can find is the 9k snivel under one. Thanks!
  2. I'm fuzzy on the details, but I think the FAA would protect you against a tresspassing charge if you land on private property. It's got something to do with an 'emergency' situation, and if that's where you have to land, then that's where you have to land. Of course, you could call any off landing an 'emergency' because you couldn't make it back to the DZ, but I do think the feds protect you from the local charge. How this is related to your canopy, I'm not sure. There's always the idea that you could try to follow your stuff down, and land with it and collect it at that time, but then you run into two problems. The first is that you don't always land after your cutaway canopy, and the other is that I don't think your DZO takes too kindly to off landings (that might be limited to wingsuiters). Anyway, maybe do some research into the FAA regs, and see if you can dig anythying up. I don't know if it would apply to your equipment as well, but a cutaway is certainly an emergency, so there might be a federal law on your side with regards to the return of your property. Of course, there is also a local law, but it seems the sheriff is unwilling to help you out. I thought about following it down but my reserve is loaded a little higher than most so staying with it would have been a problem. Plus where it was headed was near a ton of trees and picking/knowing where to land would have been sketchy so opted to land at the DZ.
  3. I wish that were the case here. I would even go as far as buying my stuff back. But what Ive learned so far is that this guy has absolutely no negotiation skills at all. Im talking to an attorney on monday morning to see what my options are. Thanks for all the PM's and replies!
  4. I had a chop today, the main landed on " farmer mcnasty's" property. I knocked on his door and he basically told me to fuck off. I called the sheriff's office and according to them im screwed. This guy IS a true asshole and EVERYONE in the area knows it. If anyone can help please PM me. Thanks.
  5. I just wrote this email to the Director of Safety and Training at the USPA: Dear Mr. -------, I am writing you to propose developing a USPA regulated 'video safety' course for jumpers that wish to begin jumping with cameras. Any jumper, after passing the course could then obtain a rating. Or perhaps, as water training is required for a 'B' license, similarly video training could be required for a 'C' license. Currently there does not appear to be any required knowledge before jumping with a camera. Where as many are against further regulation, I feel this would be a step in making our sport safer for everyone in the sky with camera flyers. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Joshua Anderson #232118 ----- Great that you wrote a letter to Jim Crouch. He's a terrific guy, who has safety in mind. It's not him that develops these curricula, and there has been a group of people working towards a "camera proficiency card" program for about 18 months now, similar to the Wingsuit additions to the SIM. However...jump numbers aren't going to change, manufacturers also dictate some of this, and moreover...training can only replace a small portion of the "experience required" points related to camera flying. Either way...it's GREAT that you're proactive in trying to change things up. And when you have enough jumps so that you actually understand the issues, you'll likely be right alongside the experienced jumpers saying "don't do it." GREAT! More rules! as if there arent enough already! How about leave the camera thing alone and worry about learning to skydive! Next thing you know we are gonna have to aquire ratings to freefly,do high pulls, downsize canopys,fly wingsuits(not sure if there is one right now?)etc,etc, and oh yeah....take a shit! FUCK leave it alone already!
  6. Size,cost,repacks is not what he's asking about. If it were me I would contact PD directly and talk to them they'll obviously know the most about it.
  7. Ive sent you a PM about info for this boogie. Can you please get back to me?
  8. Im not concerned with getting footage of any other jumpers just lights on the ground and whatever else will show up? Make sense?
  9. Any suggestions? Ive searched on here but found nothing. Night jump coming up soon any help would be much appreciated.
  10. What makes you think that I haven't learned to skydive? Obviously internet tough guys who sucked at skydiving at first or STILL suck for that matter. Find someone experienced at your dz who knows your skills and trusts your flying ability and ask them to lurk some tandems. /if your comfortable go from there, they are gonna see first hand what you need to work on and what you can do to make it better not bash you!
  11. Some will some wont. Some of us have been screwed by people. If its a rig that you want ask the seller to send detailed hq photos if thats possible. I dont blame the guy I wouldnt send the rig either.
  12. I know jumpers that jump V3's with velo's all day long, a sabre2 is more than adequate in my opinion
  13. The DZ where I am at dogs are super careful and cautious it seems, But the humans on the other hand...ritards
  14. Why is it a dog can walk through a hanger full people packing parachutes and not touch a SINGLE line or rig for that matter, But a human can trip over peoples lines and gear left and right?
  15. Im a bodyman, take it to a shop that uses either a Genisis Measuring system, or a Car-o-liner Measuring system. They should charge you no more than 2.0 hours which is typically called "set-up and measure" The cost depending on where you live is probably between $45-$50 per hour give or take some. With that said if you take it somewhere with one of those machines, they should be able to tell you if you have any problems with your front end or strut towers. PM me if you have any other questions about it.
  16. Ive got a Pilot as well (a 150), and I generally pull at about 2K on bigways and h&p's and about 2,600' on wingsuit jumps. Call me crazy, but I want to make DAMN sure there isn't anyone near me when I open and since most others are afraid to pull that low (which isnt really THAT low) I'm 98% sure I'll never be opening near anyone. BTW, on the 2k pulls I generally saddle at about 1,500' and on 2,600' pulls I usually saddle out by 2k. Either way, pleanty of time to "deal" with stowing wings/slider/ loosening chest strap ets... Also, I hold a C license so its all legal and what not. You're my hero!
  17. From what Ive seen the inlets are very visible like on the front, from what it looks like somebody may have messed up?
  18. My bad, I forgot I was dealing with proffesional skydivers on here
  19. Rip,break,tear whatever you wanna call it either way its coming off. My bad for not being as technical as some
  20. Why would you put a cutaway system on for a gopro? You realise that two way tape will more than likely rip off if you ever have an issue
  21. Ive had the same issue for the most part. One easy fix I used was getting rid of my RSL all together. It may not be your descision but I suggest it if your jumping a camera?