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  1. I should be there on Sunday! I know SDAZ isn't the easiest place if you aren't one of the afore mentioned groups....but I'm happy to jump. I'm easy to find, lime green liquid sky sunglasses :)
  2. I drive by there quite a bit. It's in full build and should be up and running during this quarter.
  3. I just added one to mine, totally ignoring the statement on the Chuting Star Website. I found it curled up the sides of the reserve flap, since there isn't a stiffener in it at all. I ripped out the current piece of elastic in the SkyTie and spent .38 at the fabric store for a longer piece of woven elastic, sewed it in and seems to be better. Still not perfect, but we'll see once I jump it.
  4. Follow the manufacturer sizing guidelines, period. Email or call the manufacturer if you have a question about the chart and seek their guidance. I'm sure they will be happy to answer your questions. If you're looking for validation about leveraging life saving equipment outside of OEM specifications, that's your life in your hands. Mother Earth is much harsher than any comment on this forum....
  5. Having jumped there for the opening weekend, I'll say it was a great time. We got 13,5 in the Turbo 206 and it was a fantastic day. Will be heading back out there this Sunday. The landing area is pretty incredible and all of the stores, shops, eateries are almost in walking distance. Nashvillians ( I just made that name up ) and others in the surrounding area, come on out and give it a try. :)
  6. yes, I have NorthWestern Mutual. I pay $1 extra per $1000 for mine, but they took the time to ask about my license level, frequency of jumps, etc. I was impressed.
  7. Ahhhh, just subscribed. Nothing like pay day coming around....:)
  8. I got "found" by my current Employeer via LinkedIn, so I'd say it's got some value, at least for me.
  9. For those of us with BlackBerrys that have GPS built in, I just found a new free GPS logger that saves in KML format ( Google Earth ) locally to your BlackBerry, instead of just reporting back somewhere. Just crank it up, do your jump and then get back down and email it to yourself and load up into Google Earth. Might just be a flash in the pan, use it once then it gets boring, but it could provide interesting information related to jumping.
  10. Wife bought me a tandem as a "bucket list" thing. When my feet touched the ground again, the first thing i asked for was my credit card. :) Haven't jumped as much as I want so far, but damn it's great. My kid just turned 18 and did his first tandem, so looks like we might be "jumpin generations".
  11. I wear Henri Lloyd Stealth Winter Gloves from Maui Pro Sailing - Neoprene at the arm side, good grip and velcro. All in all, I think worth the money. And still a good sense of touch.
  12. It's called Scott's Grip. The number is 1-800-815-2731. The guy owns a plumbing company I believe, he makes them on the side. When I got it, it was 20 bucks shipped to my door. I love it, even has a tent stake hole in it if you are packing on grass.