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  1. Excellent! Some of the things were already known to me but simple language used in this text makes it more clear! Thank you!
  2. How about this one? If it is in control - it is flying If it is out of control - it is falling
  3. If there are many more, why are you mentioning only few of them? Personal interest? This is pure advertising... and this topic belongs to Photo & Video.... Administrators???
  4. WS Base is my dream (dream of any ws skydiver I think), but that will probably remain only dream. In comparison to this any skydiving flocking looks like walk of Kaiserpinguinen on the ice... Thinking of my comments from another thread, this time "professionals" have done nice job. I think, I will buy this one...it pure entertainment and joy.
  5. Oh, yes! It is about learning... They are the basics you learn on any communication course. That is my point for the "professionals"...
  6. Different cultures, different manners, different habits, different expectations... Would you buy car from the guy you don't see his eyes?..as would Americans ask... I see one of "professionals" jump immediately on this... They may be your friends, this may be your work, but that does not mean there are no things to do better...
  7. It looks that a lot of effort is put to this DVD and even real "professionals" have some touch on it, right? Sadly, talking about the available clip, there is one think I can not understand how it can happened to "professionals". Why the guy who is talking, wear sunglasses? Is he cross-eyed or squint? It irritates me when I don't see someone's eyes. Especially, when it is instructional video. It may be OK for friends or Youtube videos but for DVD with this intention... ...and the aircraft noise in the background... I think "professionals" should think about it... :-( If you can change it, maybe I can reconsider my decision about it. Right now, sorry, it is - NO thanks!
  8. As I understand: Photo(s) really exist but nobody knows who is in charge for the photos and therefore nobody can see photo(s). Are there somebody who can give any estimation when something will be available (day, moth, year, century.....)? I assume asking for the video is too much for this lifetime, right?!? Anybody?!?
  9. Only "record" I see here so far, is "most time between "record" and public photo".... and time is still running! How you knew that you "got it" when one month after you can not find any photo that can prove it? If we have to wait for few months more, this "record" will show up on www.neverhappened.com for sure....
  10. I am preparing myself for wing suit start this season and I am trying to collect as much info as possible. I have problems with the expression "sweet spot". In many threads people are mentioning it but often in different context with different meaning. Some instructors claim they can teach students to find the "sweet spot" after few jumps, on the other side, some very experienced jumpers need hundreds of jumps to find it. What is "sweet spot" in wing suit flying? Thanks! Here are few quotes to illustrate my findings from previous posts: 1. Whenever I hit the "sweet spot", I can feel and the the suit inflate around the shoulders, down to the bend in my arm, and down my back to the rig. 2. I find I hit what feels like the "sweet spot" when I'm in a bit of a head down attitude... 3. ...just wait till you find the "sweet spot" and hear the windblast die down to nothing and it suddenly takes you forever to reach pull altitude... 4. When working my way to the "sweet spot" which took about 7 or so solo jumps I do feel some nice things happening. 5. ...first time trying to fly slow I found the "sweet spot" and got a new best average down to 44 mph and got 2:38 from 12,500... 6. ...some are able to do it right away and others need to work at it before they find the "sweet spot". 7. ..., but it doesn't really, really fly until they feel that "sweet spot" and heard everything go quiet and stay that way. I feel the rig lift up off my back and then it feels like I'm laying on the wing of a fighter jet. It's a little hard to relay. ;) 8. It's that feeling when you find the "sweet spot" and the air around you suddenly becomes smooth and quiet and you feel you really fly... 9. ...what we teach is how to get out the door stable, find the "sweet spot", and fly a safe, pre-determined path back to the DZ without running into anyone
  11. You have missed the point but since you are Dutch it is normal for you! If you think that there is no lift generated but only deflecting, maximum will be achieved when there is maximum surface presented to the flow. Meaning the most efficient will be belly falling straight to the earth. Video shows that airflows separate but it does not mean that there is no lift generated. Imagine Leder Wing Suit!?!?!
  12. Maybe it apply for you... Maybe you fly just because you miss the earth every time... That statement is so fulish that this is laughable too...
  13. We have no clue, idea, etc... You should speak for yourself only. This can be understood as insult for the current manufacturers and development people that is behind. If this is so easy and your brilliant mind is so sure that others are limited in their abilities to understand and make something, you can make one super, ultra efficient, bla, bla,.. wing suit by yourself and show to the world that they are stupid. Among many thing you think we have no clue you forgot the most important one - wing suit production. Theoretical ideas are nice but without somebody that is capable of turning ideas to real product, ideas are just ideas. My current job is somehow similar to this process where I have to fight with ideas on one side and reality of realization on the other. Don't underestimate any of parties involved but threat them as equal. Didn't you learned that revolution kills his own children first? Evolution is better than revolution in this case...
  14. I think you are mixing oranges with apples. 99 % of users here are just consumers of the product, not the makers. Only few dared to make something on his own, as I found so far. On forums that you took as example, many people are dedicated hobby enthusiasts - that is totally different group of people with different interest, knowladge and motiv. On the other hand, there are companies behind and it would be stupid for them to share secrets to the public. Would you do it, knowing that it might endanger your bussines future? I definitely not.
  15. Really interesting to read, thanks for the first hand info! Maybe it is good place to give some more information about "HD DVD Authoring software" from this two standards perspective. What I can find on the net is many "will be", "should support" and so on, but how are the latest development here? For me that is equally important, because I plan to switch to HD world when I will be able to use it for my own purpose. Thanks in advance!