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  1. Nice. I kind of went the same route, wasn't 100% sure what i needed so just bought parts. Although nothing i had worked as intended, i ended up with enough parts that i was able to cobble something functional together. How much was the order? Let us know how it goes.
  2. After watching your video again, i'd try adjusting the position bracket all the way toward you and adjust the bobbin case retainer farther to the right if you can. Still it looks like a lot of rotational clearance.
  3. Yeah you have the 2 problems that i listed earlier. Your position bracket doesn't match your bobbin case, you have too much rotational movement. To fix this you would need either a different position bracket or a different bobbin case. Again the position bracket doesn't constrain the axial movement of the bobbin case, this is the job of the bobbin case retainer. On mine the case never contacts the position bracket in the axial direction (because it can't travel that far because the bobbin case retainer won't let it). I could remove my position bracket entirely and the axial movement of the case would not change when pushing the case to the left. I tested this out by slipping a piece of paper in between the case and position bracket (see paper.jpg). With the case pushed to the left with a screw driver i can freely move the paper in and out. If i unlock the bobbin case retainer then and only then the bobbin case makes contact with the position bracket and traps the paper. So i'm not sure what is going on with your bobbin case retainer, does it at least look like mine? (see left side view.jpg). It would help if you took some pics of your bobbin case retainer. Regardless i think you will need 2 parts at least.
  4. Looks like my clearance on the position bracket/housing is about 0.1".
  5. I can't read the text in your picture, but it looks like you have two issues... BOBBIN CASE RETAINER The position bracket does not hold the case in the hook housing, its sole purpose (as far as i know) is to prevent axial rotation of the case inside the hook housing. You say that the bobbin case retainer is adjusted all the way to the right, but it looks like it isn't doing its job (looks like the case has large axial movement between your two pictures). See my pictures, this may be obvious but the unlocked position allows for installation/removal of the case. In the locked position the bobbin case should be fully seated in the hook housing. By hand i can only move the case axially about 0.03" then it hits the bobbin case retainer arm. Do you have a retainer spring on the bobbin case retainer? As far as i know the bobbin case retainer's sole purpose it to keep the case seated in the hook housing (pushed to the right). POSITION BRACKET How much clearance would you say you have between the case and the position bracket? The position bracket can be adjusted fore/aft a little bit which might help with needle clearance (note the slot that the mounting screw goes through). I am proof that there are different dimension parts out there though, so you may have incompatible parts. If you can measure your parts i'll tear mine apart and measure the width and/or clearance of my position bracket. The clearance direction i'm talking about is in the fore/aft direction.
  6. BTW the part in your picture is called the position bracket, the bobbin case retainer is a different part.
  7. That might be fine. It all depends on how it fits with the other parts, which is difficult to get a picture of. Before getting the needle into the equation, i'd start off making sure the case is held securely in the hook, then compare your case to the position bracket, you should have about 0.030" clearance but not much more (it looks like in the picture the clearance could be good?). I lied, i have 0.100" clearance between the position bracket and bobbin case.
  8. Wait, the bobbin case is moving both axially and radially? I'm no sewing machine expert, but the bobbin case should be held securely in the radial direction by the hook (103019): and in the axial direction by the "bobbin case retainer" and "retainer spring": It is the position bracket that prevents the case from spinning about its axis inside the hook. When you put the case in the hook and then lock it in place with the bobbin case retainer, it should only be able to be jiggled around a little bit (just enough for the thread to loop around it). 5 cord is about 0.030" so you probably don't want much more clearance than that radially. Axially there should be no clearance because the retainer spring always maintains pressure on the case forcing it into the hook, the spring allows for the top thread to pass by however... which i also had to take my dremel to because the thread was getting hung up on a sharp corner of the contact pad of the spring. how much slop is there on your machine?
  9. I have no idea what the original parts look like, a lot of the parts in my machine look new so i'm sure they are not originals (the position bracket, hook, and bobbin case look new). In the attached picture the case that i use is on the right, you can see where i had to make the hole larger in the direction toward the bottom of the picture, and also towards the right in the picture. The biggest problem was that the hole wasn't wide enough (up and down directions in the picture) which caused the needle to make contact. The hole is tapered, so the needle would ride the bottom surface and bend the needle throughout its stroke. I could cause the needle to miss the hole entirely if i was pulling on the fabric slightly toward the right which would make a bad noise and stop the machine, sometimes necessitating needle replacement. I would estimate i took 0.10" off on the right side, and probably 0.05"-0.08" off the bottom.
  10. The "C shaped locator" piece i was referring to is actually called the "Position bracket" part number 97837: I would assume the position bracket is cheaper than the bobbin case, so i'd look into trying to find a position bracket that will fit if i were you. However in my case the 0.63" wide bobbin case's opening in the top that allows the needle to enter was too small (needle was contacting the case) so i had to port it out. The 0.7" wide bobbin case had a large opening in the top so plenty of needle clearance, but it was too wide for the position bracket that is in my machine.
  11. nice... i just finished my second rig which has about 5 jumps on it now. I recommend spending the time to get your machine sewing perfectly before sewing your rig. the stitching on my first rig doesn't look as nice because my 132k6 was jacked up at the time.
  12. Oh yeah on the bobbin case rotation. My two different bobbin cases have different channel widths and thus two different clearances to the C shaped piece that prevents rotation of the case. The one i bought off of ebay recently (which said it was for a 132k6) was the wider one that didn't work. I'm sure there are various sizes of the C shaped locator piece as well. Attached are pictures of my two different cases, the one that i use is the 0.63" wide one, the 0.7" wide one doesn't leave enough clearance for the thread if i remember correctly. I would guess the locator is about 0.72" wide.
  13. I have a 132k6 and had something similar. I bought this machine refurbished a few years ago and it came with what looked like a new hook (i'm sure a chinese replica). I was fighting what seemed to be variable tensions, broken threads, occasionally needle hitting something solid and stopping the machine... Finally i bought a new hook on ebay for about $300. This did not fix the problem because the parts didn't fit quite right either (although the new hook dimensions were different than the previous hook). So i got angry and took my dremel to various parts and ended up using some parts from the previous hook assembly and some from the new one. I removed a lot of material from the bobbin case with the dremel for the needle to clear. It works nicely now.
  14. Paul is a stand up dude. I've never seen him be anything but fair and helpful. And if you won't jump a parachute because it is over 15 years old, you are a coward.
  15. when i try to post a reserve ad i get this: Reserve DOM Year can not contain the value ' 2011' Reserve Size can not contain the value ' 126' Reserve DOM Month can not contain the value ' 1' Reserve Jumps can not contain the value ' 0'